Day 61

To the person who I love the most right now, here are some of the things that I am thankful for:

You had the courage to let me know how you feel.
You embraced all my faults and imperfections and treated them as your own.
You stood by me and encouraged me to change for the better
You make me laugh and cheer me up whenever I am down. You continously do so even without any need to.
You hold my hands all the time.
You never tire of letting me know how much you love me too.
You stood up for all that I believe in, and it is such a blessing that we believe the same things.
You always appreciate what I cook for you.
For the plans that you made for us, including the future that we both envision to have.
For appreciating the continous discussion about budgets, even if there is nothing to left to compute.
For introducing me to your family and friends, and letting me talk to your mom.
For sticking by me through thick or thin.
For being the best boyfriend and soon to be my better half.

I love you babe. Happy monthsary!

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