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Checking In


Yes, I am back, just stuck with a routine that is currently making my head spin and my world turned upside down.

First off, there is work. Yes, I am back in the corporate world, and the schedule, the commute, the training and everything else, is coinciding with the tasks that I should be doing as a mom and wife. Yes, everything is so exciting right now, that I am super stressed out. After being out of work for a year, this will definitely need some getting used to.


Yeehees! Nope, no picture on the ID yet. Just a regular access card.

Second, I have blogged about Geoff’s birthday celebration. As a family, we just went out to eat and finally replaced his broken tablet (he has been using mine for the last few months). Then he celebrated at school. Just the normal cake eating during break time and singing of the happy birthday song by his classmates. He received a gift from one of his classmates whose mom is a Filipino (how sweet!)


Loot bag for his classmates


the birthday celebrant


his teachers


Geoff cutting his cake


we also promised him a red velvet cake. he was not disappointed


See? lol

Geoff the School Boy

At age 3, Geoff is at his curious, restless and awkward stage. Curious about a lot of things, he often asks “what’s this, what’s that?”. Restless because he knows his alphabet and numbers but refuses the next step if it was me who teaches him; And awkward because he spent his 3 years without a playmate, thus, he does not know how to interact (make friends) with other kids his age.

When we came to Malaysia, one of the things that me and Babe made sure of is that he will start school before his 4th birthday. True enough, through a recommendation of a Filipino acquaintance, we enrolled him at a Smart Reader Kids center.

Tuition is affordable, and based on the developments we see from Geoff so far, I thinkĀ his progressing quite well. Our goals are the following:

  1. For Geoff to learn how to read. He has a lot of books at home, and I would really love to raise a good reader if not a bookworm. He is showing interests in his storybooks, so the best way to go about it is for him to learn how to read.
  2. To be sociable. Since Geoff is an only child, he does not have any regular playmates at home. He is reluctant to make friends when at the playground because he does not know how. Socializing and having classmates as part of his routine will help him break his shell.
  3. To satisfy Geoff’s curious mind with the discipline coming from a real teacher. He loves doing worksheets. He loves it when we do activities at home, but in all honesty, it brings out the beast in me all because he thinks he can do away with everything. Discipline with a parent is one thing, discipline coming from a teacher is another.

School uniform fitting. He loves his uniform because it’s red!


Busy painting his flower art


Snack time!


They were blowing paint through straws


With his apron. For some reason, this is the same photo they used for the school tree. Handsome though he is not smiling


Snacks vary from sandwiches to cereal to pasta


Tracing exercise. That is his teacher in the background


Another artwork


They are also taught the Bahasa Malaysia language


Browsing through some of his exercise books.

As of today, Geoff already advanced to learning the suku kata, or the abakada equivalent in the Philippines. It is still a work in progress but I am positive that he will be able to read by the end of this year. He is getting better at tracing, his handle with the pencil and crayons is improving. He is also now able to write his name on his own, and the letters and numbers with ease. Slowly, we are also working on his logic skills, with me giving lesser instructions compared to before he started school.

It is only February, and I am looking forward to December, when his preschool year ends. šŸ™‚

Happy birthday Babe!

Was spent all day at home. Lounging by the bed, feeling lazy all day. We had lamb steak for lunch and finally had the will to go out for a few hours.

We went to the 1Utama mall and decided to just look around. Knowing Babe, I knew that he wanted to buy something but is too shy to say. Either way, we went home with a game controller, an earphone for me and a floor puzzle for Geoff.




I am so sorry that I have nothing material to give for your birthday, except urge you to buy something nice for yourself. Just remember that I will always be here to back you up and support you all the way. Always stay positive and generous to us (lol!). I love you, we love you. Madaming madami. Happy happy birthday Babe!

Summer Promo: #LetsPalawan

We all know that regardless of the season, Palawan will always be one of the most go-after vacation spots in the Philippines. Personally, I have been in Puerto Princesa twice and once in El Nido, and if asked if I want to go back and explore some more, it would be a very big YES! Some of my posts can be read here, here, andĀ here.

Recently, someone from Lets Palawan got in touch with me and several other people to promote more of the beautiful places in Palawan. I chose my top 3 destinations and may I tell you that choosing just 3 is so difficult?



Anyway, as part of the Lets Palawan team’sĀ promotion, they are offering $30 off on any of the packages that you wish to avail! Sounds great if you ask me. All you have to do is to click this link and useĀ cKmmC023Ā for the coupon code. Easy peasy.Ā 

Go, travel, and enjoy Palawan!


Hello from Malaysia, truly Asia!

It’s been more than a week since we arrived, and there is a lot of changes to digest. I am adapted fast, knowing what to expect, however, it took some time for Geoff to do so, from his appetite, to the time (we are still adjusting though there is no time difference with Manila), to his routine, basically with everything.

