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Today, I received a comment from one of my blog posts. I really have no intention of answering back thinking that it may be some sort of spam. However, as I read the message again, it made me realize that there is no harm in trying to reply to an email. If I run into a spam, surely, there would be a way to revert it, otherwise, it may be a chance to help out.

So I wrote a very casual response and was quite surprised to receive a reply within the day. The email came from Heather, a survivor of a disease called Mesothelioma. I have no idea what it was, but then, she provided a brief description of what it was, who she is, and how we can help.


This is Heather and her lovely family. She was only given 15 months to live, yet, here she is ūüôā

To share, Mesothelioma is a cancer that is caused by asbestos exposure. Asbestos is a mineral usually or sometimes found in construction materials such as shingles, vinyl tiles, roofing, walls, and the likes. In general, if the material where this is found is in good condition, there is no risk of inhalation, however, inhalation of this mineral fiber would cause the materials to be embedded to the linings of our lungs, leading to scar tissue formation in the lungs or Asbestosis/Mesothelioma. Based from the website she shared, the people who are at high risk of getting this disease are usually in industries such as shipbuilding, power plants, and other industrial settings.

As I write, Heather asked if I can share the information to whoever is willing to read or to listen as being aware of the risks can be helpful in saving lives. Let me share the site where you can find more information about the disease, what can be done, who you can turn to for help, and of course, how you can help.

or read Heather’s story here:

Let’s Talk About Warts (Harhar!)

Oh-kay. So this will be the last post about my face. I promise. This was supposed to be written yesterday but I was swaped by my disorder called laziness. Anyway, on to my first ever warts removal or cauterization.

A few years ago, I overheard this conversation about warts removal and how it was covered by our health card. Back then, I as vain as any single lady could be. Intrigued, I asked for the name of the doctor, and scheduled a trip to Borough Medical to have my face checked. It turned out that I don’t have any warts that time and what the good doctor did was to recommend a treatment to my pimples. After the session, she sent me home, happy with the discovery.

Fast forward to this week, I have been bothered by the break outs in my face. After my not so nice encounter with a dermatologist in Medical City, I decided to go back to the same doctor who took care of my face before. Her name is Dr. Rosario Alejandrino. I was happy that she still held clinic in Borough, I immediately signed up to be one of her patients that day. I had a chance to talk to her and decided to go back last Wednesday for the actual treatment.

Come Wednesday, I took a leave of absence to have the treatment. She explained the procedure and the what-to-expects so that I am prepared. She also checked my skin first to see the areas that needs to be treated so that anesthesia can be applied.

The areas with anesthesia, and a tape to help keep it in place

The areas with anesthesia, and a tape to help keep it in place

This was a small portion as I was only using the front cam of my phone. I’m sorry too if I look so haggard in the picture (hehe!). I had to wait for at least 30 minutes for the medicine to sink in because the cauterization process is done by burning the warts by electric current.

FYI, there are different type of warts. They are:

  • Common warts – usually grow on hands but could be on any parts of the body, are gray brown colored, and rough
  • Plantar warts – they grow in the sole of the feet and are usually painful when you walk. They are hard, big, and dark patches of skin.
  • Flat warts (which I have) – usually grows on the face, arms, or legs. They are usually small and flat and color can vary to pink, light yellow, or light brown.
  • Filiform warts – grows in the beard, mouth and nose area. This usually looks like a small bump on the skin, with the same skin color with a thread like growth.
  • Periungual warts – this grows under and around the nails which could affect nail growth. They look like rough bumps.

And so, after 30 minutes, she called me in again and started the procedure. She took out this tool connected to a machine with a sound much similar when you are getting a tattoo. Also, you can hear an electric hum as she zapped those warts off.

The procedure took only about 30 minutes as she also applied a peeling solution so that the scars will not be that visible after it heals. The doctor also mentioned that warts are common especially for mommies who just gave birth as there is a change in the hormones during the pregnancy process. I was told that I was lucky to have so few as this is very common for most moms.

