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The Babypalooza Bazaar

Last year was the first time I went to this bazaar. Geoff was only a few months old then. This year, they will be holding the same bazaar on the 17th of August at the same location. This year will be a bit of a challenge since we don’t have Leni (our car) with us, and we will be commuting all the way from Cainta.

Here are some of the reasons why we will be going again:

  • I wanted to meet with the people behind MSP’s Play and Learn Center to inquire further about the prize I won from Queen Bebeng’s site.
Photo courtesy of their FB page:

Photo courtesy of their FB page:

  • We scored a very good deal with some of Geoff’s favorite toys from a vendor who was selling some pre-loved items for only P200.
Tools toy and thomas the train

Tools toy and thomas the train

  • We were also able to score a pumpkin costume for the Halloween for only Php300. I was just unable to get pictures of it, pero he really looked cute!

We initially had challenges looking for the Walter Hogan Center because the trike drivers we asked did not know how, but all in all, we were really pleased with our purchases and are glad that there are bazaars like this. We only stayed a bit, since we just passed by and it was already late in the afternoon. Hopefully we can get there earlier this time to see what we can score for the little man. 🙂


See You Soon, Palawan!

A few years back, my friends and I visited the wonderful province of Palawan. Due to time constraints, we were only able to visit a few must sees in Puerto Princesa and El Nido. We had so much fun then and everything that we did were DIY. There were only 3 of us on that travel, and it was pure luck that Bambi, was a self confessed traveller, and she made all the necessary arrangements and itinerary. All Rney and I did were to go with the flow and pay for whatever is needed. I think I was able to spend around 6K the entire trip, only because I splurged on pasalubongs and food everytime we dine out.

This year, Babe and I will celebrate our second wedding anniversary and semi financial freedom, in Palawan. Babe wanted to see the underground river, and I am more than happy to oblige. This will be the first time that we will leave Geoff for a few days, we are quite sure that he will be in good hands.


From one of the islands during the Honda Bay Tour


Entrance to the Underground River


The sign right before you get to the actual entrance 😀

I am done arranging our IT and our lodging. I will be depositing the down payment for the tours by end of month. Surely, I will post about our adventure after. I can hardly wait!

Good News Before The Week Ends

Hi. If you are my friend on Facebook, I am sure you would notice that I like love joining contests! Truth be told, minsan, nakakahiya na din sa mga nasa-spam sa mga required posts and tweets ng mga contest na sinasalihan ko, to the point that I skip those steps. As a general rule, I set it upon myself to only join contests from the blogs that I religiously regularly follow and only if I really like the prize at stake.

This month, I read from one of those blogs about the AXA Failproof Your Child’s Education campaign. I liked the idea of saving, no, investing for the future. I liked it so much, that this will be our first project once we are done paying with one of the heavy hitters on our budget, our car. (Note to self: research further on mutual funds and insurance, and anything related to it)

So anyway, the said campaign is holding an ongoing contest wherein I joined. As much as I was not expecting that much, given that there were a lot of participants, this was what came in my email the other day;



My name was drawn! Yay! I feel so happy! Though it was not the Gymboree membership that I wanted, it is still an educational tour, plus a very good excuse to bring Geoff to MOA (Babe, are you reading this? Heehee!).

I immediately looked up Nido’s Discovery Science Center website so that I know what to expect when we get there:

Now showing on the planetarium

Screenshot from the Nido website: Now showing on the planetarium

Aside from the planetarium, they have several galleries such as:

  • Nature Works
  • All About You
  • Transportation Nation
  • Be Connected
  • Earth and Space
  • Marine Adventure
  • Go Green

Geoff is only 16 months old, but I’m pretty sure he will enjoy this experience. Thank you AXA for holding the contest!

You may visit their page for more information:

Nido Science Discovery Center:


Happy Weekend!

Lately, I have taken it as a personal goal to take pictures of the baby balbon on a daily basis. You see, things have been a lot easier since I got my new phone (courtesy of a plan upgrade I did with Sun Cellular). The phone (the review I’ll post separately), has all the features I was looking for, particularly the camera function and the mobile internet. Here are some of the photos of the balbon in action:


bewildered baby 🙂




wanting to wear shoes


with tito ninong negs


spaghetti face – i loved that he was able to finish his food by himself 🙂

Beep Beep, Broom Broom

The much awaited driving lesson finally pushed through last Sunday night. I chose the time setting because 1.) Geoff would be asleep by then 2.) There are very few cars in our strip of practice area. First thing I asked Babe: Mag-aaway ba tayo after ng lessons naten? Sagot nya: Hindi naman siguro. Sabay smile  🙂

Babe mentioned that we will do the atras-abante lessons, and as he was backing the car out from the garage, I can’t take the smile off my face (sings “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it! heehee!).

