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Dealing with a Diseased or Damaged Tree

Trees are beautiful, as we are all aware, and provide a slew of benefits. Not only do they improve the overall appearance of your landscape, but they also provide homes for a wide array of wildlife and help promote healthier air. When a tree becomes diseased or damage, however, it actually poses a serious risk to you and your family. This is especially true if you have kids that play outside. Diseased and damaged trees attract pests, such as bees and snakes, and don’t generally have the same structural integrity that healthy trees have, which means limbs can easily break from the tree or the whole tree can fall over.

If you have a diseased or damaged tree on your property, there are a few things you can do, such as hiring a professional company to deal with the problem or removing the tree yourself.

Before you can remove a tree yourself, you will need to create an action plan. And the first step of the action plan should include getting the proper paperwork to legally remove the tree. In some areas, you will need to obtain a permit before removing a tree. If you remove a tree without first obtaining a permit, you may be subject to a hefty fine. To learn more about any possible permits, contact your local courthouse.

Once you have the necessary permits, if applicable, you can begin planning your escape path and the fall direction. This is the path you will take after making the final cut into the tree. This path should be directly behind the diseased or damaged tree and should be clear of obstacles. The fall direction is the direction where the tree will fall. This location should be free of structures and away from people.

Safety is key when removing any tree, diseased or healthy. You must wear the proper clothing and follow all instructions and warnings for the chainsaw you are using the remove the tree. If you have never operated a chainsaw before, it is probably a good idea to go ahead and leave the tree removing to a company that specializes in removing trees.

If you have a local department of forestry, you may want to contact them for more information about removing damaged or diseased trees. If, however, the damage is severe and you need emergency tree removal, contact a tree removal service as soon as possible.

Kid’s Workshop – Place to be for Kids in Greenhills

One place that we never considered bringing Geoff is in Greenhills. I always thought that the place is not for toddlers, thinking that it iss usually crowded. I did not think that there is a place for him except for the small arcade near the foodcourt in V Mall. This thought changed when I received an invite from Kid’s Workshop.

We received the invite back in August . Since the place was kind of far from where I am residing, I kind of put it off at the last minute. I was glad I did decide to bring Geoff. I will let the pictures do the talking (with a few narratives, of course!)


The entrance. It is located in the second floor of Shoppesville, you have to look for it a bit as you have to turn to an alley.


There is a treats store where the kids can grab food when they get hungry. The amount taken will just be added to your bill when you log out.


Stroller parking for younger kids.


Waiting area. This is also where the kids can eat or drink milk if they need to do so.


Rates and rules. A bit on the steeper side, but you should know why I think the price is reasonable in a bit.


This is a shot I took from the entrance.


There is a second floor/ loft area


Colorful ceiling


Geoff having fun at the spiral slide, with an ate to assist him.


Opposite of the spiral slide is a mini hanging bridge connected to another slide, a ship’s anchor, and a rock climbing wall


Geoff in action.


On the second floor, there are bookshelves and computers that the children can use.


Book case with an assortment of titles favored by kids


An area where kids can read or play. According to some of the ates, there is a cctv in the area since it is covered.


Computer games can be played here. Too bad, Geoff is too young to really pay attention to this area.


Busy exploring


View from the top, there are rocking horses, an activity area for the kids, the brown area is a canopy where a baby was sleeping


Underneath the slides are toys of various kinds. On this side, there are wooden blocks, tools set, and toy animals


Geoff loved scattering the toys, which I had to put back. Nakakahiya naman kasi.


On the other side is Geoff’s favorite: pool of balls!


Geoff was also engrossed with this puzzle game


On the girly side of the area, there is another bookshelf


A kitchen area with a big pantry of toy fruits and vegetables


A cozy seat with dolls


Gas for them broom brooms


During this time, they were doing a song and dance activity. Geoff decided that he does not want to join


Another angle for the loft


Busy cooking fruits


Picnic time


Arts and crafts area


Geoff with the props they used for the song and dance activity


Finally, Geoff relented to do his arts activity. He was happy with the glue and confetti

The arts and crafts material are not included in the fee, however, you can choose the activity you or your kid want to do with prices ranging from 70-150 pesos. This, I think is one of the things that sets other play places apart because the kids are not just there to play, but also to do arts and learn.

