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Hababerday Babe!

“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.”

~ Loretta Young

Though we annoy each other a lot about very simple things, I want you to know that you are the most irritatingly and annoyingly sweet, generous, loving, and caring husband that I can wish for. Of course, hindi kasali yung pag ubos mo sa ulam everytime, but then again, I love you more for the appreciation that I get.

Here’s to more birthdays to come. Geoff and I love you very much. Mwaah!


Gloomy Monday And What I Am Looking Forward To

I am on a holiday off again today. As much as I want to enjoy it, funds are low and I am still trying to figure out how I can squeeze in work at home. The recent no work days really affected my productivity, as I only have 2 days to finish everything.

Either way, as we were cooped up the whole weekend, it was bonding at its finest. Here is what the naughty adorable baby was up to:




Yep. The camera flash is not Geoff’s favorite, but it is quite amazing how his logic sometimes work. On the 3rd picture, he managed to pick out the blue blocks out of all the others. He was also able to put it top side up. After arranging it as such, he faced us with his biggest smile, and clapping at the process. Ang galing lang.

Anyway, there’s a lot happening this week. My grandmom is coming home for a short vacation, the last payday that we will be paying for the car, our first dining experience at Vikings Marikina, and most importantly, this is also Babe’s birthday week.

I will try to do an update as these activities come, for now, I’ll leave it as is.

The Babypalooza Bazaar

Last year was the first time I went to this bazaar. Geoff was only a few months old then. This year, they will be holding the same bazaar on the 17th of August at the same location. This year will be a bit of a challenge since we don’t have Leni (our car) with us, and we will be commuting all the way from Cainta.

Here are some of the reasons why we will be going again:

  • I wanted to meet with the people behind MSP’s Play and Learn Center to inquire further about the prize I won from Queen Bebeng’s site.
Photo courtesy of their FB page:

Photo courtesy of their FB page:

  • We scored a very good deal with some of Geoff’s favorite toys from a vendor who was selling some pre-loved items for only P200.
Tools toy and thomas the train

Tools toy and thomas the train

  • We were also able to score a pumpkin costume for the Halloween for only Php300. I was just unable to get pictures of it, pero he really looked cute!

We initially had challenges looking for the Walter Hogan Center because the trike drivers we asked did not know how, but all in all, we were really pleased with our purchases and are glad that there are bazaars like this. We only stayed a bit, since we just passed by and it was already late in the afternoon. Hopefully we can get there earlier this time to see what we can score for the little man. 🙂


Good News Before The Week Ends

Hi. If you are my friend on Facebook, I am sure you would notice that I like love joining contests! Truth be told, minsan, nakakahiya na din sa mga nasa-spam sa mga required posts and tweets ng mga contest na sinasalihan ko, to the point that I skip those steps. As a general rule, I set it upon myself to only join contests from the blogs that I religiously regularly follow and only if I really like the prize at stake.

This month, I read from one of those blogs about the AXA Failproof Your Child’s Education campaign. I liked the idea of saving, no, investing for the future. I liked it so much, that this will be our first project once we are done paying with one of the heavy hitters on our budget, our car. (Note to self: research further on mutual funds and insurance, and anything related to it)

So anyway, the said campaign is holding an ongoing contest wherein I joined. As much as I was not expecting that much, given that there were a lot of participants, this was what came in my email the other day;



My name was drawn! Yay! I feel so happy! Though it was not the Gymboree membership that I wanted, it is still an educational tour, plus a very good excuse to bring Geoff to MOA (Babe, are you reading this? Heehee!).

I immediately looked up Nido’s Discovery Science Center website so that I know what to expect when we get there:

Now showing on the planetarium

Screenshot from the Nido website: Now showing on the planetarium

Aside from the planetarium, they have several galleries such as:

  • Nature Works
  • All About You
  • Transportation Nation
  • Be Connected
  • Earth and Space
  • Marine Adventure
  • Go Green

Geoff is only 16 months old, but I’m pretty sure he will enjoy this experience. Thank you AXA for holding the contest!