First lesson: Make sure everything is in place; side mirrors, seat is well adjusted,

Second: Be safe. Check the emergency break, and that the shift is in neutral. Start the engine and tapakan ang clutch (left) and brakes (center) at the same time.

Third: Shift feet from brakes to gas (right) very lightly while very slowly releasing the feet from the clutch.

Babe: Make sure dahan dahan ang apak sa gas, and the meter should not leave 1 1/2 gauge

Me: Ok (nakapako na ung mata sa meter gauge).

Babe: Then dahan dahan lang dapat yung release ng clutch para hindi ka mamatayan ng makina.

Me: Ok (dahan dahan na umapak sa gas, but released the clutch too soon) Sorry Babe!

Babe: Ok lang yan, basta dapat light lang.

Me: Ok (try again, mga 5 times, same pa din, kumakadyot pa din ung makina) Arrgh! One last Babe!

Babe: Ok (Napa-smile na lang, pero pawis na!)

Me: Trying my best, naka tutok pa din sa gauge, biglang napa-apak ng bongga sa gas! Shoot!

Babe: Babe! Buti na lang naka emergency brake pa tayo! Ambilis ng harurot nun!

Me: I know! Sorry! Sorry! Promise, one last na lang!

Me: Tried again, this time, umabante ng mga 5 inches, hindi namatay ang makina, pero nabigla na naman sa brakes. Screech!

Me: Ok na ako. Next time na lang ulit Babe (hehe!)

Babe: Giving me additional pointers, blah blah (nakalimutan ko na kasi), sabay sabi; Galing galing naman!

Me: Haha! Ang hirap pala mag drive!

Meet Leni :) Soon, matuto din akong magdrive (Bwahahaha!)

Meet Leni 🙂 Soon, matuto din akong magdrive (Bwahahaha!)

Productive Weekend

I think it was 2 weeks ago, or maybe a week ago when I was announced as one of the winners from the The Soshal Network‘s anniversary giveaway. I got an email stating that I was to pick up my prize in St. Nails spa in Makati last July 6. It was a Saturday, and I called St. Nails the day before for the “how to get there” portion (The most complicated city that I have ever been to is Makati. Go figure).

Babe went with me as we have plans of watching a movie after. The location was really easy to find and we arrived at around 1 PM. The schedule was supposed to be 1:30 PM, so tambay muna kami sa katabing San Miguel Convenient Store. When I decided to check if there is anyone in the spa, I was surprised na meron nang naka set up na tarp for TSN and the lady who welcomed me was none other than Ms. Provinciated. Ms. Domesticated and Ms. Sophisticated welcomed me as well and presented me with my prize. They were all nice, with great smiles, and they knew my face.

This is the first time that I met people for the first time, and matched my name with my face (considering that there were other winners as well). Yung tipong hindi lang nagpopost for the sake of posting at nagpapa-giveaway for the sake of having a bigger fan base. Honestly, I am what you would call a lurker, I rarely comment, and abang lang ang peg sa update. SO, big deal sa akin yung nag effort si Ms. D na icheck ang pictures namin 🙂


With the TSN girls, P, D, and S! Gulat si Babe, nasali pa cia sa photo-op! Photo courtesy of the TSN site

BTW, here are the contents of the prize loot that I got:


The Soshal Prizes 🙂

Originally, I was just expecting the Shu Eumura foundation, gloss, and GC from Slimmers World. Imagine my surprise nung meron pang additional na surprise (daming word na surprise, haha!) In summary, ito na talaga yung laman:

  1. TSN notepad
  2. Shu Uemura Mousse Foundation
  3. Shu Eumura Lip Gloss
  4. Hierbas de Mallorca
  5. Mir and Ryvi Tomato Soap
  6. Mir and Ryvi Papaya Soap
  7. Nature Facial Wash
  8. Starbucks GC worth 100
  9. Slimmers World GC worth 1,500

Pleasant surprise no? Even so, I am glad that I got the opportunity to meet them, and to be honest, mas grabe yung tuwa ko when my name was drawn. Minsan lang kasi ako manalo.

Heniwey, happy anniversary TSN! I am looking forward to reading more blogs in the future. 🙂

P.S. Here is their post about the winners. Cover picture talaga kame. Haha!

