February Fun

a long due vacation is coming up. i am excited as any person would be at the sound of the word “vacation”.
i am not actually sure if i would be able to rest, i will be on leave for 9 days. here is the actual plan:
after work on friday, i am heading off to las pinas to celebrate part of the chinese new year and to see my family. mostly because i miss them, partly because i won’t be seeing them for another 2 weeks.
the next day, saturday, i would have to leave in the early morning to meet up with the piknikers. we are off to mount arayat in pampanga for a day hike. according to the tentative IT, there will be swimming afterwards. what i plan to do is to take a different route and visit papa’s place to say hi. afterwhich i will head back to the hotel that we will be staying in.
since the dayhike plus swim party will be an overnight event, i am expecting to be home on sunday, most probably in the afternoon. i should be able to pack the necessary things for the trip come the next day. will sleep early as our flight is early as well.
come monday, we leave for Palawan! yay! we leave at around 8am and should be there at around 10am. as far as i know, we will head directly to El nido. chillax for 5 days, baby, yeah!
after 5 days, we are now talking of saturday, there will be a mini reunion at vine’s place. inuman, yosi, bonding session. fun, but not so looking forward to it. hm.
sunday will really be a rest day. and a laundry day, and ligpit day. whew, sana di na matapos ung week. haha!
monday, i am back to reality. back to work na ulit. as it seems, i am fully booked. i wish there is a job that will pay a lot and at the same time, not as strenuous as mine. i am not to complain, but one could be lazy sometimes. 🙂


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