Kid’s Workshop also offers the Fun Club. Fee is P550 per child, for 1 year membership. By being a member, you can get to enjoy the following:

  1. Discount coupons which you can use for KidsPlay, KidsArt, KidsParties, KidsPlayDates and the renewal of membership. These coupons are are also transferable except for 2.
  2. 1 free Unlimited KidsPlay coupon which you may use any day during your kid’s birth month.
  3. An additional 5% off when you celebrate your child’s birthday with them. This is on top of the 15% off that you get. You can choose from PlayParty or Play + Art Party. Should you wish to extend, 30 minutes is free if you hold it between 10AM -12:30PM.
  4. Early bird discounts and priority booking for KidsEvents (current event is Fiesta! Kanta, Laro, Saya!)
  5. 75% off on the annual KidsFUNClub Get2Gether (guests will get 50% off)
Coupons and a temporary ID for membership

Coupons and a temporary ID for membership

Discovering that there is a place for kids in Greenhills is such a treat. You can have fun shopping without the worry if your child is bored and tired while you tag them along. With Kid’s Workshop, you can just let them play and learn and have fun.

Play schedules are as follows:

Mon – Thu: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sun: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Kid’s Workshop
2/F Shoppesville Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City
Telephone: 723-09-32
Mobile: +63-917-599-5324

Official website:


My Ramen Bar Experience

When Babe was still here, we would often talk about the places we want to go as well as the restaurants where we want to eat. Most of them ended as “plans” that did not push through due to the changes we went through recently.

So, last payday, I was in the mood for ramen, and my cravings were solved by the Ramen Bar. This is the only restaurant that I know of in Eastwood that serves ramen, thus, I went ahead and ordered a serving. It was also the most opportune time, the weather being cold and wet.

There were several people inside the restaurant when I came, and I had to wait a few minutes (less than 5 minutes) as they cleared a table for me. The menu is a simple and one page piece of paper that also serves as the placemat (?). The seat is comfortable though from where I sat, I was directly in the way of the air conditioning unit. Tables are for sharing especially if you are dining alone, however, they will only make you share if there really is no other vacancy.

The servers were also pleasant and nice as they answered my questions being my first time to try the ramen. Seriously, I have no idea which to try (I did read the reviews prior but I wanted recommendations as to what is the most appropriate for me).

RBS was the server’s recommendation but I ended up ordering the Spicy Chicken Karaage Ramen just because I don’t want to be overwhelmed with all the toppings he mentioned. SCK is spicy Shoyu (soy based) ramen with chicken cutlets (Php 280). I asked how spicy it was and the server suggested that we stick to the basic broth and will give me a separate chili oil so that I can adjust the level of spicy to my liking. I was told that the food will be ready in 20 minutes., which was the usual when ordering something that was to be cooked.

As I was waiting for my ramen, I contemplated if I should get one of the appetizers. It was a good thing that I decided against it as the ramen bowl was HUGE!

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of The baby deleted the photo I took from my phone, so no pictures-Sorry!

The ramen was really delicious, something that I would go back for in the near future. I was so full that I was not able to finish my bowl and asked for it to be wrapped so I can eat it at home. Come morning, I’m pleased to report that the noodle stayed firm, the broth still yummy, overall, it was really a pleasant dining (and to-go) experience for me!

Ramen Bar Eastwood

G/F 1880 bldg
Right beside Slappy cakes and Cookbook Kitchen
Across Project Pie (near the church)
(02) 570-9457

Our Yabu: the House of Katsu Experience

As we were about to leave the house one day, Babe received a call from his agency. He was asked to bring in his passport that day so that they could proceed to the next steps. We spent about 2 hours for the whole process to finish and left, only to find out that they forgot to ask for his pictures to be included on the document. We went back to submit the necessary requirements and decided to eat first since we were already running late. We both called in for a “half day” that day (lol).

Since we were already in Ortigas, I asked to have our meal in Megamall instead. At the back of my mind, I really wanted to try something new, thus I convinced Babe to try Yabu: the House of Katsu that day. Guess what, we were not disappointed at all. In fact, we both found the experience fun and satisfying. Something that we are already looking forward to eating the next time.

I knew about Yabu: the House of Katsu through the bloggers that I normally stalk. I was really curious to try it, however, I was also intimidated at the prices as it usually starts at P300 and above (I know, we are kuripot like that!).

