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These past few months are quite hectic because we are currently undergoing a major life changing action. We are moving back to my mom’s house.

I can’t say that I am ecstatic. This move is somewhat strategic, as I keep telling myself to feint the sadness that comes with it. A temporary but inevitable setback.

The first thing that I would miss is my privacy. Ever since I stepped out of my first ever job training, I have been living on my own. I love my personal space because this is something that we don’t have back home. I love making decisions on my own, for myself, for Geoff, for the household. Now that we are to move back, even though it is my mom I am speaking of, it is still her house, so not everything I say will be the final say.

Second, I had to be the one to dispose of all our stuff, save for the personal things, since there is no space in my mom’s home. Everything that we worked saved up for for the last 2 years will have to be sold or donated. In all honesty, this is the most difficult thing for me. It has never been in my nature to sell things, much less my own because of the history and the memories I have with it, so parting with our stuff alone has been really hard. You just can’t put a price tag on things that you invested not just money or material stuff alone.

Third, the memories will always be a part of me, of us, but there are just too much firsts in our house. It was where I spent my last trimester of pregnancy; it was where Geoff spent his first 2 years. All those milestones and development, all the bibo acts, the videos we shot.


This was when we still had our old TV, Pana.


It was still uncluttered then. I think Geoff was only a few months old when we took this.


Geoff’s first christmas! It’s hard to believe that we only set up the tree last year 🙁


My kitchen. I didn’t have an oven then, but I cooked numerous dishes here.


The rest of the living room. If you are someone who manages the household, I am sure that you know what is crammed to which corner.


Choi, the dining table and our bathroom. Sigh.


Of course, our bedroom. We have long sold the crib, but the bed is still with us and is currently for sale. Double sigh.

We will only  be staying in the apartment until January, and I will be continuously selling our stuff until then.

Triple sigh.

Week 32 – Sweet Smile

It took this long before I can post an update. I have been having sharing issues with Geoff over the phone. Just the same, he made it a habit to delete photos and videos to annoy me.

Anyway, it makes me more motivated to improve on my baking skills as Geoff is my number 1 suki (next to Jeff, I think!).


Cutie with his cupcake 🙂


Last month, it was a bruise on Geoff’s face that was caused by roughhousing with Tofu. The other day, it was a wound near his eye because he was busy exploring in the grocery store and was not looking at where he was going. Today, it was another wound below his lip dahil nasobrahan sa pag dance to his hi5 show.

I find it unnerving to see these ouches that we call, mostly because I failed to prevent it. On the other hand, I also find it a bit educational for Geoff because without these minor mishaps, he would not learn how to be careful. Yes, I feel guilty for not being able to prevent it, but at the same time, I am grateful that it is nothing too serious.


Selfie taken by Geoff. No assistance here from meemee!

Of course, judging eyes are also inevitable, especially when they say something like “pinababayaan ang bata”. I just let it pass. I don’t have time to deal with such.

I think these incidents are all part of growing up. All children go through this phase in order to learn. So, in Geoff’s case, he’ll fall, he’ll cry, once he manages his pain, he will come to me and I’ll remind him to be careful. Let’s face it, 2 year olds will always look at everything as play, and sometimes with baby boys, most of them enjoy playing rough. No need to put the blame on anything or anybody. An assurance that his ouchies will go away soon is all that he needs (and first aid too, in case of scratches and wounds!).


Almost all parenting blogs and articles that I have read are not into shouting. They have cited the negative impact on the children who experiences this. Earlier on in my adventures with being a mom, I tried my best to practice positive reinforcements and phrasing in order to give Geoff the best experience growing up.

You see, I grew up in a traditional environment. Naranasan ko yung mapalo, masigawan, mapagalitan, kapag sumobra kami ng kapatid ko. Name it, I think I may have experienced it, thus I really wanted to give progressive parenting a try, knowing that the environment today is way too different that before. After all, I grew up well grounded naman, so I want to see the difference myself.

Unfortunately, as much as I want to eliminate shouting in the house, this may be an area that I can’t seem to uphold in our household. Geoff is currently in his “terrible two” phase. He would climb, run, jump, hit, and even hurt himself in the process and most of the times, my initial reaction is to yell, sometimes curse, and even spank his little hands kapag sumosobra.

Naughty and playful. Such a handful.

Naughty and playful. Such a handful.

Am I proud of it? Of course not. I hate myself whenever I do so, knowing that I have the option not to yell or shout, or worse, hit. I sense a lot of will within Geoff, that whenever I try to ask him nicely, firmly, even explain to make him understand that he is also testing my authority at such an early age.

Did the type of discipline I opted for work? Maybe. At this point, in all honestly, I cannot tell. Mas madaling kausapin and pasunurin sa instructions si Geoff if he hears a threat than an explanation outright whenever he is in his naughty mood. I find him very agreeable when he is in the mood, thus, the explanation part works better during this phase.

Bottom line, anybody and everybody can choose to follow a particular parenting style, just always remember to tailor fit it to your child. After all, you as a mother would know your child best. Whatever it is that will or will not work.


