Food: Peanut Butter French Toast

I have always loved cooking. Mas napadalas pa after I got married kasi ciempre, I have to cook for ourselves sa bahay. Either way, I like trying something new, and as i was browsing  Mommy Maggie’s blog, I stumbled upon a well liked recipe. French Toast. I know how to make the said recipe, but I have not tried one with peanut butter yet. You can read it on this post. This morning, I tried it and was a success!

Here is what you’ll need:

2 eggs

evaporated milk (half the can)

pinch of salt


peanut butter

To do the peanut butter french toast:

1. Whisk the eggs and add the milk. Add the pinch of salt too. Set aside.

2. Spread peanut butter on bread and cut diagonally. It is your option if you want the spread to be thicker 🙂

3. On a pan, put a little amount of oil and add butter.

4. While butter is melting, dip your sandwiches on the milk and egg batter. Soak well.

5. Fry bread on both sides. Once cooked, dab with towel to lessen the oil.

6. Serve with a smile. 🙂

Compare: Peter Pan or local PB :)

Compare: Peter Pan or local PB 🙂

Yummy according to hubby :)

Yummy according to hubby 🙂


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