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Great Big Sale On This Flowy And Chic Pink Off Shoulder Dress!

Calling all debutantes, prom princesses, and kikay school girls!

We all know that prom season is right around the corner, and what better way to be prepared with what we want to wear right? has a lot to choose from but let us start with this suggestion.

This DRESS is very fit for occasions when you want to wear something comfortable and casual but at the same time chic and fashionable. This dress is perfect to wear with minimal but sparkly and bold statement jewelries. It will also look perfect with strappy and sleek high heels that will elongate the legs more. It can be worn on a casual or a formal cocktail parties, evening or daytime, which makes this number very versatile.

ÒPink ÒPink ÒPink

I love how this dress looks so soft and flowy because its fabric is made of chiffon. It’s also very comfortable to wear and flaunt. I also adore the pretty subtle off the shoulder style which adds a touch of sweetness to this simple dress. It’s Pink color can is also very girly and quirky. It is a very Barbie-esque color that can instantly become a head turner. If you want to wear some other colors that will compliment with your skin tone, this dress comes in many different colors like White, Red, Grey, and Blue. It’s also available in the sizes S M L XL XXL.

You get great big savings on this dress with a great big sale because it is now priced at PHP 781 (82% Off)which originally was PHP 4419. You get to actually save PHP 3638! That’s a pretty good deal which I’m sure will leave you very happy and very satisfied.

Transactions are made easy through PayPal that guarantees you a 100% safe transaction. Shipping is also made simple and fast through Express Shipping because in just a matter of 3-5 days, you can already receive your purchased item/s!

Avail additional discounts just by hitting subscribe to the website and receive free discount coupon codes that you can use on your purchase. To see more styles, hot designs, and fashionable dresses available, just simply click on this LINK.


52 Week Challenge and a Few Delays

So, my post for Oblivious was supposed to be for week 51. I find it sad that I was unable to regularly post Geoff’s weekly pictures. In my defense, I have 2 valid reasons:

  1. I was busy with our move.
  2. The baby discovered the joy of deleting photos and videos from my phone.

So, with the help of my trusted back up from Google drive, I was only able to retrieve a few. At least, as far as I remember, there are still a few that were backed up on a weekly basis, so I can still post that. This post is photo heavy, I hope that whoever is browsing will do so until the end of the post. 🙂


Week 34 – The baby watched a Hi5 episode where Lauren was a cool cat. He wanted to be the same 🙂


Week 35 – A pose with Jollibee


Week 36 – Remember the cool cat episode? It was again shown on Disney Junior.


Week 37 – The boy wanted to play dress up. He was channeling Honesto and a minion at the same time


Week 38 – His Mimim and his phone. Trying to slow down before bed time


Week 39 – Geoff’s 1st Fun Ranch experience. He definitely enjoyed that day.


Week 40 – Bonus week. The baby chose his own toy from the toy store. I could not resist. Sorry.


Week 41 – He loves his books, but does not want to be read one.


Week 42 – Ate’s birthday week. Geoff was given a new fishing set, which unfortunately broke before we even got home.


Week 43 – Bought a burger from a nearby store. He liked it


Week 44 – Rekindling his love for clay. Hindi na cia nandidiri! Yay!


Week 45 – We visited Mama Lola in Las Pinas. The baby saw the mini ferris wheel and insisted that we both ride it


Week 46 – The curious batchoi was at it while I de-cluttering our room.


Week 47 – After grocery Jollibee treat. Again, what’s with Jollibee and kids?


Week 48 – We had a hard time convincing Geoff to hold up the signs. And the last time I will be baking a cake 🙁


Week 49 – His first week in Las Pinas. The baby gained more pounds as he made eating his favorite hobby (add the lola to the equation and you know what I mean!)


Week 50 – My view from the bathroom while I am taking a dump. Yep, I lost all sorts of privacy when we moved back to Las Pinas.