Random Musings on a Friday

We have this Facebook type of platform in the office wherein employees can voice out suggestions to make our workplace a great place to work in. In my almost 10 years (I feel so old) of working as a QA Specialist, the behavior I observe regardless if the agent is from coming from a customer service, technical support, or service desk perspective is the same; no matter how clear the rules are, someone is bound to break it and everybody else will follow with all sorts of non sense posts and replies.

Whatever it is that I am putting on my face might be working. At present, I am using Neutrogena facial wash, Belo toner, and Celeteque face lifting serum I got from Sample Room, and Celeteque sun moisturizer. I have less breakouts and I noticed that my face is fairer. I have come to realize that it is not too late to start taking care of my skin, even if it’s not as complete as I would have wanted.

I am now able to drive Leni. I still find it difficult to turn, reverse and park, but most of the people I have asked told me that thoae were the most difficult as well. I guess I just have to practice more. Oh, and I was able to bring one of Leni’s tires to the vulcanizing shop and change the flat tire on my own.

I realized that the last season for Game of Thrones was still based on the third book, which is A Storm of Swords. Maybe it’s just me but I really thought it was already on the fourth.

I will never tire of thanking the Lord for gifting us such a sweet, bright, and lovable baby boy. I am always showered with kisses (and ouches) despite of being naughty and playful by nature.

Tofu’s cage is almost at it’s last dying day. Tofu now knows how powerful his jaws are and how easy it is to bend the wires surrounding the cage. A bigger cage is expensive and I just don’t have the funds to purchase one. I don’t think tying himnoutside will help since he is now on his third leash/harness. He managed to bite and escape with the first 2.

I have been researching about Malaysia for weeks now. I am counting the days until the much awaited vacation. I am excited as much as heart broken.

Been having problems with my phone lately. Hopefully changing the power/data cable will resolve it for good. I cannot be without my phone. Babe and our families has to be in contact with us.

I have very little patience with body scrubs in spa because 1) I find 1 hour too long to my liking and 2) I don’t like the idea of being helpless because I am covered in body salt for x period of time. I’d rather buy my own body salt (which I did) and go DIY. My skin now feels so soft and smooth. I used the A Bonne brand. The one that smells of milk. Yum!

It is a long weekend in the Philippines. We have nowhere to go and not enough funds to go anywhere anyway. Tambay mode it is with this little cutie!


Typhoon Glenda: Things to be Thankful for

This is the first casualty that I know of in our village. There probably might be more except I am too scared to go outside. (Edit: there were indeed more but I did not take any pictures anymore)


I think we were prepared just because the timing was right. Had it been that this typhoon came during the last week before payday, I don’t think I can stock up on much needed supplies. I thank Papa Jesus for that.

Another thing that I am thankful for is that I am lucky enough to have the capability to work from home, though even that can be compromised once electricity goes out. Still, I wish my other officemates safety during commute and I pray for their peace of mind while at work.

I am thankful that my mom’s house is not anywhere near the sea surrounding the Las Pinas area. I just hope my brother will have the wits to stay at home and think of out peace of minds too!

I pray that even if Babe is not with is physically, we hope that he is safe. The distance between us multiplies worry a hundred and sometimes a thousandfolds.

And most of all, I am thankful for Meralco for restoring our electricity just before the day ended.

How Consultations Are Today (At Least in my Book)

Yesterday, I brought Tofu to the vet because it has been a few days that he is not his usual self. He doesn’t eat, play, in short, matamlay. When we got there, all the vet did was to ask several questions, pinch his nose and tell me that Tofu has a cold. The diagnosis was concluded after about 5 minutes. And it costed me Php300.

When Geoff had a fever before, we had him checked during the third day, This was normal given that we had to wait it out a bit to rule out other possible symptoms. When it was our turn in the hospital, almost the same thing happened. We were asked several questions, got Geoff’s temperature checked, and was told that it was something viral. Again, our waiting time was more that the actual check up. Had it been that we were without a health card, it would have cost an easy Php500.

I mean, if someone in our household is sick, bringing them to the doctor is not an issue at all. However, with these examples I have presented, I sometimes wish that doctors nowadays would be more caring and compassionate about their patients. I can’t help but think that some of them are only after your money.

However, not all doctors that I know are like the example stated above. In fact, My OB, Dr. Cecil Nogoy ,and Geoff’s first pedia, Dr. Paz Ong, are the doctors that stood out the most among all the doctors we have seen before. Too bad we live so far away from where they hold their practice. They have the patience to listen and to educate about the things that even we don’t remember asking. They know how to build rapport. They don’t just ask questions, come up with possible diagnosis, and write prescriptions. They also provide explanation as to what could be the cause, other possibilities, cheaper options for medications, and of course, what was to be expected.

So yeah, now I am wishing that all doctors are like them.

P.S. Tofu is more like his old self. I did not get to buy the medicine prescribed for him as I don’t have the means at the moment. I had him drink water mixed with Mondex and his multivitamins. For some reason, he won’t eat anything except for our leftover beef strips.