Day 01 — A recent picture and 15 facts about you



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1. My name is Joanne Christine Perez y Lao
2. I have Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Filipino blood.
3. I have an uber cute baby boy (seriously)
4.  I absolutely loooove cats! If I have the means, I will adopt all cats that I see on the streets.
5. I used to think that all things, have feelings.
6.  I’m messy but I am an OC on only a few things. I like to do certain things my way.
7.  Procrastinator ako. 🙁 I am working on it, though.
8.  I may look masungit and unapproachable pero deep inside I am a sucker for anyone, or anything sweet.
9.  My thoughts are reaaaaally disorganized.
10. I belong to a complicated family. I have 8 other siblings, 1 from my mom, and the others from 3 other women that my dad went out with.
11. I started the blog just because. No reasons whatsoever. Just.
12. I have an awesome set of friends.
13. I don’t go to church. I am a firm believer that as long as I have faith, God will still listen.
14. I am underestimated. Most people think that I am not capable of doing most things.
15. Lastly, I love challenging myself. I am more than willing to finish this blog and I am pretty sure that I can. 🙂

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