One of the good things that I can report is that the place we are living in, Palm Spring seems to have everything Geoff wanted. There is a very nice playground, lots of space to run around, and lots (yes, lots!) of swimming pools.




Also, we have met a couple of Filipinas who are residing in different buildings. They are nice and funny, as well as accomodating. So far, we see each other during Geoff’s afternoons in the playground.

As far as the budget is concerned, we can manage. I do miss having my own source of income, having worked for 10 years. Hopefully this will be resolved once everything else that we planned for works out. Crossing everything that can be crossed. Haha!

Anyway, I am hoping I can update more frequently when I get a laptop. For now, everything is at a steady pace, more plans will be ironed out when we move to a bigger room. Ciao!

Kid’s Workshop – Place to be for Kids in Greenhills

One place that we never considered bringing Geoff is in Greenhills. I always thought that the place isĀ not for toddlers, thinking that it iss usually crowded. I did not think that there is a place for him except for the small arcade near the foodcourt in V Mall. This thought changed when I received an invite from Kid’s Workshop.

We received the invite back in AugustĀ . Since the place was kind of far from where I am residing, I kind of put it off at the last minute. I was glad I did decide to bring Geoff. I will let the pictures do the talking (with a few narratives, of course!)


The entrance. It is located in the second floor of Shoppesville, you have to look for it a bit as you have to turn to an alley.


There is a treats store where the kids can grab food when they get hungry. The amount taken will just be added to your bill when you log out.


Stroller parking for younger kids.


Waiting area. This is also where the kids can eat or drink milk if they need to do so.


Rates and rules. A bit on the steeper side, but you should know why I think the price is reasonable in a bit.


This is a shot I took from the entrance.


There is a second floor/ loft area


Colorful ceiling


Geoff having fun at the spiral slide, with an ate to assist him.


Opposite of the spiral slide is a mini hanging bridge connected to another slide, a ship’s anchor, and a rock climbing wall


Geoff in action.


On the second floor, there are bookshelves and computers that the children can use.


Book case with an assortment of titles favored by kids


An area where kids can read or play. According to some of the ates, there is a cctv in the area since it is covered.


Computer games can be played here. Too bad, Geoff is too young to really pay attention to this area.


Busy exploring


View from the top, there are rocking horses, an activity area for the kids, the brown area is a canopy where a baby was sleeping


Underneath the slides are toys of various kinds. On this side, there are wooden blocks, tools set, and toy animals


Geoff loved scattering the toys, which I had to put back. Nakakahiya naman kasi.


On the other side is Geoff’s favorite: pool of balls!


Geoff was also engrossed with this puzzle game


On the girly side of the area, there is another bookshelf


A kitchen area with a big pantry of toy fruits and vegetables


A cozy seat with dolls


Gas for them broom brooms


During this time, they were doing a song and dance activity. Geoff decided that he does not want to join


Another angle for the loft


Busy cooking fruits


Picnic time


Arts and crafts area


Geoff with the props they used for the song and dance activity


Finally, Geoff relented to do his arts activity. He was happy with the glue and confetti

The arts and crafts material are not included in the fee, however, you can choose the activity you or your kid want to do with prices ranging from 70-150 pesos. This, I think is one of the things that sets other play places apart because the kids are not just there to play, but also to do arts and learn.

Kid’s Workshop also offers the Fun Club. Fee is P550 per child, for 1 year membership. By being a member, you can get to enjoy the following:

  1. Discount coupons which you can use for KidsPlay, KidsArt, KidsParties, KidsPlayDates and the renewal of membership. These coupons are are also transferable except for 2.
  2. 1 free Unlimited KidsPlay coupon which you may use any day during your kid’s birth month.
  3. An additional 5% off when you celebrate your child’s birthday with them. This is on top of the 15% off that you get. You can choose from PlayParty or Play + Art Party. Should you wish to extend, 30 minutes is free if you hold it between 10AM -12:30PM.
  4. Early bird discounts and priority booking for KidsEvents (current event is Fiesta! Kanta, Laro, Saya!)
  5. 75% off on the annual KidsFUNClub Get2Gether (guests will get 50% off)
Coupons and a temporary ID for membership

Coupons and a temporary ID for membership

Discovering that there is a place for kids in Greenhills is such a treat. You can have fun shopping without the worry if your child is bored and tired while you tag them along. With Kid’s Workshop, you can just let them play and learn and have fun.