Random Musings on a Friday

We have this Facebook type of platform in the office wherein employees can voice out suggestions to make our workplace a great place to work in. In my almost 10 years (I feel so old) of working as a QA Specialist, the behavior I observe regardless if the agent is from coming from a customer service, technical support, or service desk perspective is the same; no matter how clear the rules are, someone is bound to break it and everybody else will follow with all sorts of non sense posts and replies.

Whatever it is that I am putting on my face might be working. At present, I am using Neutrogena facial wash, Belo toner, and Celeteque face lifting serum I got from Sample Room, and Celeteque sun moisturizer. I have less breakouts and I noticed that my face is fairer. I have come to realize that it is not too late to start taking care of my skin, even if it’s not as complete as I would have wanted.

I am now able to drive Leni. I still find it difficult to turn, reverse and park, but most of the people I have asked told me that thoae were the most difficult as well. I guess I just have to practice more. Oh, and I was able to bring one of Leni’s tires to the vulcanizing shop and change the flat tire on my own.

I realized that the last season for Game of Thrones was still based on the third book, which is A Storm of Swords. Maybe it’s just me but I really thought it was already on the fourth.

I will never tire of thanking the Lord for gifting us such a sweet, bright, and lovable baby boy. I am always showered with kisses (and ouches) despite of being naughty and playful by nature.

Tofu’s cage is almost at it’s last dying day. Tofu now knows how powerful his jaws are and how easy it is to bend the wires surrounding the cage. A bigger cage is expensive and I just don’t have the funds to purchase one. I don’t think tying himnoutside will help since he is now on his third leash/harness. He managed to bite and escape with the first 2.

I have been researching about Malaysia for weeks now. I am counting the days until the much awaited vacation. I am excited as much as heart broken.

Been having problems with my phone lately. Hopefully changing the power/data cable will resolve it for good. I cannot be without my phone. Babe and our families has to be in contact with us.

I have very little patience with body scrubs in spa because 1) I find 1 hour too long to my liking and 2) I don’t like the idea of being helpless because I am covered in body salt for x period of time. I’d rather buy my own body salt (which I did) and go DIY. My skin now feels so soft and smooth. I used the A Bonne brand. The one that smells of milk. Yum!

It is a long weekend in the Philippines. We have nowhere to go and not enough funds to go anywhere anyway. Tambay mode it is with this little cutie!


Week 6 – Smile Yourself Silly

It has come to a point that it is now VERY difficult to photograph the not-so-little baby anymore. Most of the time, he would only allow it if I use the front camera of my phone (which is so crappy) in terms of lighting. Anyhow, I don’t think I can get over my little smiling baby gwapo 🙂

I had to edit since the lighting is really crappy

I had to edit since the lighting is really crappy

Aaaaand.. I have to share this video I shot one morning this week. I woke up with the baby singing. So adorable.

Geoff Song from joanne on Vimeo.


I often read about women who blog about their kids having a comfort object. Whether it is a toy, a blanket, or a pacifier, it’s something that the child cannot do without. I can’t say that I am lucky that Geoff does not have one, but, he does have his favorite toy.

Presenting, Pig!


Pig is a puppet that Babe gifted me when I was his senior QA we were still friends. It came as a freebie from Dads buffet in Megamall. Back then, I had this penchant for stuffed toys and will bully charm anyone into giving me one. Given the number of stuffed toys at home (which includes a pony, Barney, Mickey Mouses, Elmos, several pigs, and a whole lot more), Pig has become his favorite and would not let go of. He usually includes Pig in his adventures outside the house, when sleeping, and even when watching his favorite Disney shows. He even reserves a spot for Pig on MY pillow.

Dear Geoff,

I am not sure if one day you will be reading through my blog. I used the term “not sure” because as a boy or man, I am sure that your attention will be focused somewhere else. But right now, I sure hope that when time comes, you will fully understand the words loyalty and faithfulness. You will eventually meet and find a girl, but let me not go there. You are still my baby boy, and I intend to keep it that way until you push me away (well, maybe, I’ll just be on the sidelines then).

