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Birthday Post: The Church (Updated)

We booked The Blessed John Paul II Parish for the baptismal because it was convenient. The parish is airconditioned, picture worthy for camwhores, surrounded by restaurants and fast food joint being in Eastwood, and I heard great feedback about the gospel/mass. Short yet meaningful, which was exactly what Babe and I wanted.

Just a brief background: Babe and I are both Catholics but we are non practicing. We don’t go to church nor participate on activities such as processions. Pero we are a firm believer of faith and prayer. Hindi lang talaga namin isinasa-practice.

When I initially signed up, I had to submit my requirements, which mainly consist of a photocopy of the birth certificate, a permit from the local parish, and P1K fee. At that time, I thought, “Ang mahal!” because compared to other churches that I have asked before, it usually ranges from P200 – P300 and then you have to pay for additional sponsors. The lady explained naman that the P1k fee will cover the candles for the sponsors, and they allow additional 12 sponsors plus the 2 that will be listed on the certificate. I also asked if there will be a seminar beforehand so that I can notify the sponsors. Sabi ng lady, it will be covered during the actual event, and that it may only take an hour at most.

The schedule was 2PM. We arrived on time, and since we only signed up for the common day (Sunday), we were also with other families. In total, there were about 6 babies to be christened, including Geoff. To be honest, I have been to several baptismal and almost all of them does not bring back good memories. From the sweat the heat inside the church produced, up to the “nagpapagalit” na sermon from the priest or one of the women from the congregation. Promise, hindi ako fond ng ganung happening. BJPII however, bukod sa airconditioned ang place (hihi!), the sermon was short and meaningful. The priest talked about the importance of the godparents in our baby’s life, as well as the expectations that we are to set. Hindi lang sa regalo umiikot ang pagiging ninong or ninang. This is mainly the reason why we chose our closest friends to be Geoff’s godparents.




The copy of the baptismal certificate. I liked that they had it framed and an extra copy was provided. 🙂


The candles for the god parents. We were told that these should be returned to us and to be returned for other important events in Geoff’s life.

So there. If you are living within Quezon City and is close to Eastwood City, then I highly recommend this church. The staff is also accommodating and is willing to explain the inclusions of the fee.

Contact Info:

Blessed John Paul II Parish (c/o Holy Family Chapel)


A Happy Update

God is soooo good! Remember the bucket list I posted here? Well, I am happy to announce that I can cross out one two of the items there. Read this:

I am now a regular QA Specialist, and no longer a “project-based”, and I won a contest!

I admit, mejo mababaw yung second part, however, if it is a game of chance, it always amazes me, that out of a huge number of participants, I was one of the 3 lucky winners. Galing diba?


As for the first item, ito, blessing talaga. Both Babe and I were expecting that after I signed my staff dialogue paper, I will have to wait for 3 more months in a probationary status. We were sad at first that my allowance will be taken away and will just be given as a retro pay once I sign the paper as a regular. Sometimes the most unexpected things happen, and I was able to sign the regularization paper. No need to wait for 3 more months. I am now a certified QAS. Again. Haha!

That said, I encourage anyone who is reading this to be a positive thinker. Of course, being a firm believer of anything good, you also have to take action. Perseverance and determination is the key. 🙂


As they usually say after an event that you have put a lot of effort to, all Babe and I could say is, “Finally!”.

Christening and first birthday celebration, done.

I want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our families, our close friends, our officemates, and former colleagues for being there with us. For the assistance and continuous support, morally, physically, and financially. We love you.

I will be posting a series of blog posts to make my narration a bit organized than the usual. Feeling ko kasi, nahahalata na sobrang magulo ako mag post. From the preparation, the supplies, the actual party, and the aftermath of the event. 🙂

Take your grilling FLAVOR to the next level!

Sunday is family day. Working in the BPO industry, we are indeed lucky to not have work on weekends. We get to enjoy 2 whole days with our son, plus, I don’t know. Iba kasi talaga ang feeling pag walang pasok kapag weekend.

When I was still single, my mom would whip up anything grilled. This is because it is the only time that me and my brother are home. Our favorite, and I guess everybody’s favorite is the grilled liempo with atchara. She would cook this on a makeshift grill just outside the door and everybody who passes by would never fail to say, “Wow, ang bango!”, “Wow! Sarap naman ng ulam nyo!”. Ciempre, mama will always prepare extra rice for these instances.

Now that I am married, I still turn to my mom for recipes that I can prepare for my own family. Just like her, Babe will prepare our makeshift grill and waits for my signal if the liempo is ready. I usually thaw the meat early in the morning so that the pork is marinated for at least 3 to 4 hours. Here is the recipe that I have modified to better soothe me and Babe’s taste:

  • 1kl Liempo
  • soy sauce
  • kalamansi juice
  • honey
  • ground pepper
  • garlic
  •  McCormick Cajun Seasoning Mix

Mix everything together and let it sit for three hours or so. Mas matagal, mas maganda. For the flavor to seep in to the meat.

