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Baking Needs And Things

When we got our bonus last September, all I wanted was to gift myself with an oven. I got what I wanted and was happy with what I was able to bake, I was able to make my own cupcakes, bars, bread, and cake.

The best thing so far is that the electric bill is not so high, and I was able to make a small profit out of the goodies I bake. Aside from the tools I bought such as the pans, whisk, spatula and stuff, I also had to scour for more affordable sources of ingredients and baking items. You see, groceries and markets are always a convenience, however, there are times when the prices are higher that what I am expecting. Take for example the chocolate for melting, which usually comes in 500g to 700g content costing P99. The all purpose flour (APF) usually costs P70 – P80 for a kilo, whereas it’s only P40 in the market.

This got me thinking, if I plan to earn some with the goodies, I would have to sell them at a higher price, which is not that feasible. This led me to research and stumble upon 3 of the most prominent sounding names online. They are Sweet Crafts in Mandaluyong, Chocolate Lovers in QC, and Love2Bake in Paranaque. Mind you, I am from Cainta, so efforts in going to those stores should really be worth it. Anyway, here are my views. Pardon if there are no photos.

Chocolate Lovers – Situated in QC, this store is quite easy to locate due to the detailed instructions from their website. Aside from that, almost everybody in the area are familiar with the brown castle in the city. This is the store where I buy most of the ingredients I use, such as  the chocolate chips, confectioner’s sugar, and chocolate bars. This is where we buy the boxes we use for packaging as well. Compared to Love2Bake, their prices are a bit higher, however, the location for me is more convenient and accessible. Their staff is usually cheerful and helpful, and I can only remember one slight instance that the person I asked answered me with a half-hearted answer.

Love2Bake – They have a physical store in Paranaque, per the site, just across the BF wet market. Personally, I have not been there, but I already did 2 online transactions with them. They are usually quick to respond with a quotation and the packages always arrive on time. Their prices are lower than Chocolate Lovers, especially the ingredients, however, I don’t think it is wise to have the perishables delivered. My purchases with them are usually the tools I use, such as my rolling pin, oven thermometer, cookie cutters, cooling rack, and the frosting tips. It is still my wish to visit their store nonetheless.

Sweet Crafts – As this is the most out of way store for me. Just like Chocolate Lovers, they have a detailed instruction on their website on how to get there. Their place is near Boni, with a very prominent landmark (RTU). I went there out of curiosity since I was really curious about the feedback. Unfortunately, I was really disappointed. The store was really cramped, the prices are higher than of CL and sometimes grocery prices. The selections were also not that impressive for me, but they do have these big packages of oatmeal, confectioner’s sugar, nuts, and chocolates. All I can say is that given the choice, I would still go to Chocolate Lovers for convenience (they have a bigger space and more choices in terms of brands and variety).

For basic stuff like APF, bread floor, and cake flour, I go to bakery supplies stores. There is one in Rosario, Pasig, near the church along Ortigas Extension, and there is also one in Marikina Market, just along the entrance of the actual market. Based on price comparison, they sell the flour way cheaper than any of the stores I mentioned, except Love2Bake.

For references, you may reach them through their pages:

Chocolate Lovers:


Sweet Craft



Product Review: Tommee Tippee

When I was still pregnant with Geoff, Babe and I would often go to the baby section of the department store to check out various baby products, which would often include baby bottles. We were torn between Avent, Playtex, and Pigeon. Seeing that these bottles were on the pricey side, we had a hard time deciding. What made deciding harder were the mixed opinions and reviews online whenever we would research about the said products.

When the day came that we would really need to purchase one, we settled on buying from the brand called The First Years. We bought the set which came with 6 bottles (4 4oz, 2 8oz), 4 new born nipples, 2 next level nipples, 2 caps for the container, 1 snack container and a bottle and nipple brush. In all honesty, with the number of items included, and the price tag of only 1k, we were sold. We bought the set and went on our merry way.

Come the day that Geoff was born, we only got to use the bottles for about 4 months. We noticed that even though there was a pattern in assembling the pieces for the nipples, it would still leak, sometimes leaving Geoff soaked with milk when the yaya fails to notice in time. That was the time when we decided to search for another milk bottle.

