Happy birthday to my future!

My babe refused to age. Well, “refused” may be too harsh a word, and I could probably use the word “reluctant” instead.
My babe is reluctant to celebrate this day as he is not too fond of adding a year to his age. There. That sounds better.
Let me share a few things about him. At least those that I know and I am aware of. 🙂
1. Doesn’t snore.
2. Loves to sleep.
3. Patient – at least when he tries to wake me up.
4. Strict – I was only able to see this side of him when he dealt with my babies and Riza’s kids.
5. Conscious – he always wait for recognition, regardless of what it is. May it be cooking, something handy that he assembled, whatever. You have to let him hear the positive of it.
6. Vain – this is something recent. He is too aware of how his body looks like. He is no longer overweight, yet he constantly bugs me that he has a big stomach. Babe, you don’t, and if you do, i’ll always love you for that. Real men don’t need abs, right?
7. Loves to read. I am pertaining to forum articles, posts from the web, gadget blogs and the like. He recently took up the interest in reading “percy jackson” books. I am so glad that somehow I was part of what influenced him to read more.
8. Video game fanatic – he tells me that he “was”, but it seems that it is coming back, but with more moderation. That’s ok. At least it’s not something that will cost us more than what we have. 🙂
9. Loving, generous, trustworthy – this i don’t need to explain further.
I could think of a million other things to describe him, or to mention a lot of other things that could be considered as “him”, however, I might run out of words and time to say whatever needs to be said.
Again, happy birthday love!

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