Having said that, I guess, if time and budget permits, I suggest mommies to visit their dermatologist to have their faces checked so that options can be provided by professionals. One cannot be too sure, as after all, we still have to be beautiful for our hubbies, and for ourselves.


Dr. Rosario Alejandrino (Clinic schedule: Monday and Wednesday – 3 PM to 6 PM)
Borough Medical Clinic
Unit 2A 6th floor Cyberone Bldg, Eastwood City
Phone – 6870637/4392429/4391863

**Reference credits: and

Skin Asthma

I have this small patch of ugly in my right arm. It started way back I can remember but it was not in any way visible nor irritating. This summer, however, was the most intense and the hottest. This somehow triggered the patch to come out and show it’s glorious self (may sariling buhay lang ang peg.. Tsk!). Anyway, along with that, tinadtad din ako ng pimples. I initially planned a visit to the derma courtesy of our Medicard but I kept putting it off because it’s very hard to schedule an appointment with my schedule. And because I felt medyo malala na sya, I decided to go yesterday.

I went to The Medical City in Sta. Lucia Mall yesterday. Given that it was a Saturday and I got there at around past 4 PM, there were a lot of people in the clinic. I only chose TMC because of the location. I was eyeing the other clinic sana, and until now, I am wishing dun na lang ako nagpunta. Let me get back to my story.

I told the good doctor that I have 2 concerns, my arm and my pimples. He took one look at my arm and started scribbling on his prescription pad and told me in a matter of fact tone, “skin asthma”. All these happened in less than 2 minutes. Since na-sense ko na parang mas mabilis pa yung actual consultation than my wait time, I asked questions like what could have caused it, kung matatangal pa, and got one liners for answers. Same thing happened with the pimples. As soon as I asked about it, he started scribbling while explaining the meds, again, it took no longer than 3 minutes.

BTW, according to the Internet, skin asthma is a form atopic dermatitis or eczema, wherein the skin is overly allergic to certain substances. The results are almist common, wherein the part is itchy to the point of disturbing sleep and drawing blood. Both were applicable to me, the worst is that it is very visible because my skin tone is fair and the patch is always an angry red.

After getting all the prescriptions, I decided to get a second opinion na lang. I was not happy with how the consultation was handled. Parang for the sake of pabilisan lang.

I¬†went to Mercury drug din to get the prices for the meds, and turned out that one of them costs 1k + for a tiny gel. I will buy those for skin asthma because one of them is physiogel, which is a brand that we trust. The rest, I’ll put on hold first until I get a second opinion.¬†

Me Time

I normally wake up at around 9 AM but lately, I have been waking up late, and I meant that as an everyday occurrence.¬†Maybe I am just too tired, or maybe it’s the weather. Or both (haha!). With the baby literally bouncing off me for 2 straight days now, it was kind of a shock that I can still manage to sleep right after. And it’s making me pretty guilty about the time it took me sleeping rather than spending time with him.

Today was no exception. I got up later than the usual and was contemplating on going back to bed, but realized that we don’t have anything on the fridge. Off I went to the nearest market and got our fresh produce-stocks replenished. Off topic: I only allot 1k to 1.5k for our market budget that should last us the next 15 days, with 3 adults and a toddler to feed. I know this sounds measly, pero, times are tough nowadays. So, before pa lumayo ng husto ang train of thoughts ko, let me share what I did today for me time.

I find going to the market and groceries therapeutic, so even if I was alone that day, and that the purchases were heavy (meat and veggies ito!), ok lang. I even made it a point to visit the salon so that my feet will get their well deserved pedicure. Pedicure lang kasi I don’t have the budget to have the manicure as well. It has been months since my feet got the attention they needed and I was more than happy to oblige. My feet felt cleansed and relieved of whatever they found (jungle of dead skin cells.. haha!) kahit na standard pedicure lang yung pinagawa ko. Obviously, that 30 minutes of me time was pure bliss!

As a resolution, I’ll make it a point to have at least a pedicure every payday. Isisingit ko na lang yang P100 na yan. And once ok na yung finances, I’ll visit a dermatologist na din, to have my skin checked. My face has been breaking out for a few months or so, and it would really make my day once that day come. I vow to have this balik-ganda project ASAP. And the diet din pala (heehee!)