You may visit their page for more information:

Nido Science Discovery Center:


Productive Weekend

I think it was 2 weeks ago, or maybe a week ago when I was announced as one of the winners from the The Soshal Network‘s anniversary giveaway. I got an email stating that I was to pick up my prize in St. Nails spa in Makati last July 6. It was a Saturday, and I called St. Nails the day before for the “how to get there” portion (The most complicated city that I have ever been to is Makati. Go figure).

Babe went with me as we have plans of watching a movie after. The location was really easy to find and we arrived at around 1 PM. The schedule was supposed to be 1:30 PM, so tambay muna kami sa katabing San Miguel Convenient Store. When I decided to check if there is anyone in the spa, I was surprised na meron nang naka set up na tarp for TSN and the lady who welcomed me was none other than Ms. Provinciated. Ms. Domesticated and Ms. Sophisticated welcomed me as well and presented me with my prize. They were all nice, with great smiles, and they knew my face.

This is the first time that I met people for the first time, and matched my name with my face (considering that there were other winners as well). Yung tipong hindi lang nagpopost for the sake of posting at nagpapa-giveaway for the sake of having a bigger fan base. Honestly, I am what you would call a lurker, I rarely comment, and abang lang ang peg sa update. SO, big deal sa akin yung nag effort si Ms. D na icheck ang pictures namin 🙂


With the TSN girls, P, D, and S! Gulat si Babe, nasali pa cia sa photo-op! Photo courtesy of the TSN site

BTW, here are the contents of the prize loot that I got:


The Soshal Prizes 🙂

Originally, I was just expecting the Shu Eumura foundation, gloss, and GC from Slimmers World. Imagine my surprise nung meron pang additional na surprise (daming word na surprise, haha!) In summary, ito na talaga yung laman:

  1. TSN notepad
  2. Shu Uemura Mousse Foundation
  3. Shu Eumura Lip Gloss
  4. Hierbas de Mallorca
  5. Mir and Ryvi Tomato Soap
  6. Mir and Ryvi Papaya Soap
  7. Nature Facial Wash
  8. Starbucks GC worth 100
  9. Slimmers World GC worth 1,500

Pleasant surprise no? Even so, I am glad that I got the opportunity to meet them, and to be honest, mas grabe yung tuwa ko when my name was drawn. Minsan lang kasi ako manalo.

Heniwey, happy anniversary TSN! I am looking forward to reading more blogs in the future. 🙂

P.S. Here is their post about the winners. Cover picture talaga kame. Haha!

Girl Bonding At It’s Finest

My girls and I are friends for 10 years. We have been through a lot, and the phrase through thick or thin applies to us. Despite the years we have been together, of course, most of us are sporting a different life. Some are single, with kids, and married. All of us are busy with our own different lives, yet, we never fail to get in touch. Last weekend was of no exception. We all decided to meet up and do some girl bonding over a spa treat and a dinner. Weeks ago, I received a text message from Rney to block the date as we are to set a meet up in Eastwood. Since we rarely meet, this was a welcomed activity that we were all looking forward to. Everybody confirmed and the countdown began, A few days before the actual day, I decided to book our reservations in Sambokojin to ensure our seats, the day was actually a Saturday, and a payday for that matter, thus, we were really glad that the reservation was made. The same thing applied to our spa treat, I had the appointment booked so that our slots were reserved.

