Cute Shirt Designs

I have been stalking a few blogs for a few months now, and I am quite fond of some of them. According to most of their stories, everything started with a comment. Sadly, I am not quite active in commenting. Maybe because I am unsure of what to say and by the time I want to comment on something, wala na yung chance. Masyado na matagal and it would no longer be relevant.

One of the staple things that I often read are about children’s apparel. It seems that one of the popular is Bug and Kelly. I know I have read it somewhere, and true enough, I read it on Mrs. Pickiest Eater’s blog, Rina’s Rainbow. You can read about their humble beginnings here.

According to the said post, they create kid’s wear with catchy lines from our favorite music. I can almost see baby Geoff in one of those “Rolling in the deep” shirt, as he is currently fascinated with fishes and undersea creatures. Being made of soft cotton blends of cotton poly and cotton spandex, I am pretty sure, Geoff will still be comfortable wearing it even in this super hot weather.

On a good note, I was also lucky to have stumbled upon Bebengisms. You see, I am a sucker for contests and when I saw that she was giving away 2 shirts (one each for a girl and a boy), I have to enter that right away. That said, here is this blog entry, with a VERY hopeful wish for me to win.

P.S. I also suggested a music line, “I’m Mr. Brightside!” as one of the qualifiers. I find the song catchy and “astig” (harhar!)

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