The traits that you show right now with Pig is quite a development for us. It is a sign that you are finally getting the grasp of the term “importance”. Pig is an important part of your day, thus you won’t let go. Even if we are just going to the bathroom to wash your prot prot. I pray that Papa Jesus continuously guide us in order to be the best parent that you will have.

I love you my first born, my baby boy, my son. Daddy and I will work hard for you, to provide you the best that life can offer.



P.S. This cheesy post is brought to you by a boring few minutes in the office. 

What If

Of all the words or phrases, this is what I hate the most. What if.

Today, I let an opportunity pass. Just because I thought that I was following the gameplan. I let it pass without knowing the full details of what it was, thus, here I am, wondering about the what ifs of the blunder I just caused.

Of course, I am still trying to justify my actions. I keep on coming up with them, only to come up with something to counter and blame it on myself. I try not to think of harsh things, but since it was I who did not even give the opportunity a chance, there really is no one else to blame.

Anyway, I’ll try better next time. Hopefully there will be another chance.

Weekend Love: Busy Busy Busy

Last weekend, Babe and I were such happy campers because of some good news from where we work. Remember how down I was during my birthday? Well, everything turned out okay a few days after, though we won’t be pushing through our Palawan getaway. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we decided not to go, and spend quality time at home instead. Anyway, back to our happy weekend, I’ll try to narrate as much as I can because I find it hard to think and to smile at the same time.

Friday. Babe’s eyes shot open at exactly 5 AM. He immediately borrowed my phone to check our balances and to let me know of the good news. I never got back to sleep then, and Geoff must have sensed our joy since he woke up as well. He was all smiles and even laughs with us without having any understanding of what we were talking about.

After Babe left work, Geoff and I went to Mcdonalds’ for breakfast. Being a happy camper, he ate some fries and eggs, and charmed his way through some of the customers breakfast. We then head home to catch a few Zs, then off I went to do some errands.

The atmosphere in the office was a happy one. I could hardly focus on work as I was busy thinking of our plans come the weekend. We were also able to cross off a few items in our “To Pay” list.

Saturday. My mom arrived and we planned to do some grocery shopping that day. We were also set to buy me an oven! We headed to SM Taytay, however, there were no stocks left. Babe and I decided to check in SM Marikina instead. Broken hearted as I was, we just had lunch, shopped a few items, and dropped off Geoff and my mom at home.

It was unfortunate that SM Marikina ran out on the oven that I wanted as well, so we just bought our grocery items there. Inside, I was crying as I was really disappointed. We went home with a heavy heart (though Babe was quite happy with his new Coloud earphones!). After settling for about 5 minutes, we headed out again, this time to have a massage to end the tiring day,

Sunday. I rallied everyone to Megamall. We immediately headed to the kitchen appliances section and was overwhelmed with pure happiness (okay, that was an exaggeration! LOL!) when I found out that they have stocks of the oven that I wanted. I had it tested and wrapped and immediately looked for baking materials. Along with the oven, we purchased several baking pans. We paid for it, trooped over to the food court and had lunch. We went home after.

Seeing that Babe was exhausted and Geoff and my mom wanted to just chill at home, I was the only one who set off again, this time to Sta. Lucia mall. I checked out a few other baking needs, most of which I got from Saizen and Japan Home. I also bought the ingredients for the revel bar I wanted to work on with and an instant brownie mix for me to try at home.

The brownie was a success. The oven was too. And overall, I am a very happy person.


I am now home and the countdown has ended. I am officially 30 years old. Not much has changed since last year, at least, that’s what I think.

From my perspective, I think I became more matured (maybe because of motherhood), I became more tolerant, and patient. Though I have always known that I am the type who will let small things pass, there just has to be times when enough is enough.

To put everything on the record, this blog post is a product of depression, and an outlet of frustration. I am going to rant on this special day because this is my day. Nobody can question me, and no one should dare contradict. Birthday ko. Hindi ng kahit na sino.