Last week, I was feeling a bit frustrated because I met up with a weighing scale from the clinic. Frustrated because it has been more than a year but I have not lost the weight that I gained out of sheer frustration and cravings after I stopped breastfeeding Geoff. I know, I know, it was entirely my fault, but I am really struggling right now to lose these pounds. And mind you, it’s not merely a few pounds, more of like a million pounds (ok, so I exaggerate).

Then by the end of the week, I read an entry from one of the blogs that I frequent on, Mommy Fleur’s blog. I rarely comment, but I commented on that post because it really gave me the boost I needed. On her post, she mentioned that it took her 3 years to get back to her “dalaga weight”, that and a couple of things that she did in order to achieve what she aimed for. Grabe. My weight before pregnancy was not that ideal (read: 4’11” height vs. 135lbs), pero still, I looked good. Now, I am a whopping 170lbs! Parang buntis lang ulit on the third trimester (this was my weight when I¬†was on my¬†third trimester, petsa!).

So, just like my previous resolutions, and I think I am getting more used to it, I am eating less rice. And I started jogging this morning. One of the things that I have to eliminate is snacking, slacking, and slothing. I also plan to sleep more because I noticed my skin is really feeling unhealthy lately. I have also begun moisturizing my face. A simple Myra E before I go to bed, and mind you, I am now doing this religiously. And this time, yes, I am more than serious.


Brave Little Boy

It’s always hard when your kid is sick. Most especially when they are babies who are unable to tell you what hurts.

Last Wednesday morning, Geoff was still fine. He ate lunch, had his morning nap, and played like a boss. In short, he was his usual self, then after lunch, he had his bath. That was when everything started. The nanny told me that Geoff was sporting a fever that afternoon, just before I got ready for work. His fever should not have been a problem if Geoff will only drink his meds, kaso, this balbon vomits even at the sight of the tempra or calpol bottle. Anything with a dropper, he considers medicine. So ayaw nya. What we did that day was to resort to the “punas” method while I was waiting for the suppository to be ready. By night time, the fever was still there, although it was not that high. We gave him another suppository the next day and was feeling ok by noon.

Come evening, when I took his temperature, he was again at 39.8. This made me worry as he might need be dehydrated given that he kept on vomiting as well. I sent Babe a message that I will be bringing Geoff to the hospital to have him checked. Though hesitant because of the trauma (dextrose, x ray, blood test, masked nurses) he suffered the first time he was hospitalized, the thought of seeing him well after everything is more important to me. I brought him to the hospital that night.


When he was hospitalized at 6 months old

When we arrived at the Emergency Room of Manila East Medical Center, he was really exhausted and wanted to sleep. His temperature was checked and we were interviewed about what happened so far. So with a brief history, I gave them the details and came to an agreement that he will need to be confined for them to inject the paracetamol as well as to hydrate him with IV fluids.

Knowing that he struggled so much the last time, I willed myself not to cry. I prepared myself even before going to the hospital because 1. Babe was not with me, and 2. I have to stay and look strong for Geoff. Surprisingly though, he only showed curiosity on most parts. I think he only cried when we refused to give him milk. How proud I was of my brave little balbon at that moment.

After all the tests and paper works, we were finally wheeled in on our room. It was a small private room, and was comfortable enough in my opinion. It has TV, a personal fridge, and¬†air conditioning. As predicted, as soon as Geoff’s back hit the bed, he was snoozing away (poor baby!). We stayed there for almost 2 days (we went home Saturday afternoon).

Side kwento: Most of the nurses who frequented our room were the same nurses who were assigned to us before. Since Geoff is Mr. Congeniality – baby version, he kept on making “pa-cute” and smiles all the time. Naalala tuloy sya ng mga nurse and there even was this one nurse on the AM shift who kept on asking us to carry Geoff. Too bad it did not happen because she was the one who took off the IV, making her the bad guy in Geoff’s book.

