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A melancholic afternoon

These past few days, I have been thinking more and more of my old life. I am not sure what triggered it, but I kept on reminiscing the old days. Sure, it makes me lonely and homesick, I guess me being here on a foreign place gives me an entitlement to be this way.

Babe gifted me with my very first vape. I think this made me remember the days when my friends, Rney and Jaimie would spend the whole day smoking, talking and looking at nothing. We would talk about our “younger years” and would dream of having something solid for our group, a house maybe. We would often find ourselves reliving the things that made us laugh at almost everything funny during college, even our bloopers when we go out. We would discuss our favorite shows and recent purchases and even current events. How I miss my friends.

I thought about my old routine. Wake up, prepare for work, commute, go to work. Work, talk to friends, spend some time window shopping during lunch or merely sit at a coffee house and ponder on things from nothing to something relevant. Bug someone for their time so you would not go alone or sometimes for a stick of cigarette. I miss listening to my office friends ramble about life, their concerns, and evrything else. Even if it is just a simple joke that would range from corny to really funny.

I thought about how it was when we were renting our own place. Geoff had his nanny which made it possible for us to go to the grocery without telling off a child not to go too far or not to touch anything for fear that something will break. We were able to go for massages and movie dates.

Lastly, I thought about being able to whisk my wallet, go to a spa, pay for a manicure, a pedicure, a sugar session, a foot spa or anything for “me” at my own expense, without being guilty about spending someone else’s hard earned money. Being able to buy something cute but of no importance, a beauty item, any item at all.

Don’t get me wrong. I like being a housewife now, but there are times that I still miss a lot of things, having worked for the past 10 years of my life. I just thought I was able to adjust quite nicely in our new setup. Maybe this is part of the process, just like the withdrawal period of a junkie. You can’t just take out certain traits, feelings, and thoughts of the past. Given more time perhaps, but not as fast as I wanted.

Happy birthday Babe!

Was spent all day at home. Lounging by the bed, feeling lazy all day. We had lamb steak for lunch and finally had the will to go out for a few hours.

We went to the 1Utama mall and decided to just look around. Knowing Babe, I knew that he wanted to buy something but is too shy to say. Either way, we went home with a game controller, an earphone for me and a floor puzzle for Geoff.




I am so sorry that I have nothing material to give for your birthday, except urge you to buy something nice for yourself. Just remember that I will always be here to back you up and support you all the way. Always stay positive and generous to us (lol!). I love you, we love you. Madaming madami. Happy happy birthday Babe!

Summer Promo: #LetsPalawan

We all know that regardless of the season, Palawan will always be one of the most go-after vacation spots in the Philippines. Personally, I have been in Puerto Princesa twice and once in El Nido, and if asked if I want to go back and explore some more, it would be a very big YES! Some of my posts can be read here, here, and here.

Recently, someone from Lets Palawan got in touch with me and several other people to promote more of the beautiful places in Palawan. I chose my top 3 destinations and may I tell you that choosing just 3 is so difficult?



Anyway, as part of the Lets Palawan team’s promotion, they are offering $30 off on any of the packages that you wish to avail! Sounds great if you ask me. All you have to do is to click this link and use cKmmC023 for the coupon code. Easy peasy. 

Go, travel, and enjoy Palawan!

Geoff’s Adventure in Snow World

Babe was able to get a leave from work today, thus we scheduled a trip to Genting Highland to visit Snow World.

We already visited Genting Highland last year but did not really entertained the thought of availing tickets to any attractions. We were there to see the sights, and basically just to be there.

With Geoff in tow this time, I wanted to be prepared and did some research. In the process of doing so, we stumbled upon Resorts World’s ticketing tool and discovered that the Snow World ticket was actually on sale. Since Geoff is already past the “free entrance” phase, discounted ticket rates were a welcome treat!


Discounted rates if you book through their website!