Babe did the research this time. It turned out that he was eyeing the Tommee Tippee bottles. Personally, I find the design simple and cute. It’s comprised of a nipple, the ring, the actual body, and the cap. It also came in 4 and 9oz, with colors to choose from as well. When we went to the mall, we bought the 4 piece set as it was on sale. I think we bought it for 1.5k.

The Tommee Tippee bottle as I mentioned is so simple, however, cleaning is quite a challenge because it is not like the usual bottle which has a straight body. Also, maybe, just like the brands I mentioned above, it is also sturdy. It’s more than a year now that we are using it and it withstood Geoff’s throwing antics, and sometimes whenever we drop it. The only semi-negative that I can think of, is that the labels are now faded, particularly those nearer the opening. I say semi because of the constant wash that we do. Imagine having only 4 bottles being used by an always hungry baby!

He has a total of 8, 3 TTs, 3 TLs, and the one without any brand

Notice the label on the TT, it only reads up to 6 oz!

The Tenderluv set of 3 was given as a gift when he turned one, while the one with the bear was bought by my mom. There were 2, but the other one became a casualty when Geoff banged it on the floor. So in total, he has 8 bottles; 4 TTs (1 converted with a sippy lid), 3 tenderluvs, and one unknown brand. Quite ironic since he received the additional bottles when he should be weaning a bit from the bottle.

Anyway, I would still recommend the Tommee Tippee because of the quality. It does not leak, it’s BPA free, it does not produce colic, and the price is a lot more reasonable than others. And oh, the Tenderluvs are not bad either.

Note: This is not a paid post


I Am The Owner of the Slimmest Phone

I have always been a loyal Sun cellular subscriber. The relationship started when I was able to buy a phone of my own. During that time, it seems to be the better choice because of the unlimited services offered, plus my family members and friends were Sun subscribers as well. I was still on prepaid then.

It was in 2009 when I decided to get a broadband package, and in 2011 a post paid phoneline. I liked the phone that was offered then, sadly, all good things came to an end, especially when technology is at a rapid pace of innovation. That and the fact that my baby boy loved throwing, munching, and stepping on my old phone.

I decided to go for an upgrade. Babe and I went to the Sun Shop in SM Taytay to inquire about my options in terms of getting a new phone. We browsed through our phone options and talked to a CS Representative that day. What I was looking for was simple. I want:

  • An Android phone, this being the “in” thing.
  • A phone capable of blogging and “socializing” through social media
  • Something that I can play games with (I was highly curious of Candy Crush and 4 PIcs 1 Word then)
  • A phone with an excellent camera resolution to better capture those “biglaan” moments
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, Music, and awesome phone capabilities.
  • The icons should not be too big that it crowds the screen (ok, this is just me)

Our questions were answered that day and we came back the next day with a decision to get the Alcatel Idol Ultra. Let me go over the easy part, which was the service or plan that I got. I got the Plan 999 bundle which includes unlimited mobile internet, unlimited texts (Sun to Sun), and 4 hours of Sun calls. This deal is acceptable for me since I cannot be without Internet access, I can still communicate with friends and families, plus, it was the same exact amount that I was paying for before with the broadband service. Now for the fun part.

The Alcatel Idol Ultra was tagged as the world’s slimmest phone, which was also featured in the Iron Man 3 movie. Of course this was not the selling point that got me to decide. Here goes:


Front view: The size is 5.29 x 2.70 x 0.26 in and only weighs 115 grams.


Slim indeed!


The back part, notice the camera protruding. This may very well be because the actual body is slimmer than the part!

No doubt the phone is slim. There is a slot for a microsim and usb – for charging and for the earphones. Since the phone is too slim, it comes with an adapter/converter for you to use with the earphones. On the top left is the power button and on the left side is the volume control. Battery is built in and there is no option for expanded memory.

Though there is no slot for a memory card, the phone’s built in memory is 16GB. More than enough if you are not much in to music like me. Right now, I have about a dozen games, a few more installed applications, some ebooks and around 100 pictures in jpeg format and the free space is still more that 10GB! I am quite pleased, even though I am the type who is after “the more, the merrier” in terms of disk space.

