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How Consultations Are Today (At Least in my Book)

Yesterday, I brought Tofu to the vet because it has been a few days that he is not his usual self. He doesn’t eat, play, in short, matamlay. When we got there, all the vet did was to ask several questions, pinch his nose and tell me that Tofu has a cold. The diagnosis was concluded after about 5 minutes. And it costed me Php300.

When Geoff had a fever before, we had him checked during the third day, This was normal given that we had to wait it out a bit to rule out other possible symptoms. When it was our turn in the hospital, almost the same thing happened. We were asked several questions, got Geoff’s temperature checked, and was told that it was something viral. Again, our waiting time was more that the actual check up. Had it been that we were without a health card, it would have cost an easy Php500.

I mean, if someone in our household is sick, bringing them to the doctor is not an issue at all. However, with these examples I have presented, I sometimes wish that doctors nowadays would be more caring and compassionate about their patients. I can’t help but think that some of them are only after your money.

However, not all doctors that I know are like the example stated above. In fact, My OB, Dr. Cecil Nogoy ,and Geoff’s first pedia, Dr. Paz Ong, are the doctors that stood out the most among all the doctors we have seen before. Too bad we live so far away from where they hold their practice. They have the patience to listen and to educate about the things that even we don’t remember asking. They know how to build rapport. They don’t just ask questions, come up with possible diagnosis, and write prescriptions. They also provide explanation as to what could be the cause, other possibilities, cheaper options for medications, and of course, what was to be expected.

So yeah, now I am wishing that all doctors are like them.

P.S. Tofu is more like his old self. I did not get to buy the medicine prescribed for him as I don’t have the means at the moment. I had him drink water mixed with Mondex and his multivitamins. For some reason, he won’t eat anything except for our leftover beef strips.


Patience is Indeed a Golden Virtue

There will always be a point when you are going to be stretched too thin. It doesn’t matter how well you are with time management. It will just happen.

Today, the baby decided to act up his usual tantrums. Add in the equation our new puppy who doesn’t want to be trained. I am literally on the verge of wanting to scream at everybody, both puppy and human. And I did lose my cool. I slapped Geoff on the hand and kept the puppy inside his cage. I quickly handed the baby to his nanny so that I can cool down a bit, which was probably the best decision I made this day.

I hate it when I shout at the baby because I know that he is on this stage when he absorbs everything like a sponge. He won’t know that it is an act of discipline yet, especially when he is in the middle of a tantrum. However, I am not the type of person who can forever keep my cool.

Days like these are really challenging. I won’t deny by saying that I hate it, but I am not looking forward to it either. I would say that it is wisest to choose my battles, and this is one of those that I will just go out and get a breather.

Disappointing Appointment

When I joined the AXA contest, they also sent me several e-coupons as freebie. I love freebies. Who doesn’t? So anyway, one of the e-coupons is for a free diamond peel and a gift pack from diana stalder. I was glad to see that the participating branch is nearby, which was in Antipolo. I called them last week and scheduled my appointment for today, August 3.


This morning, I went about my usual weekend routine which was to do the laundry, cook lunch, and spend quality time with the hubby and baby. What made today different was that I have to leave for the appointment. I called earlier to ask for directions and to confirm that I don’t need to shellout precious moolah as the coupon said free. The lady I talked to said there weren’t. That made me go ahead with the appointment.

I was late for the schedule due to traffic and heavy rain. As it was pouring really hard and I was walking, I arrived saoking wet. I was also apologetic since I was late. I was told to wait, which was okay with me, until she explained what was to happen.

The lady behind the desk said that I have to avail of at least 300 pesos worth of services before I can get the free diamond peel. I explained that the coupon said diamond peel AND 20% off, meaning, I have the option to choose whether to avail of the peel or the diacount. Unfortunately for me, she stood her ground and I no longer made a big deal out of it. I just asked her for the gift pack and left, but not before I told her that there wouldn’t be any problem if only they did not give me false information.

I went home wet from the rain and disappointed because I wasted time and 28 pesos for the fare. I also regret coming today because the streets were flooded, the traffic was really heavy, and I had to walk home in a very flooded street.