Anyway, since it was an off peak hour, we were immediately seated and was given the menu. We both decided to play it safe and ordered pork. Babe had the Hire 180g set while I had the Rosu 100g set (both were 1 inch thick cut). I think the standard set usually includes the salad, japanese rice, pickles, miso soup, and a fruit bowl. Here is what my order looked like:


The serving was huge, with unlimited cabbage and rice!

For the price itself, you get your money’s worth. The pork was really tender, the rice was delicious and the cabbage salad was really light, I can eat it all day. Unlike the regular miso soup that I have tasted before, Yabu’s was really tasty and flavorful. Really really worth every peso that we paid for it.

As for the service, it was above and beyond we have experienced so far. The place was not jampacked as most would describe the place to be, maybe because it was a weekday and we went during off peak hours. We were seated right away and all the servers were friendly, accommodating, and attentive to our needs. Even the manager took the time to talk to us and ask if we needed anything else, or if we wanted more rice and cabbage! I know this post sounds a bit exaggerated, but this was actually the first time we were really treated as VIPs. Maybe this is a sign that we should eat out in establishments such as Yabu.

Are we going back? Definitely! When we return, I would go for the seafood set. Lol!

Happy tummies!

Happy tummies!

Google Maps and How it Saved Us From Getting Lost

Last December 2012, we were invited to a very special wedding; It was his best friend’s wedding and it was to be held at the iconic Paco church in Manila. We were all set to go. We scheduled a visit to my mom’s during that weekend so that someone can look after Geoff. We also found it more convenient to travel from Las Pinas than from Cainta considering the distance. The only concern that we had is that we have never been to that area, let alone that church.

Bottom line, we missed the wedding ceremony and the groom’s brother had to stand in as proxy to what was supposed to be Babe’s honorary role! Talk about embarrassment and disappointment. To our credit, we did research on how to get there, however, we both owned  low tech phones so the research was done before hand. It’s just that it proves to be more challenging if you don’t have any real time guide while travelling.

Fast forward to the time that we were able to do an upgrade to our phones. Guess what, aside from the usual android games and instant Facebook and Instagram updates that I can do, one of the features that we enjoy the most is Google Maps. One does not have an idea how helpful this map is, add to it the GPS feature.

Using it is super easy. Just open the application and search for the location you need to go to. It would auto populate with the nearest search result, and all you have to do is to select the most appropriate. It would then give you several route options with an estimated time.


Once the route has been selected, it will prompt you to start and viola! Just follow the arrow and the voice prompt, trust the application (promise! It never failed us so far) and drive your way around the metro!

Some friends swear by this app, while some preferred Waze, another location/direction (?) app. Either way, both apps work as it should (we tried it, of course) and it will just depend on your preference.

Review: Cristina Villas Mountain Hotel and Resort

Okay. Confession time. This is a really and truly delayed post (so sorry!). Anyway, let me get the ball rolling and babble away.

We went to Cristina Villas last March 15, 2014 at around 12 noon. We were actually expecting a crowd since it was a Saturday, and a payday to boot. To our surprise, there were very few people in the resort.

Cristina Villas is not actually a new resort for me. I have been here a couple of times during my dalaga days with my friends. I am quite pleased with the developments done without changing much of the original setting.

There is ample parking space should you and your guests decide to bring a car. Since the said resort is also a hotel, you may also opt to stay overnight (though if you plan to swim throughout, then, there is no need to check in anymore!).

This sari sari store is right in front of the hotel. Before, this is where we used to pay for entrance and cottage. Now, the guard will direct you to the front desk personnel so that you can choose the cottage you want, explain where the chosen cottage is near which pool, as well as the prices. Rates for daytime (8 AM to 5 PM), night time (10 PM – 7 AM), and straight slots () differ.


In house sari sari store. They sell drinks, chips, crackers, toiletries, and such.

There are a bunch of sights to see as you go along. There is a Malakas and Maganda sculpture, a sort of belfry, an overlooking area that can be rented for a wedding or such, a couple of lounge chairs, and lots of trees and plants. The resort also is under renovation but it is not something that would cause any hassle during your stay. The workers pretty much keep to themselves.


Malakas at si Maganda. There are a couple of sculpture scattered all over the resort. Even on the pools.



A nice area for photo ops.


A couple could get married here. The view is fantastic 🙂 



We stayed in what they called a lower casita. This one costs Php700 and is good for 3-4 persons according to their guidesheet. It is very near the kiddle pool, the first adult pool, the dormitory, toilet and showers, and the overlooking area.


