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Happy 11th!

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”- Robert Heinlein

I have always been proud of my outlook in life wherein if a person is important to me, it is better if his well being is put first before mine. This applies not just with my friends, but also with my family, most especially my better half.

Babe, I may not always be nice, and most of the times, masungit ako. Bear in mind that I love you so much.

Di na bale na konti lang ung hangin na mapunta sakin from the electric fan, wag lang tayo malunod sa pawis  🙂

Okay lang na alukin mo ko ng food and sinabi kong “saglit lang”, then pagtingin ko, ubos na 🙂

Wala po sa kin if deadma ka madalas if antok ka pa or busy ka sa ginagawa mo 🙂

Uuy, bawal ang pikon babe!

Mahal na mahal ka namin!

Happy monthsary po!

Where it all started – May 14, 2011 – Mt. Gulugod Baboy, Batangas


After feeling depressed and down during the first week of March, our angel finally arrived. I took a leave of absence from work on the last day of February and one week was somehow wasted anticipating and waiting for our bundle of joy to arrive.

As a mom to be then who wanted desperately to give birth normally, I followed all of my OB’s orders to ensure na hassle free ung birthing process. From regularly drinking all my vitamins, walking miles per day, even drinking the Eveprim med, lahat un, sinunod ko.

Saturday morning, March 10, everything was routinary. We ate lunch, we tidied up our home, fed the cats and prepared for my weekly check up. When we got to the clinic, an IE was done. This was around 530PM. I was informed that I was 2-3cms dilated already. Yay! We were then advised to walk and get ourselves admitted at around 830PM. By 630PM, we were at Chok’s place, greeted Rai and talked with them a bit. We then left for SM to take a walk. We also ate dinner then.

By 930PM, we arrived at Fairview General Hospital. Let me say that I am not impressed at all when it comes to hygiene, considering that they are a hospital. However, I was about to give birth, I decided to let it pass. I was roomed in the labor room at around 1130PM, I guess. Babe was left outside to wait. I was kinda worried since he has no companion at the time. My OB also arrived then and started giving me Buscopan. I was told to sleep while the pain is not yet in. So I did. I have no idea with the time at all. Regular IEs were being done at the same time.

March 11, 2012, early morning, I was given a drug that was supposed to induce labor. This was probably the time that I could feel the discomfort. Regular status updates were given to Babe as I was drifting in and out of sleep. By mid morning. I was already dilated by 4-5cms, my OB had to do a CS on my labor buddy because she  was unable to feel any contractions. Another doctor performed an IE on me, and by this time, I was already tired and I can really feel the pain. Ob also broke my water bag a few hours back. I was not given epidural at this point as it will slow down the dilation. I was only sedated instead.

At around 11AM, OB was done with the CS and checked on me. I was still 4-5cms and the baby’s head was starting to come down. Kinausap nya ako, informed me na kelangan na ng CS, as I was not progressing. I told her to inform Babe and ask him of his decision. Sabi nya, nakausap na  daw, and they prepped me up for the operation. As I was laying there, I was quite aware of what was being done. Dinadaya ko pa nga kase inaangat ko ung curtain and sinisilip ko ung reflection nila sa salamin to get an idea kung nakalabas na si baby.

Finally, the pedia showed me my baby boy and my initial reaction was relief, relief na maputi ang baby ko.. (haha!) Lumabas si baby at 1:55PM. Anyway, hindi nangyari yung instance na ilalagay sya sa chest ko, or ung pinalatch cia. None of that happened. I expected it, but it did not. I was sent to the recovery room and was wheeled in to our room at around night time. I was told by someone to buy an S26 formula which got me confused kase all the while akala ko magpapa-breast feed ako. Tinanong ko cia, and sabi lang na baka magutom si baby. Groggy pa ako, so hinayaan ko muna and did what they asked. I was greeted by Rney and Jaimie and my mom sa room. I was told that Babe had to go home and fetch some things.

March 12, nag ask ulit ako kung nasan na ung baby k o, kung bakit di pa niro-room in. Sabi, wala pa daw order yung pedia, so we waited. During this time, mejo nagchi-chills pa ako kasi masakit pa nga ung sugat.

The next day, March 13, the pedia visited me. She informed me na iru-room in na c baby ko, and that baby Geoff should be with me at around 6PM. I immediately started getting better, nag sponge bath ako, and moved about. Kelangan kasi baby ung hahawakan ko. Cguro, naroom in si baby at around 7PM. Someone from the nursery told me that once they released an infant from the nursery, he would stay with the mother, thus the delay. The wonders of holding your first baby in your arms the first time. PRICELESS! I started to breast feed him, kasi, gutom. It wasn’t painful at first, kaya lang, habang tumatagal, mejo nagiging sore na din ako. Buti na lang natulog na din agad c baby after nun. That same night, nag chills ulit ako. Siguro, the pain killers were starting to lose their effect, and nagsasabay yung sakit ng nipples, likod, and ung tahi. Nilagay muna ni babe si baby sa tabi nya, for we fear that the baby might get the fever too. Babe spent the night taking care of me, and I got better by morning.

