Dinner at 3AM

I wasn’t feeling well last night. It could be because of the cold, or because of lack of sleep. Either way, after checking the updates on facebook, and contemplating whether I should try and continue on with my scrapbook project, I decided to just sleep instead.

I awoke at around 2AM, and babe was already there. He was somehow surprised because I was up so early, but I was more surprised because he has a pasalubong for me. He brought me a subway sandwich and a triple choco boom from country style deli. Yum!

After a few minutes of kwentuhan, he got hungry and asked me to cook rice. I cooked paksiw na bangus earlier and he wanted to eat. Here is the recipe to one of the easiest to cook food ever:

Paksiw na Bangus


1 big bangus, sliced into 4 pieces
1 piece large ampalaya
2 pieces eggplants
2 pieces siling green or pansigang
luya or ginger
cooking oil, canola oil for a healthier you
magic sarap seasoning (optional)


1. Clean the fish properly and put into casserole.
2. Add cut up vegetables, specifically, the eggplant, ampalaya, and luya (ginger). Veggie cut should depend on how you want it to be presented after.
3. Pour in the vinegar, about 1 or 1 and 1/2 cups and 3 tablespoons of oil.
4. Add the seasoning, salt, and pepper.
5. Let everything simmer, add the siling pansigang after 10 minutes.
6. Let it cook for another 5 minutes, taste to check.

I usually call my mom whenever I want to cook something. Depending on the ingredients that I have, I usually do the pa-cham version (haha!). Luckily, it usually turns out to taste good, if not the exact replica of what my mom usually makes. As you know, my mom is a very good cook. You can probably judge by looking at me, my husband, and my brother. 🙂

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