This is what a lower casita looks like. It can easily fit more than 4 persons, and each casita is spaced appropriately, providing privacy to the customers. We stayed in 5. 


LC 5 is located at the far end. What’s nice about it is that it has another set of stairs leading to the toilet and showers, a terrace, and the pool. If you’re the shy type who would not want to pass by the all the other casitas, you have the option to do so.


This was the mini pool beside the lower casitas. It has this sort of shower, and 2 slides leading to the main pool.Slides lead to 4 ft deep and 6 ft deep end of the pool below.


Though the slides were not that high, it still served it’s purpose and we enjoyed it a lot!


Pool rules and regulations


A view of the terrace and the alcove where the water is only about waist high. There is a stairs on the left side leading to our side of the Casitas


The other end of the adult pool, the jets of water were really harsh!


A closer look at the slides


There is a bench on the terrace where you can hang out once the sun is down

A few steps from the main pool, are the kiddie pools. There is one small pool above, with an overlooking view, and one bad ass kiddie pool below.


More of a chillax corner. Water level is below the knee. The mushroom cone provides some sort of a shower effect.


First angle – from above 


From one side. This is the side where Geoff enjoyed the most as the slides were more slippery than the one on the other side


The slide where you can’t slide (LOL!). Honestly, Geoff was disappointed when he found out he had to work hard to reach the bottom 😛

For large groups, they have the option to rent the dormitory. This area was closed off (thankfully!) during our visit.


A strict warning for non dormitory users.


There is a lonely bench swing inside. Must be fun to try that!

As with other resorts, a must have are toilet and shower stalls. This area, I like! There are lots of shower cubicles, toilets, and separate areas where you can change. There is also a long area for faucets, floor length mirrors and even an area where you can do a fish spa session!


Notice the floral shorts on the lower right, he’s a kid who was about to feed the fishes his callused feet! (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture)

After our swim, we decided to take a look around the resort, as I was only able to explore the lower parts of the resort before. There were 2 or 3 other pool on the higher part of the resort among other things.


Time out! The baby got tired of running around and opted to sit on the ground. Wala lang. Ang cute eh 😀


Never mind us. These were the lounge chairs near the overlooking area of the resort.


Signage on rocks


A cross on the highest point of the hotel. This was right beside the tree house


These are the big casitas


The tree house


The cross from another angle


The hotel facade. The lobby looks normal, however, the third floor windows are boarded up. They must be renovating.


This area was under construction but the swings were very relaxing to sit in.


I am not sure what happened but I told babe to take a photo of the infinity pool. Well, this is the shallow part, with the showering falls


Part of the infinity pool. Babe thought the shot was artistic. I think so too (I just wished he took a photo of the whole pool! -_-)


Deserted steps leading to I don’t know where. This are is under construction too!

Overall, the stay was enjoyable because we were lucky that there were very few people. Just the same, the price was not that bad. I don’t even think that they raised their prices since 2007 or 2008 (last that I have been there), yet, the facilities were improved and the things I loved then were still there!

Promise, I will post the list of prices as soon as I see it.

A Graduation Treat – Crisostomo in Fairview Terraces

Our little family trooped to Fairview yesterday because it was Cyv’s elementary graduation. Cyv is Babe’s nephew, and since we are a pretty small family, including my sisters in law’s families, it is quite easy to call for a mini reunion.

Anyway, we celebrated in Crisostomo, a Filipino restaurant in the newly opened Fairview Terraces. Since this was a treat, I figured I might as well enjoy it (lol!). Here are the dishes that we ordered last night. Please take note that these images are not from us, and are lifted off the internet.

download (1)

Geoff’s favorite! bam-i guisado, a combination of bihon and canton with lechon kawali top! picture lifted from


Binagoongan ni pia. This was crispy liempo on a bed of eggplant and bagoong. Image lifted at


sisig linares – This was the classic sisig and Cyv’s favorite. Image lifted from


sinigang gomez – this is your classic sinigang na baboy in a ceramic palayok. I liked it because it achieved the “asim” that I am looking for in a sinigang. Image lifted from

Overall, everything we ordered tasted good, and for me are considered comfort food, them being Filipino dishes. The prices are a bit on the expensive side, and when I asked the waiter how big the servings were, he said it was good for sharing (2-3 persons). When the dishes came, it turned out that the sharing portion is indeed good for 2-3 persons, who have very small appetites (LOL!). Service wise, it wasn’t exceptionally good, pretty fair or what you would expect from a restaurant. The space being small, they only have 1 high chair to accommodate babies, and we had to wait our turn.

