Chinese New Year Weekend

So last week, we were with my mom to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Yes, I am Chinese, but no, my family (mom, brother, I) does not practice anything Chinese in tradition. Simply put, we went there for a visit as my mom was hinting that she misses Geoff.

Anyway, it was Geoff and I’s first time to commute to Las Pinas. Babe had work that day so we both agreed that he will just follow after his shift. Surprisingly, Geoff was behaved throughout the long trip home. We had to do a couple of transfers (bus, jeep, and tricycle) but the baby did not really mind at all. I just found it tiring, but since I had a good boy with me, okay lang.

My mom and brother prepared a simple feast. Kare kare, grilled liempo with special sauce, and baked tahong. While I was busy eating, Geoff was busy exploring both inside and outside the house. I think what he enjoyed the most is the attention that the kids in our area gives him. Yung iba, parang santo lang, hahawak kay Geoff then babawiin agad yung kamay nila.

Geoff clearly is more accustomed and comfortable in Mama’s home. Unlike before that we had to wait for a few minutes outside, pointing at numerous things before makapasok kami without him crying. Somehow, Geoff feasted on a lot of things inside. There are a lot of candies as my mom runs a sari sari store, and in addition, she has this marble display on her center table which Geoff finds amusing to throw everywhere, making my mom the asar talo of the 2.

It was an enjoyable weekend. We were all full from the food and Geoff had his Mama-lola fix, being a lola’s boy that he is. Let me end this post with a conversation I had with Geoff earlier:

Mommy: Geoff, tawag mo si Mommy.

Geoff: Ma? (softly)

Mommy: Eh si Daddy?

Geoff: Ma?

Mommy: Si Ate

Geoff: Ma?

Mommy: Si Choi (the cat)

Geoff: Ma? (with a smile)

Mommy: Si Mama Lola

Geoff: Ma?

Mommy: Yung tree?

Geoff: Ma?

Mommy: Ohh-kay. Lahat na lang Ma.

Geoff: Ma?

Hay. Kelan ka ba magsasalita baby?

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