The Idol Ultra also comes with a Super AMOLED screen (to deflect excess light during outdoor use), a Dragon Trail glass for protection, front and back camera (1.3MP and 8MP accordingly), and 4.65-inch display with HD resolution of 720×1280 pixels. More or less, the quality of watching HD movies (or an episode from a series) is quite enjoyable. One thing that I was able to compare though is that the colors are much warmer (is this the right term?) compared to that of a Sony Xperia Z:

Right: Idol Ultra, Left: Xperia Z

Right: Idol Ultra, Left: Xperia Z

How my phone looks like - Cat themed wallpaper. Icons can be customized too!

How my phone looks like – Cat themed wallpaper. Icons can be customized too!

Performance wise, the Idol Ultra comes with Jellybean 4.1.1, which allowed me to download the current applications that I have (not that I am saying that this is solely the main reason that allowed me to download it. Initially, the battery is not something to rave about. I have unlimited data connection, thus, I was almost always online (not to mention that I also use the tether feature so that Babe can connect), so I think that contributed to the reason for me to charge the phone on a daily basis. The tether function during the first week was kind of horrendous, but the performance eventually improved, so I am not sure if it is the service or the phone. Phone features such as call and text works as it should be, and I was able to sync my contacts through my google account.

To give a brief summary of what I liked and did not, here it is:


  • That the phone is slim and very light
  • The screen is big enough for me to text easily (I sometimes have sticky fingers, and it’s very difficult for me to compose a text message)
  • Picture wise, the colors are ok even for indoor use.
  • I have the ability to customize the theme I want, and install something different whenever I wish.
  • The applications open with no lags nor delay.
  • The icons are simple and clean and does not look too crowded no matter how many applications you have.
  • The lock screen has shortcuts for call, messages, and camera.
  • The back portion has a rubbery texture, so no worries about scratches.
  • The phone comes with 2 screen protectors.
  • Themes and icons can be customized by downloading the Go Launcher or Nova Launcher applications. The default launcher of the Jellybean is pretty much standard.


  • Front camera is of no difference compared to low end phones (this is because the resolution is just 1.3 MP)
  • Memory is not expandable
  • The Recent Apps button sometimes acts up, that you have to press it again for it to come up.
  • Battery drains fast, especially if you have data on at all times (Babe had to root the phone without my knowledge, and battery life is more acceptable)
  • We were able to find one store where you can get a silicone case. Options are limited in terms of those cute cases compared to other phones.
  • I noticed that even with the screen protector in place, my screen is very prone to smudges and dust compared to Babe’s Xperia (this is not a big deal, I just thought of mentioning)

Market value of the phone plays around Php 15,000 and is available on most telecoms stores. Visit their page, or go to the Sun Shop near you to inquire about the phone or application.

Alcatel website:

Sun Cellular:

Alcatel Cases – Cyberlynx E Technologies (ground floor repair area, St. Francis Square)


P.S. This is not a sponsored post

Zombies (A World War Z Review)

I will forever be afraid of zombies. Regardless of any feel good movies I watch after a zombie movie, I still feel disturbed. All sorts of nasties come into my imagination, making sleep impossible.

Last Sunday, Babe and I went on a date. We initially planned on just going to this burger joint but changed our minds because we were again running late. After eating lunch at home, we went to SM Marikina to watch a movie. The selection was limited, and the only movie that did not start that late was World War Z. The movie house was also full, so we settled into seats that were near the screen.

BTW, the clerk was kind of unnerving when we were booking the tickets. Hopefully she cheers up after she processed our transaction.

Movie date in SM Marikina

Movie date in SM Marikina

Caution: Spoiler Alert!

The story started out by showing the main character’s family, Gerry, his wife and 2 kids. As they were stuck in traffic, they witnessed a disturbance and finally the attack of people infected. The people, in a surge of panic runs, along with the family away from the attack, and Gerry saw that it only takes 10 seconds before a person is infected as well. They somehow managed to avoid the “zombies” by entering an apartment building and meeting a Mexican (?) family. He told the family that they need to go to the rooftop so that they can be rescued and invited them. The family declined and later was attacked, saved for the son, who came with Gerry’s family and was rescued.