I used to dump spices before. Grounded oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary, and sea salt. Tantyahan lang. However, when I found out about the McCormick barbeque seasoning, we got sold to the Cajun seasoning flavor. Each pack of McCormick Grill Mates Seasoning Mixes (Pepper Steak, Hickory Smoked, Cajun, Steak a la Pobre, and Korean BBQ) gives you a wonderful blend of authentic McCormick herbs and spices. If you are reading this, you might say, “ano ngayon?”. For me, this is way better than guessing the amount of herbs and spices to include.

The taste of New Orleans can now be enjoyed in your grilled beef, pork, chicken with McCormick Cajun Seasoning Mix.  It contains choicest spices such as paprika and oregano to give your grilled meats a distinct southern flavor

The taste of New Orleans can now be enjoyed in your grilled beef, pork, chicken with McCormick Cajun Seasoning Mix. It contains choicest spices such as paprika and oregano to give your grilled meats a distinct southern flavor

So there. For grilled food lover like us, there’s good news! McCormick will be having an event in BGC this coming April 7. There will be food sampling, games, and a raffle. Personally, I want to join because I want to experience how the seasoning is best used. I am the type of person who follows the steps down to the last letter pero something still comes out na kulang. Anyway, be a part of the McCormick Grill Nation on April 7, 4pm onwards at the Bonifacio High Street! You can also check out their page


See you there!


2013 To Do List

I have been stalking some blogs now, particularly the Mommy Fleur blog and recently the Life as a CEO blog. I saw that they have these to do list, mostly for the year. It got me wondering as well kung ano ano pa ba yung mga gusto kong gawin this year.

When I got pregnant with Geoff, all my plans din kasi na pang dalaga came to a halt. I got married, meaning, hindi na pwedeng basta na lang ako mag plan for myself. Ciempre, kailangan, kasama na si Babe pag meron akong gusto puntahan, or i-experience. Just the same, nung lumabas si Geoff, all priorities that will exclude him were pushed to the veeeery bottom of the list. Sad pero ok lang sakin. Tulad ng sinasabi at sasabihin pa ng ibang moms out there, it is all worth it.

So there, here is my Bucket or To Do list:

1. To lose weight. As in yung sexy na lose weight. I am starting my diet right now. Hindi man ako umabot sa birthday ni Geoff, at least pang ready ito sa Palawan trip namin ni Babe.

2. To be able to wear a swim suit. Or at least, look good in it habang may cover up.. Heehee!

3. To be debt free. Well, technically, patapos na ang bayad sa car, will deal with other bayarin pag keri na.

4. To have my own gas range. For sure sa May meron na to. And I am gonna have soooo much fun with it.

5. To be able to start a serious business. You see, I have tried selling trinkets such as earrings and bracelets pero yung mga simple lang. Chaka food. Again, small time to. I dream of owning a big business. With the help of the oven, I can think of selling cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and other stuff. I am also imagining clay sculptures..

6. To expand my knowledge in creating nice things. In short, to be creative. Hindi kasi ako artsy fartsy. This item sa list ko is something that will really help me in the long run. Being pulido, this is exactly what I need if I want to start a business.

7. To fill up Geoff’s coin bank. I will post a picture of it maybe after the party. Para you will get a visual of how BIG it is. 🙂

8. To be regularized. I am currently a project based QA, now starting the probationary phase. Let me now cross my fingers that in another 3 months, I will get this item out of my list.

9. Pay off my mom’s SSS. This is a gift that I thought of giving her. Kaso, since we are still paying for the car, on hold muna. Sana umabot ako sa Christmas. Matutuwa un kasi may makukuha na ciang pension when time comes.

10. To receive a sign. You see, Babe and I have a lot of plans for the future. Ang mag migrate and magkaron ng sariling bahay. Sana makakuha kami ng sign kung ano ung best na ipursue namin. Hindi birong commitment ang pagbabayad ng bahay or ang pagpa-process ng papers for migration. Ibayong resources(*cough*finances*cough*) ang kakailanganin namin for each and we can only choose one for the mean time.

11. To win at contests. I am so envious of winners, so gusto ko, ako din. Ciempre, if I don’t join, hindi ako mananalo, so career muna ako sa mga contests. And yun, part ng to do list ko ang manalo. Haha!

For now, ito muna. Just like the mommy bloggers I mentioned above, hopefully, marami akong mai-cross out until early next year.

A Special Day – Balbon’s Day

Last year, at around 1 PM, I was lying on a bed in Fairview General Hospital. I was just given the news by my OB that she needs to perform an emergency Cesarean operation on me. All I could think of that time was in spite all the precautions I have followed, all the preparations that we did, all the “pakiusap” and pleadings that we did for the little one, CS pa din pala yung bagsak ko. In addition, I was also thinking, “Shit, mahal ang babayaran namin sa CS!” I told my OB to consult Babe and she answered that she already explained the situation, and that he agreed. Bottomline, it was for the benefit of our baby.

