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Yellow Brick Road – Team Hustlers’ Holiday Feast

The morning team had it’s monthly team huddle last Wednesday at the Yellow Brick Road, a cafe in Bukit Damansara. It’s near our office, one can walk, but it will probably be a 15-20 minute walk. We carpooled to the location and settled ourselves in their dining area on the second floor.


Yellow Brick Road, located in Bukit Damansara


The Impasta Returns! (25RM) Aglio Olio with chicken Cha Siu


Seafood Tapenade Spaghetti (28RM) Spaghetti with tapenade paste (made of olives, capers and achovies) and seafood


La Bomba (28RM) Mildly spicy and flavourful seafood broth served with foccacia bread


The Breakfast Pancake (22RM) Pancakes served with granola, creamed yoghurt, topped with dried fruits


The Sawadi Crab burger (29RM) Charcoal buns with soft served crab and sweet potato on the sides


General Pappardelle (26RM) Pappardelle pasta with home pulled beef


Hooked (28RM) Seasonal battered fish fillet with roasted potato and tartar sauce


Big Breakfast Bash (30RM) Eggs, turkey ham, beans, toast, sausage, hash browns, and etc

We also exchanged gifts. We picked a name a month prior and the deal was that we had to be the guardian angel for the person we picked. I picked Jenner’s name, a fellow Filipino.


Team Hustlers

Overall, the food was good, the service is nice, the ambiance of the restaurant is also good. I just did not get the chance to take a photo of the place since my phone camera sucks. It was an afternoon of fun and I am looking forward to more activities like this in the future.

Happy Holidays team Hustlers!

My Last Few Days

And so, 2 companies and 10 years of working in Eastwood City, I finally resigned. I am torn between sadness and relief because I already considered it my second home. It was a place where I had a lot of firsts, and there are times that I feel nostalgic until now.

Last February 12, I had my last day from where I work. It was sure sad and even thoygh it was only more than 3 years of working with them, I never really felt like an outsider.





Until we see each other again!


My friends (Laarni and Jaimie) and I went out on Valentines Day for dinner. It was a casual get together to finally catch up with each other. As usual, it was a night full of reminiscing and laughter. Since I did mention that it was our moment to catch up with each other, I found out that Laarni is into a new business venture and shared with us what kept her busy during the past few weeks. It turned out that she is now a member of Royale, a company that sells beauty and wellness products as well as a marketing company.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

I first encountered the brand when I bought the corn flavored drink a few years ago. My mom found the drink okay, so we gave it to her instead. Our palate is not very accustomed to new flavors, sadly.

Anyway, I asked her what was special about the business, as it seems like a regular direct selling gig. It turned out that there were a lot of success stories behind it, being a seller and a recruiter as well. So far, she is attending classes/seminars provided by the company (for free!) in order to equip her with the skills needed for the job. I was impressed, as most direct selling companies don’t offer such opportunities to learn. According to her, they give classes about goal setting, positive thinking, proper mind-setting and even personality development. Good enough deal, if you ask me.

As for the products, it seems that the focus is more on beauty and wellness products such as glutathione pills, fiber rich supplements, health drinks, and even whitening products such as soaps and cream. Based on the flyer she gave me, there are 3 categories, namely, Royale Wellness, Royale Beauty, and the L’Opulent Series. Pricing range is a bit tricky, as it really varies, so it is a must to contact your friendly “Royalista” instead.

Laarni gave me a soap to try, which was the Kojic Papaya Soap (priced at 180). Being fair skinned, I have not seen any noticeable changes, however, I liked the papaya scent that the soap has. It did not make my skin dry, which is always what I look for in a soap. Of course, results will vary, and most of the time, will be visible after a few months or so of usage. Take note that I only used half a bar of soap for half a month now, so, I can’t really provide a more detailed feedback.

I did mention that Royale is also a marketing company. According to my understanding, aside from selling, you may also earn by recruitment. Sort of a networking schema, which is how direct selling usually functions. Based on the information provided to me, there is no joining fee, and the only cash out a person will shell out is for the products they will sell (which is 30% discounted).

Times like these, there really is no harm in trying, even if you think it is a risk. You just have to ensure that the “risk” you are going in to will give you a better yield in the future. Try to balance the pros and cons of the venture you will get in to and learn as much as possible. After all, success is only achieved if you are brave enough to take the risk.

Let me end this post with a few before and after pictures of the success stories shared by my friend.

image(3) image

If you want to know more, feel free to contact my friend, Laarni.

Phone: 0922 8775592

FB Handle: Laarni Almodovar


 PS. This is not a sponsored post

The Year That Was 2013

Compared to the hectic outdoor activities in 2012, 2013 proved to be the most laid back in terms of travel. We only traveled outside the Metro only once (Palawan), other than that, we pretty much stayed at home. There were a lot of first as usual, but mostly, last year revolved so much around Geoff. In addition, I think the best description for that year is “GRATITUDE”. I am grateful for a lot of things, and I think photo blogging will better describe it.


