Day 03 — Favorite TV shows

Like most people, I also enjoy watching TV series. Yun nga lang, through the reliable DVD nga lang. See, I grew up with just a regular antenna connected to the TV, and with my Mom around, mas mahirap manood kasi de-oras lang. Bawal manood sa umaga at hapon, start ng TV is balita na sa gabi and at most, hanggang 10PM lang dapat. Either sayang daw sa koryente, or wala naman daw matinong panoorin.

When I first had my taste of independence (in short, nag rent on my own), I bought myself my very own portable DVD player and nag adik sa TV series sa Quiapo. I will no longer post yung mga kinahiligan ko dati. Yung mga bago na lang, and top 4 for that matter. For my first series on the list, Suits. I got the copy of the series care of my office mate, Ken Chi.

Suits is mostly office drama, a story of a lawyer and a genius who helps resolve cases and such. The series is engaging and amusing, and the story was very well written.


Second is How I Met Your Mother. A comedy series. I liked how Barney’s creativity works when picking up girls. Plus the rest of the cast are really funny.


The Walking Dead. I was not a fan of zombies. Ever. And I only got to like the series during the 3rd season. Di ko din alam kung pano, pero we eventually found out na ok naman pala ung series. Basta, maganda lang. Drama, horror(?), suspense. Inaabangan namin cia. 🙂


And last but not the least, The Big Bang Theory. I think, sa mga makakabasa nito, there is no need for an explanation. But for those who do not have an idea as to what the show is all about, it is about 4 geek friends and a hot bombshell living an ordinary life with a lot of witty and funny lines. I am not particular with the names of the actors and actresses pero I really recommend watching this series.



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