Fast forward to a year, at around 1 PM, everybody is busy downstairs preparing a meal to celebrate the big day. Today is the day you turned one. While we are all racing for time as it is a Monday, here you are, fast asleep because you were up late last night and got up early today. Maybe because your Mama Lola was there, I don’t know.



Or maybe because you got tired swimming in your improvised swimming pool?

Enjoy much baby?

Enjoy much baby?

Either way, here is what we had in store for you.

Spring Rolls, Pancit, Chopsuey, and Cake

Spring Rolls, Pancit, Chopsuey, and Cake

You may not have eaten everything, but you certainly liked the rolls and the cake.

Icing on my fingers :)

Icing on my fingers 🙂

It’s such a shame that we have to go to work baby, BUT, we will be on leave this week. We will be spending a lot of time together plus your birthday celebration is coming up as well. We love you forever baby. To the moon and back, to infinity and beyond. Happy 1st birthday!


Back when I was still at my old company, one of my supervisors, Oliver, has this mantra. The 5S. He used to get irritated with how our desks are so cluttered and that it was not organized at all.

My old station looks like this:


Got this from Malen‘s site. I find this piece very useful and informative.

SORT – If there are issues arising, evaluate yourself. Is it because of you (what you’ve done or what you’ve said) or the other party involved? Know when you’re wrong even if you’re convinced you are right. If it’s YOU, eliminate your bad attitudes and keep the good ones.

SET IN ORDER – Reflect on your disposition then act accordingly. Put away any selfish deeds and act according to what’s right and what’s beneficial to everyone.

SHINE – Make an effort to keep your relationships unstained. When things get messy…clean it! ASAP. Build an open communication, bridge the gap, encourage one another and bring out the best in each other.

STANDARD – Conform, fit in, mingle and learn to compromise to establish harmonious relationship all the time.

SUSTAIN – Sustain your relationships and never let the issues, misunderstandings, miscommunication and differences of opinion on both parties get blown out of proportion leading to distrust and feeling of disloyalty.

Happy Friday!

The Movie That Was

I feel sad today. Remember when I blogged about winning 2 tickets to the premier showing of Oz the Great and Powerful? Well, we did not make it. The invite said registration starts at 8 PM, door will be closed by 8:45 PM,  and movie starts at 9 PM.

We arrived home from our god child’s first birthday. We were supposed to leave by 6 PM, however, we left by 6:30. We got stuck in traffic on our way home. By the time we got home, it was 8:30, and we will no longer make it.

Nakakahinayang lang. This was the first time I joined a writing contest and won, hindi ko pa na-claim yung prize. Ang ending, we just watched Rise of the Guardians on TV, 2 weeks worth of laundry and finished the remaining episodes of Fringe.

Yun lang. Maybe we’ll get to watch it on the big screen some time. Hindi na nga lang free. 🙁

The Gift

Geoff’s big day is on the 11th, however, we will be celebrating it on the 17th. A few weeks back, I was browsing through my email and saw a notification from the Cash Cash Pinoy site. According to the title, it was 40% off on kiddie cars and stuff. I was kind of curious as to what kind of cars was it and went to their website. It turned out that Little Tikes is having a sale.

Without further ado, here is what we purchased for our little one:

DSC_0090This was supposed to be his birthday gift, however, Babe was not able to wait, excited lang ng sobra, binigay agad kay balbon. To think that I am the spoiler between the two of us.

According to the voucher, redemption starts Feb 29 until the end of March. I so wanted to claim the car on the week of his birthday. Para sana meron pa din surprise factor kahit na 1 year old lang c Geoff. Kaso si daddy excited, insisted that we get it the first day na pwede. We got the car last March 2, a Saturday.

Since we got home late that day, Geoff was already asleep. Babe assembled the car and true enough on his research, it was not a simple plug and play toy. He had to use a hammer to finish the assembly and whatever it is that needs to be connected to it. After about an hour or so, he did it.

We went to sleep after a few episodes of Fringe, and come early morning, gising na ang balbon. He always wakes up early, mind you. Literal na maglalaro lang between 5:30 to 6:30 yung gising nya. I asked Babe to let the yaya take Geoff that morning since I am still sleepy. Taka ako kung bakit matagal, ayun, inunahan na pala ako sa pagintroduce ng toy. Kainis. Just the same, masaya pa din si Geoff when he is playing with it. Here he is, while inside his brand new spankin’ car.


Ear to ear grin

Sulit diba? I love watching my baby boy grow up to be such a happy baby. Would love to reminisce pa, pero for now, enjoy muna kami while counting the days before he turn 1.