I intentionally removed my birthday from my facebook profile. I would rather be greeted by those who really knew me and not because they were only compelled by a birthday alarm. I am hoping that by removing so, it will no longer show up on all my friend’s board. Kung wala man maggreet, ok lang. No hard feelings.

I was also doing a countdown from the office. Just like what I would normally do on a regular day. Somebody greeted me in advance which made me temporarily happy. I told my husband that I will take the day off tomorrow, only to be answered with another question. Major bummer.

On my way home, I was anxious as there were reports of flooding and major traffic around the metro. I was also kind of hoping that my better half will be kind enough to send me a birthday message. Nada on that part. Naalimpungatan lang sandali and went back to slumber. Parang walang nangyari.

Anyway, seeing how the first hour of my birthday turned out, I am not hoping for something wonderful to happen. I understand the hubby has to work, the baby is still a baby, and funds are low. Being stuck in the house, as usual, is no longer surprising.

I must also say, depressed as I am now, I can’t help thinking kung bakit sa dinami dami ng araw sa isang taon, laging “supposedly” special day natataon yung ganitong disappointments. Am I expecting too much? Do I need to lower my expectation during occassions that matters? Parang nakakasawa lang din kasi.

New Find: Manang’s Chicken

Last weekend, we stayed at home the whole Sunday, We have no agenda, however, the light bulb in our bedroom broke, and the kitchen sink was clogged so we were forced to move our butts and buy the necessities.

We decided to go to Puregold in Cainta Junction. We initially thought of Rublou but were hesitant because 1) It was an “extra” branch, meaning, they might not be selling light bulbs or pumps 2) It was almost 8:30 PM, almost closing time. Having said those reasons, off we went to ride a jeep going to Junction.

This Puregold branch is fairly new. It has a wide parking area, and most of the stalls outside the grocery are still unoccupied. Inside is spacious, though we did not linger much as we focused on what we needed to buy. Not finding what we were looking for, we walked outside and found a small hardware store. There’s not much of a variety, I think it was hoping for a sports good/ hardware look. We got our small pump, and bulb and paid up.

I asked Babe if we can grab something to eat. Though I am not hungry, I was pretty curious of how Manang’s Chicken will fair. I became familiar with the name while I was checking some tweets previously, plus, their signage is actually big, so it’s not hard to miss.

I ordered the Wings and Chips Meal (P74) and it comes with a regular drink. Babe got the Crispy Chicken Sandwich Meal (P79) again, with drinks. I like the chips and the chicken’s flavor. It was a welcome change from your regular fried chicken. It was crispy and you have the option to choose the sauce from 3 variants, regular, sweet and spicy, or spicy (I chose the sweet and spicy). The chips were crispy, though the meal that I got does not include the dip, so it was kind of bland, pwede siguro if I add a dash of salt. As for the chicken sandwich, the chicken fillet was thick and filling, however, Babe found it a bit overpriced because the bread used was the same as your normal pandesal. Taste-wise, it was also good and his serving of chips came with a garlic mayo dip (your choices are garlic mayo, creamy cheese, and spicy ketchup). I am guessing that the chips should always be eaten with the dip, thus it would be better if all meals come with it (haha!)



Side kwento: As we are placing our order, the crew behind the counter was sort of amusing.

Me: I’ll have the BB3 meal, wings and chips

Ate: Ano po flavor ng chicken? Merong regular, sweet and spicy, and spicy

Me: Cge, Sweet and spicy.

Ate: Ano po yung drinks nila? Lemonade, iced tea, or coke products?

Me: Lemonade

Babe; Ako, isang crispy chicken sandwich meal

Ate: Ano po flavor ng chicken? Merong regular, sweet and spicy, and spicy

Babe: Yung sweet and spicy na din.

Ate: Yung dip po sir, meron kaming garlic mayo, creamy cheese, and spicy ketchup

Babe: Ah, yung garlic mayo

Ate: Ano po yung drinks nila? Lemonade, iced tea, or coke products?