By the way, Crisostomo has this treat for graduates. Anytime you dine with them, you get to have a slice of cake (ube or caramel), a glass of Sangria and an appetizer (Beaterio or Setas Salpicao). You just have to meet the minimum purchase of Php1,800 and present any proof of graduation such as Diploma, school ID, or Certificate of graduation).

Side kwento: Ate was already paying when I asked the waiter about their promo. The waiter then explained the mechanics. Unfortunately, they left the certificate in their car, all the while budging the good kuya waiter for the freebie (asking if the ceremony picture was ok, or if the graduate would suffice). Nakulitan na lang si Kuya, he decided to give us an ube cake instead (Haha!) Moral lesson, always comply with the mechanics of the promo, pero try your luck minsan din 🙂

Congratulations again Cyv! Do well in high school, ok?

Hello Palawan! The Activities

I know, I know, it’s been ages since I posted the last Palawan entry. I have posted our itinerary and the food trips you can do, this time, let me post about the our adventure during our stay in Puerto Princesa. BTW, I was not able to get photos of how wonderful the Honda Bay is. We opted not to bring any phones for fear of it being wet, and we did not want to buy an overpriced camera case.

Accommodation was courtesy of Balay Inato, which is along Manalo St., a few minutes from the airport. The rates are as follows, Php 1,200 for a double room and Php 1,400 for a family room. We stayed in a double room which I think is roomy enough for both Babe and I. Extension per hour is Php 50, which I think is very fair. The room is very standard, with a comfortable double bed, TV with cable, phone, T&B with heater, a boudoir, and a single table with 2 chairs. I highly recommend this place, since it is very accessible and most of the notable restaurants are nearby (Bona’s Chaolongan, Balinsasayaw, Haim Chicken Inato (same venue!), Ka Lui). They even make arrangements for the tours, just ask the person from reception.


During our first day, we decided attempted a DIY tour of the city. Too bad most of the establishments close by 5 PM, thus we were only able to visit the Butterfly Garden.

Entrance to the butterfly garden is only Php 30 or 35 (sorry, I can’t remember!). In summary, the place is literally a small garden, that you can tour within 10 minutes. They’ll show you the butterflies that they breed and hatch, as well as other animals that you can find inside. They have a small gator, a bobcat, lizards and insects. There is also a trail where the Palawan tribe is.


There was an interpreter and 3 palawano males. They described their usual activities, which was smoking, hunting, and the things that they use. They also have a pet snake which they let us pet 🙂


After the trip to the Butterfly Gardens, it was almost 5 PM, thus, we no longer pursued the rest of the spots included in the City Tour. The places mainly are: Crocodile Farm, Iwahig, Baker’s Hill and Mitra Ranch. We grabbed a ride back to the city proper and went to the Baywalk instead.


The highlight of the trip is the Underground River. This is the place that Babe wanted to visit last year. Of course, the mandatory shot beside the sign is well, mandatory (lol!).


The Underground River is located in Sabang, which was about 2-3 hours away from Puerto Princesa. This is the second time that I visited the place, but the first time that we availed of a guided tour. I find it convenient but only to some extent. The guided tour normally costs around Php 1,300 to Php 1,500 and includes transportation to and from where you are staying, a buffet lunch, and arrangement of permits and schedules.

The actual tour of the river is only an hour at most. You will be spending time most in the transport as Sabang is quite far from Puerto Princesa. From the wharf itself, it will be another 30-40 minute boat ride, but rest assured that the trip itself is a wonder as you will be surrounded by islets, mountains, trees, and of course, the ocean. Once you get to the island, it’s another set of waiting game for your number (which will be arranged by your tour guide), for the mean time, take your time looking around as there are lots of monkeys and monitor lizards walking roaming around.


We also availed of the Honda Bay Tour, courtesy of the 8 Dragons Tour. No pictures, sorry! We paid Php 1,100 per person which included the transportation to and from the wharf, lunch prepared by the tour guide, boat transportation and entrance fees to the island. It’s only a few minutes from the city and it’s a must to rent a snorkel set (Php 150) and buy lots of bread to fully appreciate the corals and fishes you will feed when in Pandan Island (very therapeutic, the fish feeding).