I was discharged from the hospital on March 14. I can’t say that I was a 100% better during this time as I still had fever when we got home. I soon realized (after 2 days, I think) that it was because I was too engorged and the incision was still fresh.

As of writing, Geoff is officially 2 weeks old. Along with our bundle of joy is also a bundle of sacrifice that I have to make. That sacrifice was worth more or less 5 years of love and care. Sadly, we had to let go of Kuking, Pepot, and Luffy. I would rather not give the details. They have been pampered all throughout that we were together, that I always wonder if they are still eating right, or if they even have a good place to stay now that they no longer have a home.

Anyway. I have to run, my little one is  hungry again. 🙂

our little angel


stretch kung stretch!


Here I am, sitting in the office, browsing for free wordpress themes for my blog. I am currently on avail status for about an hour now, with my first break in about 10 minutes. There’s nothing much to do, so I’ve decided to write something instead.

I know, I said I will be posting stories that I have yet to tell, particularly the updates from the past few weeks, however, I am having problems recalling some of those. Pangit naman kase if I will skip a few details, especially kapag important yung news.

Anyway, I’ll just do a quick re-run of events na lang. Para masabi na na-update ko pa din ung mga happenings from the past.

– One of my friends lost her baby, while another one had problems with the development of her baby. I have yet to ask her again for the update, but I think both of them will be just fine.

– We attended a christening event. One of my friends’ sister had a baby and got us as ninangs. Since biglaan ang event, wala kaming dala na gift. At the same time, mejo limited ang budget. After the event, we went to visit Josu. Mukha namang ok cia and her baby and that the doctors she had previously seen might have scared her. We told her to get a second opinion. It looks like she has the same plans. We then went to Megamall with Jaimie and Rney, because the latter was going to buy a bed. We also ate at the Persian Grill, all thanks to Rney 🙂

– We attended the Atos Employees’ Appreciation Night. The food was good, the band was great. Even though I didn’t win the raffle, overall, we enjoyed the event.

– Atos gave us our christmas goodies. We received jamon de bola, quezo de bola, luncheon meat, corned beef and vienna sausage. It came with a bonus bag and umbrella.

– We also started selling food in the office. We initially started it off with the potato balls, then the sandwiches, and etcetera. The money we make goes straight to Gabe’s funds.

– My blog is finally up. Babe fixed it for me, and I imported the posts earlier this morning. I will have to play around with the settings as I wanted to find the best theme possible for my blog.

– I had my routine check up last Saturday. I am happy to know that I am not diabetic, nor “minamanas” (well, just a bit), Gabe is fine. His kicks are strong and healthy. We went to SM Fairview right after to shop for a few items.

– We went to visit Babe’s friend, Chok. It was nice seeing them again, and it was a night of fun and laughter. We got to leave their place at around 9AM the next day. We also visited his ates and went to the bazaar. I was able to buy this fine set of nail polish which featured a cracked design.

I think that’s enough update for now. I am sleepy and envious as Babe is still at home, sleeping the day away (his shift starts at 4pm). Will be posting some more in the next days.

Mrs. Jefferson Perez

New beginnings indeed.

September 18, 2011 – The day started out normal as it is. Breakfast in the morning, the usual rush to the bathroom, preparation of things, feeding our babies. What a day it was. 🙂
We first drove to Iko’s to fetch our cake. This is the second visit to the said place and guess what? We got lost – again. Luckily, we made good time, with the day being Sunday. As we were nearing the place where our wedding is to take place, we remembered something important. We forgot our marriage license!
So there, we had to quickly drop off the goodies as Ate and company arrived to pretty up the place. We explained what happened, they understood, and we left in a hurry to get the documents. We also realized that we forgot the bible, his socks, and that i have yet to fix my hair.
While i was having my hair done, he went home to get the things we needed. I had to do my make up and dress while in the car. Good thing I am sooo resourceful (haha!). We got there a few minutes after 3PM, whereas the time we set was 3PM sharp. Talk about being late. But hey, it is OUR wedding day 🙂
A quick rundown of events, my mom and brother were late. The reverend was in a hurry, literally. Kelangan pang habulin ni babe ung sinasabi nya para ulitin ung vows whatever. To make the long story short, it was not the solemn wedding that everyone was expecting. It turned out to be a comic wedding after all.
And so, we are husband and wife, vowed to love each other forever, not letting anyone come between us, with our parents, friends, and loved ones to witness our special day. 🙂