When they reached the ship were there were several people who were rescued, Gerry was blackmailed to help in getting a cure and finding out what caused the virus, in exchange for his family to stay safe.

He then travelled from Korea to Israel, and finally to Europe after gaining information from contacts from those countries. It turned out that 1.) the first suspected victim was from Korea, but the origin was still unidentified,  2.) they are drawn to noise, 3.) the infected are only after healthy people as host. He only realized all these when they were trying to figure out the best course of action was while in WHO (Europe). After the realizations, they then figured out a way to test their hypothesis, eventually ending up with Gerry infecting himself with a curable virus. This then marked the “almost” end of the zombie invasion, wherein the government gave people some sort of immunization shots to prevent the zombies from coming after them.

Overall, story wise, the movie was realistic. Action scenes were not as extreme like some of the other zombie movies I have seen. The character shows vulnerability as a person and the source of the disease and the disease itself is believable. This was the main reason why I was bothered that night, even after the wonderful burger date we had right after (will post about it separately). Despite the so-so reviews from other people who watched it, I found the movie thrilling, masakit sa puso, and breathtaking (sa takot, haha!). Rating: 4 stars

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of


Man of Steel (And a Date in the New SM Aura)

Today is a Monday, the first day of the week after a long weekend. You see, we were on leave last Friday in anticipation to the contest result, which by the way, I did not won (Haha!). Anyway, like any Mondays, mejo nakakatamad pa talaga and my system is being forced to work because first day of the week means reports day. I still have a lot of items in my to do list. But, I have to get this post out of my system, before I forget about our “firsts” during the weekend. Let me start with one of our “firsts”.

SM Aura recently opened, and since we were really intrigued about the feedback about it, we decided to come and visit. We went on commute, as we still have to have our Leni checked. Leni is our car, BTW.

From Cainta, we rode a commuter FX bound to Ayala and got off Buting. From Buting, we crossed the street and rode a jeepney bound to C5 (I think). Fare is Php 8, and it is only a short distance from the terminal jump off of Market Market. We got off at the service area/parking area of SM. I am not sure if development is still in the works, but, we got there just fine. It’s not the most welcoming atmosphere kasi parang tambayan pa sya ng employees and workers, likod kasi yung lugar, and front entrance of the mall is somewhere in Serendra.

When we got inside, we were greeted by friendly guards who gave us directions. We entered the Supermarket side, thus the directions going to the actual mall area was welcoming. There were a lot of stores that have yet to open, with the inclusions of some fast food joints and stores such as Bench, however, I can clearly say that this mall is designed to cater consumers from the higher ends of society. There is also the usual SM cinema, I just did not check how many. One of those is the Imax theater (where we chose to watch Man of Steel). The supermarket was also a sight to behold. There seems to be a lot of variety of both local and international finds. Again, just like the mall itself, mas lamang pa din yung high end brands and products. Still, I am looking forward to do my grocery shopping there.

What about the movie? It was also our first time to try the Imax experience and  Babe and I loved it! There was action scenes from start to finish. Babe mentioned that there were some parts that he considered a bit confusing due to some flashbacks from Clark/Kal-El’s childhood. I did not read the comic book nor the articles from wikipedia, but I still loved the outcome. BTW, I won’t be doing a full review. Just my thoughts on how the movie was executed and my favorite parts. I loved the way Henry Cavill portrayed the role. So mature and responsible, even when Kal-El was young. I liked it that he made sacrifices then and now for what he and his parents thought were beneficial to all. Basta. This may be the reason why I cannot be a critic or a reviewer of some sort. Hindi ako magaling mag describe (Haha!) If anyone should read this, take the word of a very ordinary person like me. The movie is surely worth every centavo of the Php420 price of an Imax 3D movie. It was a good thing that we have waited for this movie, and to be able to watch it in 3D nonetheless.

In summary, we are both glad that we opted to wait for this particular movie to watch in Imax 3D.  In addition, we are also happy that we watched it in the new SM. The experience was refreshing as it was something new for us.

