Geoff’s Milestones at 16 Months

According to the book What to Expect – The Toddler Years, the 16th month starts when the baby set foot on the last day of his 15th month. Or something like that. Basta ang sure ako, based sa book, 16 months na daw si Geoff, rather than 15 months. Hooray! Being the happy baby boy that he is, we are still worried because we feel that his developmental milestones are enough. Truth be told, kung susundin namin yung mga nababasa namin from books, or ire-relate namin si Geoff from other babies of his age, he does not seem to be developing fast enough. BUT, like all books, and moms alike, I know that babies are individuals too, and that we have to put faith and patience in teaching him new things, as well as letting him discover things on his own. Having said that, here are Geoff’s milestones (for us ha!) as I type.

  • Geoff can walk, and sort of run wherever and whenever he wants to.
  • He can say “teh” for Ate, “papa” when he is in the mood, “mama” when he is throwing a tantrum, feel sick, is crying, or trying to cry his way to getting what he wants (*slaps forehead)
  • An expert climber; climbs the stairs, center table, anything that he can climb, just for the heck of it.
  • Ability to follow instructions. He understands if we say “Put some oil, so that you can take a bath”, “mamam water”, eat (he does this cute gesture with his mouth), “ge-get something” and so on.
  • Geoff is not shy to show how independent he is when walking outside the house, but would love to hold hands when I ask him to.
  • Clearly defies our request to stay put, and do things in the opposite manner,
  • Loves playing tricks.
  • Can distinguish characters such as Minion, Thomas the Train, Angelina Ballerina, Mickey Mouse, Elmo, and Winnie the Pooh
  • He enjoys eating solids, especially when he is sitting in my lap, and the food is one grab away (I think he enjoys the fact that I react when he suddenly grabs the food from my plate!)

.I think, there’s a lot more that I was unable to add to the list. Ang hirap mag explain in English eh (haha!). Geoff is more madaldal na din nowadays, and inquisitive. His habit of putting everything in his mouth has lessened, though he still favors electrical plugs ¬†whenever he gets the chance. He also enjoys looking at his book, though he does not show interest with the actual stories, rather, he enjoys turning the pages (Eep!). He also enjoys looking at the closet for the pen marks we made for his height.

At this rate, Babe and I are trying our best to capture Geoff’s milestones. We could probably use it for blackmailing purposes, or for his entertainment, or maybe he would want to share it with a special someone. Whatever that purpose is, at least, the significant memories are recorded. Hopefully, I will get to share some of his videos and pictures more on this site.

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