masama yata talaga ugali ko…

something disturbing happened yesterday. i bought an ice cream from mini stop and was happily licking my way to where i am supposed to ride a jeepney. as i got inside, i noticed a very dirty looking boy. full of grease from head to foot, skinny, sad looking. the man sitting beside him got angry and told the driver to make the boy leave the jeep. i didn’t know what the driver’s reaction was, but he did not ask the boy to leave.

san naman pumasok ung pagiging masama ng ugali ko? i was still eating ice cream at the time and deadma lang ako sa paligid. i kept on stealing glances on the kid because somehow, i am feeling guilty. ewan ko ba.. maybe because of the fact na compared to the kid, i am well off. i don’t know what i could have done. i wish i could have done something.

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