  • Geoff turned 1 and a catholic. We are so blessed and thankful to see so many friends and family members celebrating this milestone with us.


  • Geoff had his first haircut. A bit traumatic for us, however, it did not stop the kiddo from having fun during his first visit to BGC.


  • I won several contests from the blogs that I stalk. This includes the La Andi package from the Soshal Network, play and learn classes and GC from Bebengisms and One Dental Care, tickets to the Nido Discovery Center from AXA Philippines, and the best so far was the Palawan accomodation and tours by Akira and Everything Nice and 8 Dragon Tours. These blessings were overwhelming and until now, I am still grateful.
How my phone looks like - Cat themed wallpaper. Icons can be customized too!

How my phone looks like – Cat themed wallpaper. Icons can be customized too!

  • I finally had the courage to switch to a touch screen phone. I decided to stay with Sun Cellular since the service is okay and the price of the plans they offer is quite reasonable compared to others.


  • Geoff attended a play and learn class for a brief period of time. It was such a shame that the commute proved to be harsh for both of us, but I am also glad that he was able to experience “a bit” of discipline and the concept of following rules.


  • I finally got myself an oven and had my ups and downs in baking, until I finally triumphed. The purchase of this oven led to the creation of Nibbles. I was able to get back all the investment I made, plus a decent amount of savings as well. Through this, I also received a verbal commendation from a customer who said “ang sarap sarap kasi ng revel bars mo”. Such a heart warming gesture.


  • I was able to bring Babe to the Underground River as our 2nd wedding anniversary getaway. It was quite funny since I booked our tickets as early as March. Come September, an emergency happened and we both thought it was best not to push through anymore, until I learned that I won free accommodation for 3D/2N and an Underground River tour for 2! We immediately rebooked the flight, this time through Air Asia Zest (they have reasonable prices and they were on time for both flights too!). My biggest thanks to Ms. Jenny and Sir Jeron of 8 Dragon Tours for the chance.
Flintstones, we're the Flintstones!

Flintstones, we’re the Flintstones!

  • I made my very first DIY costume for Geoff’s Trick of Treat. Well, Babe helped too. You see the strap, he stitched everything there. I did the skirt and patches, as well as the colors. It was a success, and we could tell that Geoff really enjoyed the event even if we were dead tired by the end of the day.


  • It was also a year for friendship. Though we don’t see too much of each other nowadays, we are still as close as ever, especially now that our family is growing. Thank you Lord for these people, for without them, I would not be the person I am today.


  • Babe and I only managed one climb this year. Muntik pa madisgrasya. I thank the Lord as well for guiding me through that ordeal. Indeed, never underestimate nature and everything in it.

DSC_0299 DSC_0303

  • Last year also brought us closer to our families. Though not everything was as smooth sailing as we hoped, we were still able to overcome most of the challenges and accepted it as a means of making us and our bond stronger. I am thankful for them, for their continued support and love.


  • We had several food trips, ranging from really budget to pricey type. I am thankful because food trips meant that we have money to spend, and that we are well enough to eat it. After all, food trips are expensive somehow.


  • I am also thankful for this little boy (or baby!) as he continue to provide endless love and joy for Babe and I. We are thankful that he is healthy, sweet, and lovable. I also pray that he continue to be a voracious eater. I am hoping as well that this is the year that he starts talking.


  • I am also thankful for my husband and my marriage. That even though it is not perfect, both of us are making the efforts to adjust and make it work. We were close friends for years, boyfriend/ girlfriend for months, and hopefully partners for a lifetime.

Here’s to a thankful look back at 2013, and a year full of hope for 2014. May you and your loved ones be blessed as well.

Girl Bonding At It’s Finest

My girls and I are friends for 10 years. We have been through a lot, and the phrase through thick or thin applies to us. Despite the years we have been together, of course, most of us are sporting a different life. Some are single, with kids, and married. All of us are busy with our own different lives, yet, we never fail to get in touch. Last weekend was of no exception. We all decided to meet up and do some girl bonding over a spa treat and a dinner. Weeks ago, I received a text message from Rney to block the date as we are to set a meet up in Eastwood. Since we rarely meet, this was a welcomed activity that we were all looking forward to. Everybody confirmed and the countdown began, A few days before the actual day, I decided to book our reservations in Sambokojin to ensure our seats, the day was actually a Saturday, and a payday for that matter, thus, we were really glad that the reservation was made. The same thing applied to our spa treat, I had the appointment booked so that our slots were reserved.