This experience taught me several things. 1- not all freebie is worth it. No matter how good the deal is, all options should still be weighed and prioritized. 2- always ask for the catch. In this case, it just happened that I did ask for the catch, ayaw lang i-accept nung lady. So, I am not sure if the fault is with me, or they did have false advertisement.

Skin Asthma

I have this small patch of ugly in my right arm. It started way back I can remember but it was not in any way visible nor irritating. This summer, however, was the most intense and the hottest. This somehow triggered the patch to come out and show it’s glorious self (may sariling buhay lang ang peg.. Tsk!). Anyway, along with that, tinadtad din ako ng pimples. I initially planned a visit to the derma courtesy of our Medicard but I kept putting it off because it’s very hard to schedule an appointment with my schedule. And because I felt medyo malala na sya, I decided to go yesterday.

I went to The Medical City in Sta. Lucia Mall yesterday. Given that it was a Saturday and I got there at around past 4 PM, there were a lot of people in the clinic. I only chose TMC because of the location. I was eyeing the other clinic sana, and until now, I am wishing dun na lang ako nagpunta. Let me get back to my story.

I told the good doctor that I have 2 concerns, my arm and my pimples. He took one look at my arm and started scribbling on his prescription pad and told me in a matter of fact tone, “skin asthma”. All these happened in less than 2 minutes. Since na-sense ko na parang mas mabilis pa yung actual consultation than my wait time, I asked questions like what could have caused it, kung matatangal pa, and got one liners for answers. Same thing happened with the pimples. As soon as I asked about it, he started scribbling while explaining the meds, again, it took no longer than 3 minutes.

BTW, according to the Internet, skin asthma is a form atopic dermatitis or eczema, wherein the skin is overly allergic to certain substances. The results are almist common, wherein the part is itchy to the point of disturbing sleep and drawing blood. Both were applicable to me, the worst is that it is very visible because my skin tone is fair and the patch is always an angry red.

After getting all the prescriptions, I decided to get a second opinion na lang. I was not happy with how the consultation was handled. Parang for the sake of pabilisan lang.

went to Mercury drug din to get the prices for the meds, and turned out that one of them costs 1k + for a tiny gel. I will buy those for skin asthma because one of them is physiogel, which is a brand that we trust. The rest, I’ll put on hold first until I get a second opinion. 

Househelp: For Hire.. or Not!

Babe and I are both working. With a 7 month old baby, it is really important for us to have extra help around the house. Given the span of my baby’s age, we’ve been through 4 different yayas.

Let’s start with the most recent. We got a referral yaya from my officemate. She was 17, according to her and she seems nice. Too quiet as well. Her mom accompanied us on the way home as it was her daughter’s first time to be a yaya. We acknowledged and welcomed them. On the first day, it was a “so far, so good” performance. The only problem that we told her was that she was too quiet. Si baby Geoff pa ung nag-eeffort na magsalita cia, since our baby’s nature is bubbly and madaldal. Come the next day, she entertained both her mom and sister in law in our house 1 afternoon without our presence. Good thing, nagsabi ako sa mom ko na dun muna cia kasi I am not yet comfortable in leaving just the 2 of them alone in the house. Imagine the stress my mom, me, and babe had when we learned na sumugod nga sa house ung nanay at ate dahil nagpromise daw ako na meron cia na mapapasukan. At the same time, they even had the gall to ask my permission if the ate can “sleep” over. Tsk talaga. When I confronted her the next day and asked what her mom said over the discussion, she simply said, “babalik daw po sila mamaya para kausapin ung papasukan ni ate..” Petsa! Nakakaloka. Nag init talaga ulo ko at sinabihan ko na sa Sabado na papuntahin, kapag nandun kami. The same day, nag sabi na cia na uwi na daw cia dahil mag aaral daw pala cia. We let her go. Hassle samin ung magulong usapan at threat na pwedeng pumunta ung nanay and sister nya anytime sa bahay, Risking our safety.

