Happy Me.. well, sort of

8 days and it is Christmas. We still don’t have a yaya, Geoff is in LP, and I am getting tired of hearing complaints about not having plans for Christmas and yada yada yada.

Anyway, I am currently in the office right now, and on break, for that matter. Hindi lang ako makahintay na hindi i-blog ang magandang surprise na natanggap ko today. 🙂

I looooove it! Thanks Babe! :)

I looooove it! Thanks Babe! 🙂


I was minding my own business, when he tapped me from behind. He whispered, “Advanced happy monthsary!”, and taaa daah! He gave me a ring. I am so happy. You get the reason why the title said “sort of”, right? Anyway, will  be blogging about our Gong Cha experience next. 🙂

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