Babe: Iced tea

Me: While laughing. Daming choices!

While waiting for our orders, we noticed their red velvet sundae. I asked Babe to order one so that we can try.

Ate: Serve na po ba now na? or later na lang po?

Wagi. Talk about being specific. I personally like it, though I find it too tiring for her if there would be a lot of people on queue (hehe).

As for the red velvet sundae, it was yummy! The velvet cake at the bottom and the ice cream on top complimented each other. It was not too sweet nor bland. The soft served ice cream was frozen as it should be. The verdict, I took one of their flyers so that in case we need a fix and I feel lazy to cook, we can order instead.


Manang’s Chicken, Puregold Cainta

(02) 661-1111


Twitter: manangschicken


Note: This is not a sponsored post

Birthday Post: KFC

We initially wanted Pizza Hut for the reception/ birthday party. This was pretty much inspired by the parties we attended a few months back. Remember the vision that we wanted here? Right. So we ended up with KFC instead.

The plan that we went for was the Fully Loaded Meal for adults and Kiddie Meal 2 for the kids. Fully Loaded was your typical chicken, rice, soup, sidings, brownie, and a regular drink, whereas the Kiddie Meal 2 was chicken and spaghetti with regular drink. It was supposed to come with ice cream, but they explained after party that they had problems with the supplier. We reserved 40 meals for adults and 10 meals for the kids. I was not able to take a picture of the actual set up before the guests arrived. We were too busy circulating plus I had a wardrobe malfunction pa. Anyway, here is what it looked like:


I don’t know who “GEO” is


The cake and cupcakes. These were bought from a different supplier. We did not avail the cake from KFC


Lootbag (lunch boxes) and prizes


A not-so-surprise visitor – – Chuckie! 

Here are the things of what I liked and didn’t like.

1. Name on the tarp – This was supposed to be “Geoff”. When we filled up the form to confirm the reservation, there was a field for the celebrant’s name and nickname. Being a first timer to this kind of party, I didn’t know that there will be a tarp. In case that there would be, I was under the impression that they will be using Geoff. I was really surprised that it was spelled “Janus Geo”, and I was asked to confirm the pronunciation as well. Akala ata ni Cheng, Geo lang ung name ni Geoff. This incident made it to the “did not like” portion of the day.

2. Chuckie – The mascot performance is ok and Geoff appreciated the giant chicken, and I think most of the kids did too! Chuckie made his appearance after the guests have eaten and gave 2 dance performances. Sure, some kiddies were afraid, but majority of them approached Chuckie to do a high five and simply touched the chicken.

3. Welcome standee – We would have liked if it wasn’t a Dora standee that was welcoming the guests. I guess, since this is a basic for their smarty party, we really have no choice. We would have preferred if they had a standee for a boy-themed party aside from the girl-themed party (Dora).

4. The crew and Ms. Cheng – I have no complaints with these guys. Very helpful and accommodating. Ms. Cheng was the person who reminded us that we haven’t eaten yet, and that we don’t have to stress too much about the food and the games. They also packed all of the gifts and leftover cupcakes neatly so that we can bring it home without the hassle. Another thing that I liked is that she was able to explain the number of orders that we had, what was returned to the kitchen, and the lowered cost of the kiddie meals because there was no ice cream.

5. Food – Nuff said. A KFC meal is always fulfilling. The soup was tasty, and we ordered the original flavor for the chicken. I believe you can’t go wrong with a KFC. 🙂

As someone working on a really tight budget, I guess, I can call the party a success. Imagine 80 guest (both adults and kids) was fed and provided loot bags and cup cakes as a souvenir. This may not be as “bonggacious” as what I read in some forums, however, the results were just as fulfilling 🙂

Here is a screencap of the kiddie party package and the costs:

IMG_20130806_162303 IMG_20130806_162354

KFC Eastwood

(02) 7090321