Geoff’s First Trick or Treat

Our office is holding a trick or treat activity wherein we registered Geoff to join. After all, Halloween is just around the corner. A few days to be exact. We do not have any costume yet, however, I am browsing for any applicable, easy to do, and budget friendly way in doing so, as this week is officially the start of poverty week.

We were initially thinking of dressing him as baby dracula, however, we do not have a cape, nor a white shirt, nor a black pants. We don’t even have a black shoes because, well, we haven’t thought about it.

Then we decided, c Zoro na lang from One Piece, kaya lang, I am not sure if I am just mixing a haloween costume, or cosplay if I do that. All I need is to make 3 swords, produce a green waist band, and hope that Geoff would not be taking out his black bandanna (har har!)

Anyway, I still have a few days. Event will be on the 26th. Hoping our baby kulit will enjoy his first trick or treat. 🙂

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