Si Mirasol naman, ok sana. Ex- OFW, mother of 3 at merong current na asawa working in Saudi. Me sob story about sa pagbubuntis nya sa bunso nya, which resulted sa pagiging lubog sa utang. Bottomline, sa kagustuhan makatulong sa asawa, iwan muna c baby and trabaho muna cia samen. She only stayed for 2 months. Nung umpisa, ok. Naging happy baby c Geoff. Nagagawa naman din nya ung ibang gawain sa bahay so, wala kami masyado problem sa kanya. Nag start ung problem nung nag text c hubby nya na kung anak daw nya ung anak nila and such. To make the long story short, apektado c yaya and nasabayan pa na nagkasakit daw c baby nya. Nagpaalam umuwi, bumalik naman kaso isinama ung 2 anak nya! eldest and ung baby. This was after her almost a week of absence. Walang silbi ung panganay and since baby pa din ung bunso nya, she ended up taking care of 2 babies, which made attention to Geoff very limited. Nagkaron pa ng time na nagslide c Geoff sa mattress sa taas kasi pinapatulog nya ung anak nya downstairs. The week ended, sabi nya, hatid na daw nya ung dalawa, cia naman daw ung nagkasakit. Then while she was out, my mom chatted with some neighbors and found out that she had plans of leaving without telling us. At the same time, we learned that she tried to borrow money from one of the yayas working in the compound. In addition, she borrowed a huge amount of money from babe’s dad. When she returned, we confronted her, and she was able to tell us the truth, that she needs to process her papers going to Malaysia and will be leaving soon. Ang nakakainis na part is that she promised to find a replacement and will stay so that she can train the replacement. We even gave her a day off to process her passport, with her promise to return. Lo and behold, dala na nya lahat ng things nya, without even saying good bye or whatever. Buti na lang andun ung mom ko that day. May napagiwanan kay Geoff.

Then si Lalaine. She was the first yaya/katulong, and Geoff was only 2 months old at the time. While my son sleeps, she will do the same thing. Maghapon nakabukas ang TV, and sobrang lakas kumain. Babe and I will only eat 1 major meal a day since he is working, and I am not in the mood to eat that time, whereas she will be eating 3 major meals, with snacks in between. There was also a time na nauuna pa sia samen na kumain, and malalaking parts pa ung kukunin. Ang pinaka bad trip pa na part is yung bilin ko na wag iduduyan c Geoff. Nawitness ko kasi na wala cia ginawa kundi iduyan ung bata and ang lakas lakas pa habang tutok ung mata sa TV. Ilang beses ko na ibinilin un, wala pa din. Until hindi ko na natiis, inulit ko ulit with force sa boses. Mejo nabawasan naman. Pagdating sa gawaing bahay, sablay din. Ako, aminado ako, ndi ako lumaki na gumagawa sa bahay. Pero comparing the quality of my work over hers, mas di hamak na mas malinis pa akong gumawa. Wala din cia malasakit sa gamit, ndi pa tuyo ung damit, tutupiin and i-store na nya agad. At the same time, binigyan ko na ng notebook ng bilin (because I get up earlier than her, I have to leave at 5am), wala man lang nagawa ni isa. She also leaves the house for emergencies without telling us. Magiiwan lang ng note na need nya umalis. Nung nakahalata cia na asar na kami, biglang nagsabi na aalis cia. Need nya daw alagaan ung mother in law nya sa Tarlac and kelangan na umuwi. We had an agreement na antayin nya kami before she leaves para meron mapagbilinan ng bata, pero when we woke up, ayun, wala na ang walang wentang tao na un. We also found out na humiram din ng pera sa dad ulit ni babe. Bad trip talaga. We received an sms from her after a few months, asking if she can come back, that she will do everything na iutos namin. No way! So un. Nothing too drastic pero kung hindi lang talaga kailangan ng yaya and if kung pwede lang talaga mag work from home, ndi na ako papasok.

Until now, wala pa din yaya. Sobrang hirap since nasa makulit na stage na c Geoff. Hindi naman pwedeng mom ko ung magasikaso at all times as she also has her own business to run, plus the fact that taking care of the baby is really exhausting. We are also reluctant in hiring from an agency as not only will it cost more, hindi pa namin kilala. We are still in search, but this time, we vowed to filter it real well. We will still be expecting flaws naman, pero at least, it may alleviate kung ano mang negative vibes kung saka sakali.