Huli man at magaling…

Ay makakahabol din. Bow. Come Saturday, I had to do a few errands which resulted to my being late. In my defense (though I think, ok lang sa kanila, pero sakin hindi), I woke up very early coming from a late shift to do the part 2 of our laundry. I napped for a few minutes then off we went to do the grocery shopping. By the time I left the house, it was past 2 PM, and our schedule for the spa was at 3 PM. The traffic was also horrendous, que horror talaga. We got there at around 3:30, and it was very fortunate that they still allowed us to avail of our spa treats. The Prince Jireh Elisheva Spa For this activity, it was only me, Jaimie and Rney who went and had the scrub. Rney availed the Elisheva card from a corporate promo. When we got there, we availed of the body scrub called Pyamicucu treatment. It started with the actual scrub using water and  natural white granules for the first exfoliation. After about 20 minutes of “settling”, a lotion type mixture of fruits and exfoliant called pyamicucu was generously applied to the whole body, giving it a cool and fragrant sensation. We were again asked for another 30 minutes of “settling” before being ushered to the shower area. My overall experience is just so-so. Being the impatient person that I am, I found the “settling” time kind of unnecessary as I was comparing it to other body scrub services that I availed before, wherein after the actual scrub session, 10 minutes is the maximum wait time before I hit the shower. It was also hot inside the spa, as I heard that they were having trouble with the air-conditioner. They don’t offer tea or water right after but they do have complimentary glasses and pitcher of cucumber water at the reception area. I liked the customer service. Though we were late for the appointment, they still accomodated us, and were very polite and all smiles during our stay. Should you need to get in touch with them, you may check their site at

Of excitements and disappointments

As we planned for this meet up a few weeks back, I was kind of expecting that all 7 of us will be complete, well, I’ll get to that part later. So we were late for our second appointment, which was the 6 PM slot in Sambokojin, an all you can eat buffet in Eastwood. When we got there, they gave our table to someone else, however, when they learned that there will only be 5 of us, they were able to squeeze us in, and up we went towards their dining hall. Initially, it was just me, Rney and  Jaimie again. We found out that Jak had an emergency at the office and will not make it, as well as Kuya Roni who advised at the last minute. We decided to start eating as we were waiting for Bine and Jeralynne.

Sambokojin, by the way, offers a variety of Japanese food. We had tempura, katsudon, stir fried fish and veggies, udon, and sukiyaki. They also have a variety of meat and seafood for grilling, maki, sushi and sashimi for the raw lovers (haha!), and of course dessert.

Josu made it! Hooray!

Josu made it! Hooray!

Anyway, Jeralynne finally arrived and Bine was MIA. Though there was only 4 of us, we still enjoyed the night and made chika the whole time we were there. We came out of the restaurant a little after 9 PM and boarded a cab, the rain that time was really exaggerated.

That was a fine, fine night. A relaxing afternoon, a full tummy, and a bucket of laughter. I hope we can do it again, with all of us in attendance.

Birthday Post: The Day After and A Shower of Gifts

Again, another late post. The baby was happy with all the gifts he received. We had one table for the gifts, we did not mind it much as we were busy minding the guests and if the kids are still having fun. Add to that the fact that I have not taped the toppers to the cupcake box. Mejo ngarag in short.

When the party ended and the crew has cleaned up, we ended up with 4 huge garbage bags full of gifts! OMG lang. We even had a hard time loading it to the car. The solution Babe came up with is to take it out of the trash and organize it one by one in the trunk, some ended up in the front seat with the cake.

Side kwento: My Mom is really fond of Geoff. As in. Thinking that Geoff enjoyed balloons, nag uwi cia ng 4. Take note that Babe was in the driver’s seat, the cake and the rest of the things on the passenger seat next to him. Jona, my Mom, Geoff and me were cramped at the back seat. With 4 balloons! Ang siste, since 4 nga un, sobrang naka bend ako, plus nangungulit pa si Geoff, gusto magpapalit palit ng may karga. Eto pa, natuwa nga sa balloons, so gusto kagatin. Grabe. Buti na lang, nadala sa diversion. Kundi, baka pumutok pa ung balloon sa mukha namin. I was praying na walang traffic throughout the trip.

Anyway, the dad was more excited with the gifts, so, ito ang itsura ng bata batuta after the unravelling:


Before opening the gifts. Nakasubo na agad ke Mickey!


Yay! Ambilis magbukas ni Daddy ng gifts. 😀

I have taken a picture of each items here.

Again, regardless if may gift man or wala, we thank all the well wishers ni Geoff. 🙂

Congratulations, Rney!!

To my friend, Rney, congratulations. You definitely deserve that promotion. Hard work, dedication, and love for what you are doing are the keys, which I think contributed to your success. Ciempre pala, wag naten kalimutan na isa pang factor ang kaperahan.. haha!

Sabi nga ng marami, choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Basta, you will see a lot of obstacles, pero carry mo na yan, malaki ka na (chos!). Take it one step at a time and take time to breathe. 🙂

Again, congratulations my friend!

Sa Bohol


Top Load – On our way to Sabang

one afternoon session

My friends at the office and i enrolled in a boxing gym. We usually do 2 or 3 sessions a week, depending on our availability and financial capabilities. this afternoon, the biggest batch so far went ahead and boxed to our delight (delight is equivalent to and hour and a half since that is the time limit for the whole session, :)). Here are some wacky shots from our lovable ruth delos santos..

And before i forget, here are the trainers..

Lastly, some group shots. It’s such a shame that Jeff, PJ, and Aileen were not there..

Update: Power Punch has long since closed. Sayang since it is located in a very convenient corner near the office.