Disappointing Appointment

When I joined the AXA contest, they also sent me several e-coupons as freebie. I love freebies. Who doesn’t? So anyway, one of the e-coupons is for a free diamond peel and a gift pack from diana stalder. I was glad to see that the participating branch is nearby, which was in Antipolo. I called them last week and scheduled my appointment for today, August 3.


This morning, I went about my usual weekend routine which was to do the laundry, cook lunch, and spend quality time with the hubby and baby. What made today different was that I have to leave for the appointment. I called earlier to ask for directions and to confirm that I don’t need to shellout precious moolah as the coupon said free. The lady I talked to said there weren’t. That made me go ahead with the appointment.

I was late for the schedule due to traffic and heavy rain. As it was pouring really hard and I was walking, I arrived saoking wet. I was also apologetic since I was late. I was told to wait, which was okay with me, until she explained what was to happen.

The lady behind the desk said that I have to avail of at least 300 pesos worth of services before I can get the free diamond peel. I explained that the coupon said diamond peel AND 20% off, meaning, I have the option to choose whether to avail of the peel or the diacount. Unfortunately for me, she stood her ground and I no longer made a big deal out of it. I just asked her for the gift pack and left, but not before I told her that there wouldn’t be any problem if only they did not give me false information.

I went home wet from the rain and disappointed because I wasted time and 28 pesos for the fare. I also regret coming today because the streets were flooded, the traffic was really heavy, and I had to walk home in a very flooded street.


This experience taught me several things. 1- not all freebie is worth it. No matter how good the deal is, all options should still be weighed and prioritized. 2- always ask for the catch. In this case, it just happened that I did ask for the catch, ayaw lang i-accept nung lady. So, I am not sure if the fault is with me, or they did have false advertisement.

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