Play schedules are as follows:

Mon – Thu: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sun: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Kid’s Workshop
2/F Shoppesville Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City
Telephone: 723-09-32
Mobile: +63-917-599-5324

Official website:


Progress: Geoff Knows his Letters

I have posted some of my concerns about Geoff’s speech here. Today, I am so happy and proud to announce that he is well on his way to progress. During the last few weeks, he took interest in learning his letters. He now knows the alphabet and could count until 10. He also knows several words, though he still needs time to develop his sentences.

Still, I could not be prouder. When we go out, he would often point at the posters and read back the letters and the pictures as well. So here he is, with a very rare moment that I am able to take a video of him:


Typhoon Glenda: Things to be Thankful for

This is the first casualty that I know of in our village. There probably might be more except I am too scared to go outside. (Edit: there were indeed more but I did not take any pictures anymore)


I think we were prepared just because the timing was right. Had it been that this typhoon came during the last week before payday, I don’t think I can stock up on much needed supplies. I thank Papa Jesus for that.

Another thing that I am thankful for is that I am lucky enough to have the capability to work from home, though even that can be compromised once electricity goes out. Still, I wish my other officemates safety during commute and I pray for their peace of mind while at work.

I am thankful that my mom’s house is not anywhere near the sea surrounding the Las Pinas area. I just hope my brother will have the wits to stay at home and think of out peace of minds too!

I pray that even if Babe is not with is physically, we hope that he is safe. The distance between us multiplies worry a hundred and sometimes a thousandfolds.

And most of all, I am thankful for Meralco for restoring our electricity just before the day ended.

The Bittersweet Step to Betterness

I distinctly remember going through step 1, which was a 2 week separation from Babe. It seemed so long ago that we are now on Step 2 of 7. This may probably be the saddest and longest, but is also the second most important step of all in achieving our goals.

IĀ am a “list” person. I like seeing things written – timelines, short and long term goals, even those pesky “payables” and grocery lists as it let me see things in perspective. It reminds me of what really matters, what needs to be prioritized, and the progress we are making so far. This somehow rubbed off Babe and I am sometimes amused with his love and hate relationship with it (lol!).

So as far as our list goes, as mentioned, we are on step 2. This is the saddest because we have never been apart each other aside from his 2 week stint before. We both know that it won’t be THAT lonely from where he will be working and thank goodness for technology for making communication and video calls possible, still, nothing beats being able to hug and kiss him, having him near. Konting tiis na lang talaga.

Today, I installed Skype. For those who do not know, Skype is an application which allows you to do video calls, send messages, and voice calls by use of an Internet connection. If you have enough credits, you may do a regular calls. Since we both have internet connection, we were able to talk and see each other at the same time.

Babe gave me a tour of his temporary home- his room, the lounge, kitchen, and everything else. This way, I am able to place an image with his stories even though we are not together physically. The call lessened my anxiety and loneliness. It even made me more determined and patient with our plans in the future. For now, Geoff and I are staying put until the time is right for us to follow and eventually move. Let me leave this image on this page. It is said that the more you think, vocalize, put into writing whatever it is that you aim in the future, the universe will do it’s best to align itself with what you desire.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

On Geoff’s Speech Progress

I am an avid reader of parenting blogs. Being a new mom 2 years ago, I thrive on what I read and try to apply it on my son as well. Of all the advises that I have read, one of the most helpful is the fact that not all children are the same, and that the best person who really knows my child, is me.


Having fun with his alphabet

I, Babe, together with his yaya have been constantly trying to teach him how to speak. Per the progress charts, he should be able to speak phrases by now (not the straight talk kind), however, this task proves to be a very difficult feat. You see, Geoff flat out refuses to hear us out, whether we insert it to play, or during our “study” time, or even when bedtime. We always hear is standard “Na!” (which means no) and continues on with what he is doing.

Here are the things that we let him do instead, with lots of encouragement and good nudge in the right manner:

  • We encourage him to play educational toys such as letter puzzles and his leap frog phonics toy.
  • Posters of animals, alphabets, numbers and shapes are posted on his yaya’s room (that is where they take naps in the mornings and afternoons)
  • Electronic games are allowed, but only if me or Babe is there (this part is mandatory as he does not have an ipad or tablet of his own)
  • Books are everywhere, and though he does not want to be read stories, we let him browse the pages, and we volunteer the stories or what the picture is.
  • He has pretend toys downstairs and both rooms in the house. This lessens the “umay” factor when he is playing.
  • We take advantage of the time when he is in the mood to learn. Geoff provides the hints and we just take it from there.
  • TV time mostly consists of Disney Jr. and commercials (ooops!)

As of writing, I have accepted the fact that in my case, there is no point forcing Geoff to learn how to speak as he should when compared to other 2 year olds. Besides, he is talkative as he is right now, and it maybe overreacting on my part if I intervene further.Ā The mere fact that he is able to learn a word or two every week, it is progress enough for me.