In order to get to Snow World, you have to get to Genting Highland first. Getting to GH from the Petaling Jaya area is very easy; we just boarded a bus from 1Utama Mall, located in the new wing. Rates are as follows:


This was taken last year but the rates were the same when we boarded the bus today.


The bus.

We originally purchased 2 tickets for a one way trip to GH. This includes the bus fare and the Skyway. When we got to the entrance to the cable cars (Skyway), we were told that we have to pay for Geoff. That was an additional RM6.40.


Bus ticket was free for Geoff, but not the Skyway fare.


The cable car


Mandatory shot at the model car


The ecstatic little boy during the cable car ride.

When you alight the cable car, it is a bit of a walk going to the location itself. Be aware of the signs and don’t forget to ask for directions. You will have to pass through the lobby of the Maxim’s and RW hotel and a few escalator rides. Snow world is located at the second level, 2A to be exact.


No pictures allowed inside.

It was -5 degrees inside, thus, it is highly discouraged to bring in cameras or gadgets. It might be damaged by the cold.


Dos and Don’ts


Current temperature is flashed outside. It was -5 when we went in!


Operating hours


Regular rates.


Picture taken from outside


Some of the displays

Jacket, gloves, and boots were provided as part of the the entrance to the attraction. If you are the type who gets cold easily, I suggest you bring an extra coat, or and earmuff or a scarf to protect your ears and neck (some of the coats provided has no zipper nor velcro to close it).

As there is only a limited space to the attraction, what you are really paying for is the experience of extreme cold. There is no actual snow that you can form into a ball (as what Geoff really wanted) but there is Cresta Run and a few sleds that people can use in order to get the winter feel.

Photographers also roam inside Snow World, however, since I have read that the rates for the shots are more expensive than the actual entrance rate, we decided to skip it.

We picked the 3:30 PM – 4:10 PM schedule, so after that, it was mostly a waiting game as the buses going back to 1Utama mall was not due until 8:30 PM. Aside from Snow World, there is also an indoor theme park for kids. I was not able to get the rates, but you can visit the RW website for the rides and rates. Since we were just killing time, we bought 4 pay per ride ticktes, 2 for Geoff and 1 for Babe and I to accompany him. It costs RM8.50 each.

After we were done with the rides, we went back and spent a few minutes in the arcade. The arcade uses the swipe card, much like Timezone and the minimum you can buy is RM20. We just let Geoff roam the arcade and went outside to enjoy the cool afternoon fog. Geoff also enjoyed hamming it in front of the camera.



BeFunky Collage

He asked his Deedee to take his picture. The act earned him a chocolate bar because the lady beside us was amused at his antics 🙂


With deedee

And after all the excitement, Geoff was able to see the sunset and said bye bye to the things he saw today. 🙂


Geoff’s firsts today: cable car ride, snow world, fog, forest, and sunset.


Hello from Malaysia, truly Asia!

It’s been more than a week since we arrived, and there is a lot of changes to digest. I am adapted fast, knowing what to expect, however, it took some time for Geoff to do so, from his appetite, to the time (we are still adjusting though there is no time difference with Manila), to his routine, basically with everything.

One of the good things that I can report is that the place we are living in, Palm Spring seems to have everything Geoff wanted. There is a very nice playground, lots of space to run around, and lots (yes, lots!) of swimming pools.




Also, we have met a couple of Filipinas who are residing in different buildings. They are nice and funny, as well as accomodating. So far, we see each other during Geoff’s afternoons in the playground.

As far as the budget is concerned, we can manage. I do miss having my own source of income, having worked for 10 years. Hopefully this will be resolved once everything else that we planned for works out. Crossing everything that can be crossed. Haha!

Anyway, I am hoping I can update more frequently when I get a laptop. For now, everything is at a steady pace, more plans will be ironed out when we move to a bigger room. Ciao!

Funny Conversations with Geoff

I remember being worried when Geoff was a little over 2 years old. He would only speak gibberish and we would have the hardest time trying to understand what he wanted.