Back when I visited Palawan the first time, we were able to visit at least 3 islands, which included the Pambato Reef. Unfortunately this year, kuya tour guide informed us that the Pambato Reef is closed until further notice. According to kuya, the government needed to rehabilitate the marine life there and are not sure if it will still open to the public. We only get to visit 2 islands, namely Starfish and Pandan island. I loved how different it was now. Cleaner and more inviting. I guess, the local government is taking more measures in order to keep the island in top shape to attract more tourist without doing much damage to the environment.

If asked if I will want to go back, the answer will still be yes. Palawan is a place that is worth coming back to. The people are friendly, the spots are pristine. You can definitely see where the money you pay for goes to. I salute their local government for funding the solar panels and turbines for barrios that is too far for electricity to come to. I like the idea that they only allow the people from a certain place to do business from where the tourist spots are (like people who live in Sabang are the only people who can do business in Sabang, no outsiders) as it gives the families in that place equal opportunity to earn. So yes, I would love to go back and bring Geoff with us when that happens, our families even. And maybe next time, we will have a chance to visit El Nido and Coron as well. 🙂

The Year That Was 2013

Compared to the hectic outdoor activities in 2012, 2013 proved to be the most laid back in terms of travel. We only traveled outside the Metro only once (Palawan), other than that, we pretty much stayed at home. There were a lot of first as usual, but mostly, last year revolved so much around Geoff. In addition, I think the best description for that year is “GRATITUDE”. I am grateful for a lot of things, and I think photo blogging will better describe it.


  • Geoff turned 1 and a catholic. We are so blessed and thankful to see so many friends and family members celebrating this milestone with us.


  • Geoff had his first haircut. A bit traumatic for us, however, it did not stop the kiddo from having fun during his first visit to BGC.


  • I won several contests from the blogs that I stalk. This includes the La Andi package from the Soshal Network, play and learn classes and GC from Bebengisms and One Dental Care, tickets to the Nido Discovery Center from AXA Philippines, and the best so far was the Palawan accomodation and tours by Akira and Everything Nice and 8 Dragon Tours. These blessings were overwhelming and until now, I am still grateful.
How my phone looks like - Cat themed wallpaper. Icons can be customized too!

How my phone looks like – Cat themed wallpaper. Icons can be customized too!

  • I finally had the courage to switch to a touch screen phone. I decided to stay with Sun Cellular since the service is okay and the price of the plans they offer is quite reasonable compared to others.


  • Geoff attended a play and learn class for a brief period of time. It was such a shame that the commute proved to be harsh for both of us, but I am also glad that he was able to experience “a bit” of discipline and the concept of following rules.


  • I finally got myself an oven and had my ups and downs in baking, until I finally triumphed. The purchase of this oven led to the creation of Nibbles. I was able to get back all the investment I made, plus a decent amount of savings as well. Through this, I also received a verbal commendation from a customer who said “ang sarap sarap kasi ng revel bars mo”. Such a heart warming gesture.


  • I was able to bring Babe to the Underground River as our 2nd wedding anniversary getaway. It was quite funny since I booked our tickets as early as March. Come September, an emergency happened and we both thought it was best not to push through anymore, until I learned that I won free accommodation for 3D/2N and an Underground River tour for 2! We immediately rebooked the flight, this time through Air Asia Zest (they have reasonable prices and they were on time for both flights too!). My biggest thanks to Ms. Jenny and Sir Jeron of 8 Dragon Tours for the chance.
Flintstones, we're the Flintstones!

Flintstones, we’re the Flintstones!

  • I made my very first DIY costume for Geoff’s Trick of Treat. Well, Babe helped too. You see the strap, he stitched everything there. I did the skirt and patches, as well as the colors. It was a success, and we could tell that Geoff really enjoyed the event even if we were dead tired by the end of the day.


  • It was also a year for friendship. Though we don’t see too much of each other nowadays, we are still as close as ever, especially now that our family is growing. Thank you Lord for these people, for without them, I would not be the person I am today.


  • Babe and I only managed one climb this year. Muntik pa madisgrasya. I thank the Lord as well for guiding me through that ordeal. Indeed, never underestimate nature and everything in it.

DSC_0299 DSC_0303

  • Last year also brought us closer to our families. Though not everything was as smooth sailing as we hoped, we were still able to overcome most of the challenges and accepted it as a means of making us and our bond stronger. I am thankful for them, for their continued support and love.


