Last week, I was feeling a bit frustrated because I met up with a weighing scale from the clinic. Frustrated because it has been more than a year but I have not lost the weight that I gained out of sheer frustration and cravings after I stopped breastfeeding Geoff. I know, I know, it was entirely my fault, but I am really struggling right now to lose these pounds. And mind you, it’s not merely a few pounds, more of like a million pounds (ok, so I exaggerate).

Then by the end of the week, I read an entry from one of the blogs that I frequent on, Mommy Fleur’s blog. I rarely comment, but I commented on that post because it really gave me the boost I needed. On her post, she mentioned that it took her 3 years to get back to her “dalaga weight”, that and a couple of things that she did in order to achieve what she aimed for. Grabe. My weight before pregnancy was not that ideal (read: 4’11” height vs. 135lbs), pero still, I looked good. Now, I am a whopping 170lbs! Parang buntis lang ulit on the third trimester (this was my weight when was on my third trimester, petsa!).

So, just like my previous resolutions, and I think I am getting more used to it, I am eating less rice. And I started jogging this morning. One of the things that I have to eliminate is snacking, slacking, and slothing. I also plan to sleep more because I noticed my skin is really feeling unhealthy lately. I have also begun moisturizing my face. A simple Myra E before I go to bed, and mind you, I am now doing this religiously. And this time, yes, I am more than serious.


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