Nowadays is a different story. He is super talkative and would tell me the most outrageous things.


Scene 1: Today is daddy’s flight. Geoff just woke up.
Meemee: this is it pancit!
Geoff: no, away (ayaw) pancit
Meemee: eh ano dapat?
Geoff: sleep. Sleep lang

Scene 2: Geoff was asked to eat breakfast, but he was busy watching youtube on the bed
Meemee: what do you want for breakfast?
Geoff: no
Meemee: hindi ka na mag eat?
Geoff: no, dito lang bed. Sleep, video, tidido (let it go)

Scene 3: Mama was closing the store when Geoff wanted candies
Mama: no, it’s late. You should sleep.
Geoff: no! Why?!

Scene 4: Geoff just took a bath and does not want to get dressed.
Meemee: GEOFF!! Bihis na. Nagagalit na ako.
Geoff: then leave. (line from frozen)

My Last Few Days

And so, 2 companies and 10 years of working in Eastwood City, I finally resigned. I am torn between sadness and relief because I already considered it my second home. It was a place where I had a lot of firsts, and there are times that I feel nostalgic until now.

Last February 12, I had my last day from where I work. It was sure sad and even thoygh it was only more than 3 years of working with them, I never really felt like an outsider.





Until we see each other again!

Christmas 2014

Today is the 23rd of December. Looking back, this Christmas is way way different than the ones I have celebrated before. It’s not as fun, nor as cheerful as the last ones, but the gloomy feel is just a phase which is necessary to undergo in order to move forward. Magulo? Let me enumerate the reasons for the gloom:

  1. The first Christmas that Babe and I are apart.
  2. The tree was no longer put up due to space issues in temporary new home.
  3. I am not 100% focused. There are a lot of things running through my mind.
  4. I am in panic mode. A lot of our stuff needs to be sold before the new year.

On a positive note, my mom is enjoying Geoff’s company, them being 24/7 together. December also denotes the end of 2014, and a start of a new year. If 2012’s description was “Gratitude”, I think the more apt description for 2013 is “Overcoming Challenges”. I will be writing a separate post for it, but right now, let me go ahead and wish everyone a merry christmas!


These past few months are quite hectic because we are currently undergoing a major life changing action. We are moving back to my mom’s house.

I can’t say that I am ecstatic. This move is somewhat strategic, as I keep telling myself to feint the sadness that comes with it. A temporary but inevitable setback.

The first thing that I would miss is my privacy. Ever since I stepped out of my first ever job training, I have been living on my own. I love my personal space because this is something that we don’t have back home. I love making decisions on my own, for myself, for Geoff, for the household. Now that we are to move back, even though it is my mom I am speaking of, it is still her house, so not everything I say will be the final say.

Second, I had to be the one to dispose of all our stuff, save for the personal things, since there is no space in my mom’s home. Everything that we worked saved up for for the last 2 years will have to be sold or donated. In all honesty, this is the most difficult thing for me. It has never been in my nature to sell things, much less my own because of the history and the memories I have with it, so parting with our stuff alone has been really hard. You just can’t put a price tag on things that you invested not just money or material stuff alone.

Third, the memories will always be a part of me, of us, but there are just too much firsts in our house. It was where I spent my last trimester of pregnancy; it was where Geoff spent his first 2 years. All those milestones and development, all the bibo acts, the videos we shot.


This was when we still had our old TV, Pana.


It was still uncluttered then. I think Geoff was only a few months old when we took this.


Geoff’s first christmas! It’s hard to believe that we only set up the tree last year 🙁


My kitchen. I didn’t have an oven then, but I cooked numerous dishes here.


The rest of the living room. If you are someone who manages the household, I am sure that you know what is crammed to which corner.


Choi, the dining table and our bathroom. Sigh.


Of course, our bedroom. We have long sold the crib, but the bed is still with us and is currently for sale. Double sigh.

We will only  be staying in the apartment until January, and I will be continuously selling our stuff until then.

Triple sigh.