Geoff’s Milestones at 16 Months

According to the book What to Expect – The Toddler Years, the 16th month starts when the baby set foot on the last day of his 15th month. Or something like that. Basta ang sure ako, based sa book, 16 months na daw si Geoff, rather than 15 months. Hooray! Being the happy baby boy that he is, we are still worried because we feel that his developmental milestones are enough. Truth be told, kung susundin namin yung mga nababasa namin from books, or ire-relate namin si Geoff from other babies of his age, he does not seem to be developing fast enough. BUT, like all books, and moms alike, I know that babies are individuals too, and that we have to put faith and patience in teaching him new things, as well as letting him discover things on his own. Having said that, here are Geoff’s milestones (for us ha!) as I type.

  • Geoff can walk, and sort of run wherever and whenever he wants to.
  • He can say “teh” for Ate, “papa” when he is in the mood, “mama” when he is throwing a tantrum, feel sick, is crying, or trying to cry his way to getting what he wants (*slaps forehead)
  • An expert climber; climbs the stairs, center table, anything that he can climb, just for the heck of it.
  • Ability to follow instructions. He understands if we say “Put some oil, so that you can take a bath”, “mamam water”, eat (he does this cute gesture with his mouth), “ge-get something” and so on.
  • Geoff is not shy to show how independent he is when walking outside the house, but would love to hold hands when I ask him to.
  • Clearly defies our request to stay put, and do things in the opposite manner,
  • Loves playing tricks.
  • Can distinguish characters such as Minion, Thomas the Train, Angelina Ballerina, Mickey Mouse, Elmo, and Winnie the Pooh
  • He enjoys eating solids, especially when he is sitting in my lap, and the food is one grab away (I think he enjoys the fact that I react when he suddenly grabs the food from my plate!)

.I think, there’s a lot more that I was unable to add to the list. Ang hirap mag explain in English eh (haha!). Geoff is more madaldal na din nowadays, and inquisitive. His habit of putting everything in his mouth has lessened, though he still favors electrical plugs  whenever he gets the chance. He also enjoys looking at his book, though he does not show interest with the actual stories, rather, he enjoys turning the pages (Eep!). He also enjoys looking at the closet for the pen marks we made for his height.

At this rate, Babe and I are trying our best to capture Geoff’s milestones. We could probably use it for blackmailing purposes, or for his entertainment, or maybe he would want to share it with a special someone. Whatever that purpose is, at least, the significant memories are recorded. Hopefully, I will get to share some of his videos and pictures more on this site.

Zark’s Epic Burgers

Finally, natuloy din ang burger date namin ni Babe. We went to the newly opened Zarks burgers in Katipunan right after the movie date. We left SM at around 7PM and lo and behold, malakas ang ulan! We did not bring any umbrellas with us, thinking that the day started out fine. Too bad we thought wrong as it was not your typical rain. Literal na malakas ang ulan. The kind that will overwhelm most floodway system kasi Katipunan was flooded that night. Tricycles would not even attempt to ride out that time kasi nga ang lakas ng ulan. We opted to buy ourselves umbrellas instead on the sidestores and braved our way to Zarks.

The walk was enjoyable, despite the heavy down pour. We were just concerned if there were open potholes because aside from limited visibility, there was hardly any lights as well (save for those coming from the traffic). Soaked and quite hungry from the walk, we arrived at Zarks and waited for our turn. We got ourselves listed and somehow noticed that we were the only customers soaked in the waiting area. Fun no?

Then we were called inside and placed our orders. Babe got the Jawbreaker while I ordered the Bacon Wrapped Burger, priced at P250 and P240 accordingly. Our orders came with iced tea and fries. If an upgrade to bottomless iced tea is needed, you just have to pay P20 each. Pwede na!


The Jawbreaker – triple burger patty with spam and bacon with veggies, of course, fries and iced tea. All for 250 petot


Bacon-wrapped burger, single patty with tomato and lettuce, with almost half a kilo of bacon (I think!) with fries and iced tea – 240 petot

We were so bloated right after that we considered walking back to the corner of Katipunan. We were able to flag down a tricycle eventually and were so sleepy during the jeepney ride. Just like our first taste of their burgers, we were truly satisfied, but agreed that would try it out maybe next year. Hindi healthy kung dadalasan considering that their burger is truly epic.