Geoff is now back home, however, he is cranky and moody. Maybe because of his cough. I am longing for the happy little balbon before he got sick but maybe (keeping everything crossed and everything positive), he will be so in a few days. I will have to trick him to drink his cough meds, I already researched a few things that I can do by tomorrow, Wish me luck!

Toothpaste For Babies

Geoff is now 12 turning 13 months old. As expected, his first tooth broke out when he was around 5 or 6 months old. As of writing, he now has 4 teeth on the upper gum and 3 teeth below.

Honestly, I am not a tooth conscious person. I don’t mind if there is a need to take out a tooth because it causes me inconvenience, nor do I want to pay too much to get a pasta treatment to rid my teeth of cavities. Maybe, I got used to not having enough money to afford it. Maybe it was not a big deal for me during that time since I was still able to smile with no problems at all.

Looking back at all those tooth abuse days, I now regret how I mistreated my no longer pearly whites. I now envy the people whose teeth are whiter and cavity free. Not that I am sporting a mediocre set, and I really want it back to how it was.

So much for babbling. Now that Geoff is sporting his own set of pearly whites, I want to make sure that it will be well taken care of. I have been on search for affordable, yet, baby-friendly toothpaste in the market so that he can be used to brushing his teeth. I was initially planning on buying Sansfluo, as this was the only baby toothpaste that I was familiar with. I was hesitant to buy if before because I knew that it was a bit pricey, almost double the amount of a regular adult toothpaste.

images (2)

Photo courtesy of

Today, while Babe and I were in Toys R Us in Eastwood Mall,  found a new product. It is called Tiny Buds and they also have toothpaste for babies. What got me interested was the cute packaging (yes, I am serious!), then the flavor. I checked the pamphlet and it does not have Xylitol like Sansfluo. I am not sure what it is for anyway and I am hoping that this can somehow be clarified by the pedia when we have him checked up by Saturday.



We might also ask for a referral to a pedia dentist to have Geoff’s teeth checked. Either way, I would really appreciate it if someone will be able to share their experiences with both products.


A Review of the Coffee That Cares

I blogged about winning a contest from the Breakfast Magazine. The contest was about Goodwill coffee, and how it cares for whoever will drink it. I remember mentioning that it cares because of the ingredients and the benefits, especially for a newbie mom like me(momnesia, anyone?).

Arabica and Robusta beans – premium beans that provide that wonderful coffee smell and taste that is superior than other instant coffee.

Moringa – immunity boosting

Spirulina – memory enhancing

Fast forward to receiving my prize, I got a lootbag from Breakfast Magazine, a Breakfast Magazine (Solenn on the cover), and a box of these wonderful coffee. It contains 10 sachets, which the hubby and I tried this morning.


After having a taste of the Goodwill coffee, here is what I can say:

The coffee tastes really good. The label said medium roast but it tasted stronger which I liked a lot. I was surprised as it tasted and smelled like that of a brewed coffee, which I think does not happen when I drink my usual 3 in 1. It also hints of a mild choco taste that reminds me of cocoa. I rarely see Goodwill in supermarkets but I am definitely looking forward once available as I will surely buy one.

Review: Nuat Thai Massage Date

Sooo.. It has been a long time since babe and I went on a date. Last Saturday, we went to Las Pinas for Geoff’s supposed vaccine day. When we found out that the vaccine was not available that day, we opted to visit Mama Lola instead and head out to SM Southmall to let the afternoon heat pass by.

Off strolling we went when babe and I realized that we wanted to have a bit of alone time that day. After Geoff fell asleep because of exhaustion (pagod na lang, parang exxag ung exhausted), we agreed for Mama Lola to bring Geoff home.

We decided, gusto namin manood ng movie. We headed for the cinema to check if they still have Wreck it Ralp. Malas. They no longer have it. Most of the cinemas are occupied by Breaking Dawn. Tsk. We then decided to eat. Sobrang limited na pala ngayon ng stalls sa food court. Buti na lang, mejo sulit sa Kipp’s Fried Chicken. Pwede na. That’s when babe decided na magpa massage na lang kami. Both our backs are aching like crazy as we have not had a decent rest for a couple of weeks. Too bad for us, there were very limited spas in Southmall. Buti babe remembered Nuat Thai sa kanto ng Pilar.