P.S. The “S” in the Superman logo stands for Hope. This was something that I did not expect, but I do am glad that it was that prominent in the movie, It made it more meaningful.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Great Finds at Hobbes and Landes Warehouse Sale

I saw the sale teaser last week in Twitter from one of the moms that I follow. When I read that the sale will be from Hobbes and Landes, it peaked my interest, much more when they advertised that the items will be priced at up to 70% off.

Photo grabbed from their Facebook Fan Page

Photo grabbed from their Facebook Fan Page

I went there on the second day because we were running late the day before. Armed with only Php600 on my pouch and my EPS, I walked the street that led to the warehouse sale. When I got there at around 2:30 PM, the place was not that packed, and there were plenty of space to move around. Since it was the second day of sale, a lot of the good stuff were gone. Just the same, I scored 3 items that really made my day. BTW, there is no photo of the third item because it will be a surprise to one of our nephews.


Meet Stego and Catterpie, my wooden toy scores!


Catterpie, who was priced at around Php1k plus, was on sale at 50% off


Stego, a wooden push toy was priced at Php1.2K plus, was only Php250. There was a note saying it was “Damaged – hard to push”

I have always wanted to get Geoff a wooden set of toys but found them extremely expensive. I was most especially eyeing the push toy as well as the wooden blocks for the longest time from Hobbes and Landes’ regular store in BGC but always I have to pull myself away due to budget constraints. I was so lucky and glad that I was able to stumble upon that twitter post.

Side Kwento: So I went there with only Php600, thinking it was enough. In addition, I still have my ATM card with me, thus, I felt confident knowing that I have “spare” with me. Embarrassingly enough, they don’t accept EPS, just the regular Visa or Mastercard, or cash. I had to leave some of the items, walk towards Eastwood t get money, and head back to pay for the remaining items. Kapagod.

The toys are now being played by Geoff. I am in hopes that it will not break that easily, though I was assured that they last a long time. BTW, both toys are perfectly operational, with no damages whatsoever. Good deals indeed!

Online Deals – Hot or Not

My first online purchases before were a nightmare. I bought a computer unit and found an online seller who turned out to be a fraud. That experience made me throw 6k worth of hard earned money, however, that did not stop me from doing another purchase, thinking that it might just be a coincidence. The second time, I bought a bluetooth dongle. Guess what, this was another waste as well. It was never recognized by the computer, thus, turned out to be a worthless piece of junk. Oh well.

After those incidents, I no longer bothered with online purchases, until recently. I discovered Ensogo, Sample Room, and Cash Cash Pinoy. I also discovered some trust worthy sellers from Multiply. From food merchandises to services to toys and books and even beauty products. I am starting to have a love and hate relationship with them now (haha). Love them that they really delivered, and at the same time hate them as I am literally fighting myself with the urge to buy and spend (oh my!). Here are some of the purchases that we I did:

From Ensogo:

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

Nuath Thai Body Scrub and Massage

Nuat Thai Body Scrub and Massage

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

First Ever Ceramic Pan

First Ever Ceramic Pan

From Cash Cash Pinoy:


One of the best gifts for Geoff

From Sample Room:

Celeteque Sun Care Skin Relief After Sun Gel

Celeteque Sun Care Skin Relief After Sun Gel


Gluta C Intense Whitening Scrub

From Surprises Out of Boxes from Multiply:

Grimms Fairy Tale

ABC book by Dr, Seuss

(will upload the photo soon)

Again, all of the things I bought are worth it. I am currently signed up with the sites I mentioned and am seeing a lot of good deals. Too bad, I don’t always have that much cash to spend. I highly recommend these sites, as they have good customer service as well.

P.S. I am not in any way connected nor paid, I just thought of sharing my thoughts about the purchases I did.



How Our Mothers Day Was Spent

Oh-kay. Another mothers day post. I am not good at dividing topics for multiple posts so forgive me. Always a newbie (harhar!).

So, last Sunday was Mothers Day. Initially, we were planning to go to The Fort so that the little one can run around the grass and enjoy the water fountain. The plan changed because we were unable to persuade my mom to meet us there. Being the wonderful children we were (chos!), we fetched her and we went to ATC instead.