Zark’s Burger Taft is located at 2nd floor Archer’s nook bldg,Taft ( front of La Salle taft. top of Yellow Cab) AND President’s Ave, BF homes Paranaque (in front of Shawarma Snack Center)

Zark’s Burger Katipunan is in front of Ateneo, between Pizza Hut and Sizzling Pepper Steak. How to commute from Cainta: ride a jeepney bound to Cubao, get off at Katipunan corner, underneath the over pass. Ride a tricycle from the terminal a few steps from where you got off. Fare is P20, I think. You can also cross the street and proceed to Ministop. There is another terminal there and ask the tricycle that you will be getting off at Pizza Hut.

Transform Yourself With Schick

If you had the powers of MAN OF STEEL for one (1) week, how would you use it?

Considering that this is Superman we are talking of, I can only think of a few things. Some out of the  most selfish reasons only because I am a mom. However, if I am to steal a line from Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility”, thus, here are my thoughts on how I would use the Man of Steel’s power if I had it for a week:

  1. Use my flying powers to travel everywhere I want. This way, I’d get to experience other country’s culture and taste any food in my liking, especially those featured in Adam Richman’s Man vs. Food.
  2. Use my superhuman strength to scale mountains in the Philippines and eventually those abroad (IMHO, this might not be fun as it seems kasi effortless na if ever).
  3. Using my heat vision, I would carve my son’s face on the surface of the earth using my heat vision. It’s going to be so large that google maps would see it, with a quote, “Geoff was here” (tipong Mount Rushmore lang ang peg).
  4. Speed in order to get things done, like errands and houseworks that takes too much time. More quality time with my boys.
  5. Super hearing abilities, to really know who are true to me and those who aren’t (haha!)

Those are just some of what I can think of. On a more serious note, I have also asked some people as to what they think about the question. One unselfish answer caught my attention, and I think, it is worthy to be copied (with his permission, of course). He said, “ Ako wala ako gagawin. dahil magiging imbalanced ang mundo kung meron ako gawin sa 1 week na iyon.” True, no?

Anyway, since I do not have the power, and I am a woman (naks), I’d rather have my very own superman. And what man can be superman if you have a hairy face (no offense!)? Good thing, hubby regularly shaves and is clean looking all the time. Wanna know what he uses? it’s Schick!


Schick. Free Your Skin.


Sure, I have been attracted to guys with goatees before, but I wouldn’t trade Babe’s smooth face with anyone anytime. Would not want to wish for more, as I have my own Superman.

Wanna hear some good news? Join Schick’s Superman promo contest by clicking the picture above. Win exciting prices and more. So go and buy those amazing razors, and register.

Special thanks to Babe and my friends from TWSD for giving me ideas 🙂

Per DTI-NCR Permit No.1843 Series of 2013

Great Finds at Hobbes and Landes Warehouse Sale

I saw the sale teaser last week in Twitter from one of the moms that I follow. When I read that the sale will be from Hobbes and Landes, it peaked my interest, much more when they advertised that the items will be priced at up to 70% off.

Photo grabbed from their Facebook Fan Page

Photo grabbed from their Facebook Fan Page

I went there on the second day because we were running late the day before. Armed with only Php600 on my pouch and my EPS, I walked the street that led to the warehouse sale. When I got there at around 2:30 PM, the place was not that packed, and there were plenty of space to move around. Since it was the second day of sale, a lot of the good stuff were gone. Just the same, I scored 3 items that really made my day. BTW, there is no photo of the third item because it will be a surprise to one of our nephews.


Meet Stego and Catterpie, my wooden toy scores!


Catterpie, who was priced at around Php1k plus, was on sale at 50% off


Stego, a wooden push toy was priced at Php1.2K plus, was only Php250. There was a note saying it was “Damaged – hard to push”

I have always wanted to get Geoff a wooden set of toys but found them extremely expensive. I was most especially eyeing the push toy as well as the wooden blocks for the longest time from Hobbes and Landes’ regular store in BGC but always I have to pull myself away due to budget constraints. I was so lucky and glad that I was able to stumble upon that twitter post.

Side Kwento: So I went there with only Php600, thinking it was enough. In addition, I still have my ATM card with me, thus, I felt confident knowing that I have “spare” with me. Embarrassingly enough, they don’t accept EPS, just the regular Visa or Mastercard, or cash. I had to leave some of the items, walk towards Eastwood t get money, and head back to pay for the remaining items. Kapagod.

The toys are now being played by Geoff. I am in hopes that it will not break that easily, though I was assured that they last a long time. BTW, both toys are perfectly operational, with no damages whatsoever. Good deals indeed!