Hm, I think mejo iba ung logo. Not sure if they the franchise in LP is the same with QC. Heniway, here is my review:

Ambiance: It is relaxing inside. The typical zen music and mint smell. Lakas din ng aircon, so mejo malamig, pero just enough para nde naman mag chill.

Price: We opted for the swedish massage for P350. Pwede na to since 1 hour naman. Almost the same with other spas.

Service: I am kind of torn kung ok ba or hindi, or kung dahil ba mejo makakalimutin c ate. They started off with a foot rinse, which was ok. This was the part that made me go “wow ang service agad.. “. Then I was ushered to the massage room, which ate could not figure kung san ba dapat. Naka 2 ikot ata kami sa loob, before she asked me if ok lang na hindi kami magkatabi ng room ni Babe. I said ok lang. Yun pala ung reason.

Anyway, going back to the service,¬†she had me change into shorts, and made me lie on my stomach. The massage then started. She asked if the pressure was alright, which I said yes, it was fine, hanggang sa naramdaman ko na mejo dumidiin. Sensitive pa naman ako sa massage especially with the back of my legs and thighs, mejo masakit. I did not say anything, nago-groggy na ako sa antok. When she got to my left leg, I felt chills sa kabilang legs ko, so I attempted to cover it with the towel. This was also the part when I asked to have the pressure be lighter. She obliged naman, kaso after a few minutes, dumidiin na naman.. Oh well. Baka nga nakalimutan lang. Nung nasa upper body ko na ung massage, both legs ko na ung giniginaw, nakalimutan na naman ni ate na icover ako. Hanggang sa matapos, she asked if I wanted tea or water and told me na sa lobby na lang daw. She even left me the tip envelop. I said “sige” then started to rise na. Then un, nagulat lang ako na hindi man lang nya sinara ng maayos ung curtain, leaving me exposed sa kung sino ung dadaan.

Overall Rating: I would give it a 3 of 5. Mainly because the overall feel of the place and the price is acceptable and relaxing. Hindi ko man super na-enjoy yung service ni ate, baka natyempuhan ko lang talaga. Babe mentioned na ok daw kasi ung massage nya, so there. Another point that made me give 3 stars is because I was soooo drained after. Puro tulog na ung ginawa ko. I don’t recall na ganun ako ka-antok since I forgot when, and I take it as a good thing.

Maja Blanca and Palitaw

I love cooking, and it was my first time cooking maja blanca and palitaw this morning. I got the recipes from my mom, who is an awesome cook. Anyway, here are the steps for both.


  • 1/4 glutinous rice
  • 2 cups shredded (?) niyog
  • 1 small pack of linga
  • 3 tbsp sugar
  1. Roll the glutinous rice or malagkit in the palm of your hands and flatten as desired.
  2. Drop into boiling water and wait for it to float. Once it floats, it is an indication that it is already cooked.
  3. Transfer the cooked malagkit into a plate to drain.
  4. Roll the malagkit into the niyog.
  5. Serve with the sugar and linga mixture.

By the way, the linga has to be toasted and mixed into sugar.

Palitaw.. Bow..

Maja Blanca

  • 1 can condensed milk
  • 1 can evaporated milk
  • 200g cornstarch
  • 1 can creamed corn
  • 2 niyog

For the latik:

  1. Pour 1 cup of water on the niyog and squeeze the coconut milk from it. Set aside.
  2. Cook over medium fire until brownish in color.

For the maja mixture:

  1. Pour another 7 cups of water and squeeze again. This will serve as the first mixture.
  2. On a pot, cook the 1st mixture and continuously stir.
  3. On another bowl, mix the evaporated milk and cornstarch. Mix well to dissolve the cornstarch.
  4. Once the pot of 1st mixture boils, mix in the condensed milk, creamed corn, and the mixed evap and cornstarch.
  5. Continuously stir until thick.

    My Maja Blanca