We chose Banapple for our food that day because they are a participating store for Good Housekeeping’s Mothers Day lootbag. True enough, we were able to get one by purchasing Php 1k worth of food. Babe and Ma got the Hickory Smoked Barbecued Country Ribs (Php 200), we got Jona the Fettuccine Jacintha (Php 185), while I chose Herbed Chicken Rolls with Basil Cream Sauce (Php 200). We also got desserts, Banoffee Pie, Fudgymudgymud Pie, and Hallow mallow s’mores pie (Php 110). Everything summed up to only Php1030, and considering that there were 4 adults, this is actually affordable.

Food verdict: The barbeque sauce was not too strong, the basil cream sauce was kind of “nakakaumay” if you don’t share, and the cakes were all heavenly. I really loved the crust and the classic banapple slice.

We rallied out and further in the mall with heavy tummies and with smiles on our faces.We then decided to go for a short stroll. This, we did not enjoy much as there were too many people in ATC. We stayed for a couple of minutes more, then we went to my mom’s house to rest.

Side Kwento: We went to Greenhills the day before to sell my dad-in-law’s laptop. We were able to sell it and we went home happy. It was also the same day that my team, Towers Watson SD, was supposed to have their GA. I really really wanted to go, kaso, I was thinking about doing the laundry first. To top that, I also wanted to tinker with my beads and make some bracelets for future sales. Anyway, I ended up sleeping mad as I was really hoping that I will get help with the laundry. I was only able to finish washing clothes at around 1AM. I was so tired, and mad, that I decided not to go and sleep na lang.

Anyway, going back to our Sunday, we left my mom’s place at around 9 PM. We really wanted to stay some more, kaya lang, the next day is a work day, thus, we need to head back home. Geoff immensely enjoyed the day (sobrang malanding bata! haha!), he really missed his mama lola.

Review: Gluta C Intense Whitening Body Scrub

When I was still single, one of my must-haves are whitening soaps. My skin complexion is fair, and I want to keep it that way. Let’s face it, most ladies want to be fair skinned. So aside from papaya and gluta soaps, I also make it a point to have body scrub sessions in nearby spas. Fast forward to the point when I got pregnant, I stopped the whitening soaps. Bawal daw kasi. Until I got used to using a regular bath soap until now.


The Gluta C Intense Whitening Body Scrub – another miracle in a small container 🙂

I discovered the Sample Room recently. This is my second try with them, and this time, I opted to try the Gluta C Intense Whitening Body Scrub. I am no virgin when using scrubs at home. I chose to stop it before because I found the salt itself irritating to my skin, however, when I tried using this scrub, there were no stinging feel, and it rinses easy too. Perfect for someone who does not have enough to take a longer bath time (pathetic excuse of a newbie mom, I know!). In addition, the price is affordable. The regular price of the same container in the picture is only Php 99.75. Not bad if you are looking for an effective whitening product. Let me also share something else.


This is my knee after about 3 uses of the scrub. This dark spot on my knee was twice as dark before usage

After I gave birth, I never really took the time in checking if my body parts regained it’s color. Sure the skin in my neck and armpits are ok-looking now, however, imagine my surprise when I noticed a really rough spot on my right knee. When I finally took notice, the skin was so dark, it really contrasted my natural color. When I wear shorts, kitang kita sya, kaasar talaga. Anyway, the photo above is a testimony that the scrub works. It’s not back to it’s natural tone, but it’s close. I can then once again flair in my shorts (LOL!).

Aside from wearing comfortable clothes as a mean of staying beautiful this summer (due to the heat), I will continue hydrating myself. This means 8 glasses or more of water and moisturizing before going to bed. I’d like to add exercise to the list, pero indoors lang. I have this bogus work schedule add up a very makulit toddler that I have to prioritize as well (excuses, excuses!). I will also add the Gluta C scrub to my grocery list to compensate my inability to afford a body scrub from a spa.

And so, to end this blog post, let me post some of my “adventures”. I will be going back to Palawan this September, this time with my hubby for our second anniversary. It will no longer be summer, but as long as there is sun and sand, there will be an opportunity for me to bring back my natural colors effortlessly. 🙂

My travels - I miss these!

My travels – I miss these!