Pwedeng mag vent out?

When my friend was stil pregnant, I asked her  kung ano ung plans nya with her boyfriend. Sabi nya, hesitant cia. Kase hindi lag ung baby ang aalagaan nya, pati ung asawa nya kung cla ung magkakatuluyan. I can still remember my answer then. Ang sabi ko, hindi naman need na alagaan nya ung asawa nya. Dalawa naman cla na dapat magtutulungan.

Ngayon na ako na ung nasa same situation, I can say na sometimes hindi pala talaga maiiwasan ung thought na mami-miss ko pa din ung time na dalaga pa ako. Ung panahon na single pa ako and ang pinaka problem ko lang is ung sarili ko, ung mga pusa ko, and ung ibibigay ko sa mama ko every payday.

Nakakalungkot lang na ganito ung nararamdaman ko, Maybe, ito na ung tinatawag nilang post partum depression. I know, lagi na lang me kasamang reklamo tong mga posts ko lately. Sorry, ito lang kasi ung outlet ko na hindi magrereklamo pabalik, ung hindi ako babalikan ng pag ve-vent out din. Yung tipong ndi ako magi-guilty na pagod din ung pinagshe-sharean ko ng pagiging pagod ko.

I have been on leave since February 27, and nandito na c baby since March 14. Since I gave birth, I can honestly say na ang pinaka mahabang tulog ko is 4 hours at most. Nung single pa ako, isa sa mga golden rule namin sa apartment ang wag manggising. Sleep is one of our most treasured possessions. Cguro, kami kami lang talaga ung nakakaalam nung rule na yun and hindi na talaga applicable saken un.

Marami akong bagay na nami-miss. Namely:

  • Pwede ako umalis. Anytime, anywhere, up to kung anong oras ko gusto, without telling anybody, and wondering kung ok lang ung gagawin ko.
  • The urge to splurge for myself. Sariling gastos ko para sa sarili ko. Regardless kung me wenta ung bibilihin ko or wala.
  • Sariling payment ng mga utang ko. No need to budget ng matindi. Kasi nga sarili ko lang ang iniintindi ko. Anytime pwede ko sabihan c mama na konti or hindi ako makakapagbigay this sweldo.
  • Wala akong intindihin kahit kanino. As I mentioned, ako, pusa, at sarili ko lang.

Ngayon, I am married and with a child. Wala akong regrets whatsoever. Kelangan ko lang mag vent out kase mabigat na sa loob. Alam ko naman ung problema ko eh, I am trying too hard to do everything. Ung tipong kelangan ako ung gagawa kasi ayaw ko ng may natetengga na gawain. Yung tipo na gusto ko na magpahinga kaso mauunahan ako and wala na ibang maiiwan sa bata. Yung time na antok na antok na ako and nanggigising ako pero hindi magising gising. Yung time na nagreklamo ako na pagod na ako, pero in return nagreklamo din na nakakapagod din sa office kase maraming nagtatanong. Ala naman ako laban dun kasi andito lang ako sa bahay, nde required na mag isip ng bongga. Yung tipong magpapalambing, sabay sasabihan ako na hinahanap lang nya ung lambing ko before, wherein magi-guilty na naman ako kase feeling ko, laking pagkukulang un sa part ko. Hindi din naman nagkukulang sa pagremind saken na magpahinga. Kaso ndi ko din nman kasalanan na ang sistema ng katawan ko, pag nalampasan ng antok, kahit anong aga ng pahinga ko, ndi talaga ako makakatulog. So pag nalagpasan na, good luck na saken, and un ung nde yata talaga malinaw un sa lahat kahit anong explain ko.

By nature, tahimik din ako. I enjoy ung mga instances na nde ako required magsalita. And at the same time, pag nagsalita ako galing sa pagiging tahimik, it does not necessarily mean na galit ako or nagtataray ako. Nakakapagod lang magexplain na nde ako galit, or asar, or inis everytime na magtatanong ako. Madalas din kase ung instance na paulit ulit ung sagot ko kaya me tono na pag inulit ko. Ang hirap din naman kase na dumadaldal ako na hinde pala nakikinig. I admit, kasalanan ko din naman kase alam ko na engrossed sa ginagawa, sige pa din daldal ko.