  • We had several food trips, ranging from really budget to pricey type. I am thankful because food trips meant that we have money to spend, and that we are well enough to eat it. After all, food trips are expensive somehow.


  • I am also thankful for this little boy (or baby!) as he continue to provide endless love and joy for Babe and I. We are thankful that he is healthy, sweet, and lovable. I also pray that he continue to be a voracious eater. I am hoping as well that this is the year that he starts talking.


  • I am also thankful for my husband and my marriage. That even though it is not perfect, both of us are making the efforts to adjust and make it work. We were close friends for years, boyfriend/ girlfriend for months, and hopefully partners for a lifetime.

Here’s to a thankful look back at 2013, and a year full of hope for 2014. May you and your loved ones be blessed as well.

Hello Palawan! Food Trip

Sorry for the very long break that I took from blogging. We were yaya-less for almost 2 weeks, add up the quota I need to finish for work. So anyway, here is the second part of our Palawan trip, which is mainly about food.

Now, this trip was set on a very strict budget (due to some unforeseen circumstances) and each restaurant that we ate in was either due to the research that I did beforehand, or due to our own convenience at the time.

We arrived very early in Puerto Princesa, and was picked up by the Balay Inato shuttle at around 7AM. As we were still waiting for our room to be ready, we decided to eat from their restaurant. The breakfast was quite basic, nothing fancy. Babe and I had baconsilog and tocilog as their signature Inato Chicken was not available at the time.



After the filling breakfast, we slept first as we came directly from shift. We woke up at around 2 or 3 PM in the afternoon and decided that we were both hungry (again!) and would like to make the most of the afternoon looking around and somehow visit some of the places I had listed prior to the trip.

As we walked to the main avenue (I am not sure if it even is the main avenue, but it is where most of the transport is available and commercial establishments are located~ please forgive my momnesia!)

Babe wanted seafood so when we saw that the Skylight Hotel’s Restaurant was offering fresh seafood, we went ahead and asked the person who was on duty. It was quite disappointing that everything was pricey, so since we were already there, and we already pestered kuya so much with prices, we just settled with their seafood platter, priced at 700+.



Everything tasted so good, except we think that the crab was no longer fresh. For some reason, Babe’s allergy was triggered and he had to look for a drugstore for his antihistamine. 

We ended the day by going to the baywalk. We were still full from the late lunch earlier, so we decided to make “tambay” (LOL!) by the sea wall. We saw an ice cream cart with bread and relived our childhood. Bread and dirty ice cream? Heaven!


Our lunch meals for days 2 and 3 were covered by the tour, but, I would like to make a special mention to the most wonderful purchase we did during our Honda Bay tour. The Rock Crabs!


A few vendors were selling these during our stay in Pandan Island. For 550 pesos per kilo, you would probably get 5-6 pieces. We opted to get the 3 pieces kilo for 280 pesos due to the constant urging by Babe. Good thing we did as this was the closest we could get to a real lobster meal. Babe devoured his share during lunch that day, while I packed these 2 halves for my dinner pleasure.

One of the restaurants that I included in my list is the Balinsasayaw. It’s on the same street from where we were staying, so we only had to walk from the inn, to here. The place was really cozy and when the food arrived, it was love at first sight!

DSC_0263We ordered the grilled tuna belly and garlic shrimps. We paid a little or more than 500 pesos, but I swear, the food will not disappoint!

Finally, for the last lunch (Day 4), I asked Babe if we can try Bona’s Chaolongan. He agreed since the place was also nearby. Right after we went pasalubong shopping, we asked the trike driver to drop us in, and what I read about the price was right. Everything was cheap.

According to the posts I read, the must try was the Chaolong and the French bread (as pictured). Babe liked it a lot because aside from the gigantic serving, he also found it savory. I also liked the french bread. Too bad my palate was not that sophisticated to try a different delicacy. Though I found it yummy, I also found it weird at the same time.
DSC_0270 DSC_0272

We were also able to taste the famous Chicken Inato from Hain Chicken Inato. As luck would have it, this is located right in front of our room! Too bad there were no pictures, but I tell you, this is more delicious than the traditional chicken barbeque or Chicken Inasal.

All in all, we probably spent 2-2.5K pesos for food during our stay. This budget may seem small, but I assure you, sobrang busog kami everytime and it’s something na hindi natipid 🙂