Weekend Roller Coaster of Feelings

Here is a quick glimpse of how our weekend went. It somehow a roller coaster of emotions but none of them went beyond the extreme levels. A good weekend nonetheless.

Excitement: As usual, Friday marks the end of the week. The day we always look forward to end as it marks the start of a few days of rest (sort of!) We got home a little bit after 1AM (we get off work at 12AM) and relaxed a bit by watching a few shows on cable. We also planned how our day (Saturday) should be.

Worry: We went to the market on Saturday morning. We got up late and was quite cramming to catch up before noon. I was also worried that we won’t be able to buy anything fresh anymore. We also took the car with us (Thank you, Babe!) for the first time and almost got lost on our way back (Heehee!). Well, we got back just in time for lunch. I cooked something easy that afternoon as we somewhere else to go to that afternoon.

Regret: BTW, we bought this cheap pile of galunggong from the market. When we got home, we discovered that it was no longer fresh. To make sure that it won’t go to waste, we decided to fry it well and feed it to the cat. Syempre, I cleaned it well because I am not the type to feed my cat something spoiled. Bilasa yung fish, pero hindi pa sira (technically!). I think the cat was most thankful anyway. We were also unable to attend a good friend’s event that day. We were running late, thus I just texted my apologies. Perfect timing pa naman sana to bring Geoff along, kaya lang, we had to be somewhere pa.

Pride: The final destination that day was Babe’s sisters’ house in Fairview. Ate Lady shared her good news of winning an Ipad Mini (galing!) in one of the seminars she attended. Ate Jen also shared some of their construction projects (kakagigil tuloy lalo magka-house). In addition, Ate Lady and Angel also showed us their felt creations. Let me tell you, it will really rival those in the market now. It wasn’t surprising that Ate Lady got her talent from their mom, who is also amazing at sewing (sorry, I don’t know the term. Seamstress ba?). I hope they set up their online shop soon. As in sooobrang cute ng creations nila, lalo yung monster pouches and bagtags.

Mushroom and Owl Bagtags, Monster Pouches

Mushroom and Owl Bagtags, Monster Pouches

Envy: When I saw Ate’s creations, I felt envious because I don’t think I can manage something as “pulido” as her work. Even Angel’s leaf design was detailed. In short, inggit ako. As a result, I bought myself some Velcro. I’ll start with my own pouches and have my mom sell it cheap to some of the kids in Las Pinas. The timing is right as they are about to start school soon, so baka sakaling mabenta yung mga pouches (haha!).

Affection: Geoff was too excited, happy, and hyper the whole time he was in Fairview. As usual, he loved the way he was treated there. Malanding bata eh (Haha!). It took him a while to warm up to his aunts and cousins, but after that, he was always on the move, giggling and laughing all the while. He did not sleep all afternoon(tsk tsk), and did not want to sleep even if he was too tired that night. He indeed got the spotlight that afternoon even from his cousin, Kuya Acob, who was teaching him stuff. We can see his affection as he tried to follow his kuya and tried getting his attention by talking baby and gestures. Sayang, there is no video, but they look cute together.

Appreciation: Babe and I had date night yesterday in Market! Market! We watched the Iron Man 3 in 2D. We were supposed to go to the Newport Cinema, however, we found out that there was no CityLink schedule on a Sunday (we did not want to go the long commute way), we decided against it. What finalized the decision was an FX with a sign board for Market! Market!. We ate fondue in a cup and a chicken and pasta combo. We also strolled inside the mall and found some amazing furniture that will hopefully fill our future house. Come movie time, we liked that the cinema was well spaced. This is a must as Babe is tall and there should be enough leg room for him. We stayed until the end of the movie credits, we loved waiting for the after credit scene. Overall, we loved the movie. We loved all the scenes, no ho-hum moments, we loved the kick-ass characters that made it all up. Given the chance, I’d gladly repeat the movie. And the date. BTW, before I end the day’s kwento, we also bought Geoff this fishing game, but are also thinking about keeping it until he is out of the “subo-subo” phase (harhar!).

All in all, it was another weekend well spent with family. I wish we could have more of these frequently, however, Monday is already here. I’ll just countdown until another Friday and make the most out of it again.