Another thing, andami kong gustong gawin, kaya lang, dahil wala naman akong pera and time na lumabas ng matagal, hanggang pangarap na lang yata talaga ung pagpaparebond at pagpa footspa ko. Actually, kahit rebond na lang. hayaan na maging parang paa ng magsasaka ung paa ko. Madaming bayarin. I doubt kung kakayanin ng konsensya ko na gumastos. Kakasama lang ng loob kasi nga kahit papano, sweldo ko pa din un.. Hay..

Un lang. masaya lang mag vent out. I don’t have any intent na i-publish to sa FB and wala naman talagang bumabasa ng blog ko regularly, so ok lang. Hopefully, walang mag react. Vent out nga lang eh.

accuracy – 1.3.. whaaat??!!!!!

grabe, another post from yours truly.. haha.. last night (i think), i posted how excited i was to go to puerto galera. sobrang saya, elated talaga ang rurok ng emosyon ko kagabi, only to find out that everything will fall flat on my face. all employees are graded according to the metrics set by the company. as a senior qa specialist, i am tasked to uphold accuracy on all reports, and in everything that i do. reports, evaluations, huddles, orientation, information for the agents, everything. i’m not saying that i am perfect. i do have lapses. most of the times, i do and i would be very honest about it. we do have this KPI roll out every quarter and this is usually where we keep our hopes up that our grade will really reach an OUTSTANDING mark. for the first quarter of this year, however, i received a very shocking revelation. my accuracy score is 1.3 out of 5. this is the worst grade that i have received for accuracy. partly, i know that i did not do very well for january. i broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years plus my immediate superior was being a very big asshole. i keep thinking na tinira ako nito through my KPI. grabe talaga kanina, di ako maka-move on. 3 months worth of samples tapos un lang ang grade. whatever happened dun sa specialist na puro overturned scores bago na-confirm? hindi ba at naka 2 pa yata na grade un? ala na ba akong ginawang tama nung quarter na un? whatever happened sa december and february. whatever happened sa average ng unit ko???? shit. puro question mark ang utak ko ngayon. i am actually back to my old self. pinapansin ko na boss ko. i’m more than happy to accept responsibilities. pero ung balikan ako na parang wala akong ginawa na mabuti, ehem. ibang usapan na yan. bull shit talaga. sarap magwala, ipamukha na madami ring nagka- MOE pero bakit 5 pa din ung grade nila?! sarap magwala. naipasa na sa HR ung mga grades. di ko alam kung may habol pa ako dun or what. one thing is for sure. i would get less than what a regular specialist is earning. plus the fact na may discussion sa tuesday. until then, un na ung magiging deciding factor kung magpu-puerto galera pa ako.

inggitera kasi

We ate dinner at Leonardo’s last Friday. We enjoyed the food tremendously and we sang like pros (haha!). After that, we all went home and they had drinks. me being an inggitera and all, i drank at least 4 shots of Generoso brandy.

The taste was awful and i started feeling hot (literally hot all over!). Turned out I really am allergic to alcoholic drinks. The rashes appeared in the morning and up until now, I still have the rashes.

That’s it! No more alcohol for me! I learned my lesson the hard way.

tsk tsk

i have no idea with what’s happening to me..

i was feeling sentimental today. i kept on playing “when god made you”. this song was somehow a big part of the past. yet, i kept on going back. i hate the feeling but i can’t help it. i’m supposed to post the pictures of my babies, yet, i kept on putting it off.

one thing that i noticed was i want to be bitter, and angry, and hateful, yet i can’t. must be a side effect of my being numb before. honestly, i still care but the normal things that a person from a breakup should be feeling is just not there. i kept on wishing that i could cry about it. but it’s just not there.

so here i am, repeating the should-have-been-our-wedding-songs and trying to reminisce. maybe it’s just the seasons of hearts. i just have to bear with myself longer..