heartbreaking story

i know i haven’t been able to blog about my recent trips, however, this one can’t wait. i feel so bad about it, it breaks my heart.
we were on our way home (at least the guys i am with are) when a white kitten mee-yeowed at us. it was a cry of hunger, and i also hear it as a “take care of me” mee-yeow. he started following me, and as i stare back, i saw that he sat in the middle of the street. fearing that a passing vehicle run him over, i picked him up and placed him on the side of the street. as we continued walking, he started crying again, and i felt really bad because i have no food to give, with the feeling that i can’t take him home with me.
i am writing with the hopes that someone with a good heart take him in, give him food to eat, at least find his family, or stumble upon sir karl’s place, where there are other cats that he could mingle with, and give him food to eat.
i am torn with guilt and sadness. i really really wished i could take him in, or feed him at least. i hope i see him the next time i visit their place.

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