Huli man at magaling…

Ay makakahabol din. Bow. Come Saturday, I had to do a few errands which resulted to my being late. In my defense (though I think, ok lang sa kanila, pero sakin hindi), I woke up very early coming from a late shift to do the part 2 of our laundry. I napped for a few minutes then off we went to do the grocery shopping. By the time I left the house, it was past 2 PM, and our schedule for the spa was at 3 PM. The traffic was also horrendous, que horror talaga. We got there at around 3:30, and it was very fortunate that they still allowed us to avail of our spa treats. The Prince Jireh Elisheva Spa For this activity, it was only me, Jaimie and Rney who went and had the scrub. Rney availed the Elisheva card from a corporate promo. When we got there, we availed of the body scrub called Pyamicucu treatment. It started with the actual scrub using water and  natural white granules for the first exfoliation. After about 20 minutes of “settling”, a lotion type mixture of fruits and exfoliant called pyamicucu was generously applied to the whole body, giving it a cool and fragrant sensation. We were again asked for another 30 minutes of “settling” before being ushered to the shower area. My overall experience is just so-so. Being the impatient person that I am, I found the “settling” time kind of unnecessary as I was comparing it to other body scrub services that I availed before, wherein after the actual scrub session, 10 minutes is the maximum wait time before I hit the shower. It was also hot inside the spa, as I heard that they were having trouble with the air-conditioner. They don’t offer tea or water right after but they do have complimentary glasses and pitcher of cucumber water at the reception area. I liked the customer service. Though we were late for the appointment, they still accomodated us, and were very polite and all smiles during our stay. Should you need to get in touch with them, you may check their site at

Of excitements and disappointments

As we planned for this meet up a few weeks back, I was kind of expecting that all 7 of us will be complete, well, I’ll get to that part later. So we were late for our second appointment, which was the 6 PM slot in Sambokojin, an all you can eat buffet in Eastwood. When we got there, they gave our table to someone else, however, when they learned that there will only be 5 of us, they were able to squeeze us in, and up we went towards their dining hall. Initially, it was just me, Rney and  Jaimie again. We found out that Jak had an emergency at the office and will not make it, as well as Kuya Roni who advised at the last minute. We decided to start eating as we were waiting for Bine and Jeralynne.

Sambokojin, by the way, offers a variety of Japanese food. We had tempura, katsudon, stir fried fish and veggies, udon, and sukiyaki. They also have a variety of meat and seafood for grilling, maki, sushi and sashimi for the raw lovers (haha!), and of course dessert.

Josu made it! Hooray!

Josu made it! Hooray!

Anyway, Jeralynne finally arrived and Bine was MIA. Though there was only 4 of us, we still enjoyed the night and made chika the whole time we were there. We came out of the restaurant a little after 9 PM and boarded a cab, the rain that time was really exaggerated.

That was a fine, fine night. A relaxing afternoon, a full tummy, and a bucket of laughter. I hope we can do it again, with all of us in attendance.

Happy Birthday Ma! (A Late Post)

June 11 is my Mom’s birthday. It’s sad that we are from Cainta and she is currently in Las Pinas. As much as we want to be with her, it’s in the middle of the work week and funds are currently at another all time low. Hindi bale, I thought, bawi na lang kami this coming weekend. Isabay na sa celebration namin for Father’s Day. Brilliant plan indeed.

As this is all about her, I realized that though we don’t see each other on an eye to eye basis, we both have a lot of shortcomings, and we literally have this sort of sometimes hate but most of the time love relationship, I would not exchange her for anybody else in the world.

I grew up in a very small household. Just me, my brother, and my mom. We did not grow up in riches and we did experience some “nakakaawa” moments growing up. Despite of all the challenges we have been to and through, my mom always manage to save the day. She managed to raise us well, to be the better person no matter what the circumstance is. No, we are not the perfect persons nor children that someone might want to have, but we get by.

I know this is a late post, and you might not be able to read it. I love you ma! Happy birthday and always know that we will always be here for you, the same way you are always there for us.  🙂


My mom and my baby kulit. She was so surprised to see that the baby is not so-baby anymore 🙂

Transform Yourself With Schick

If you had the powers of MAN OF STEEL for one (1) week, how would you use it?

Considering that this is Superman we are talking of, I can only think of a few things. Some out of the  most selfish reasons only because I am a mom. However, if I am to steal a line from Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility”, thus, here are my thoughts on how I would use the Man of Steel’s power if I had it for a week:

  1. Use my flying powers to travel everywhere I want. This way, I’d get to experience other country’s culture and taste any food in my liking, especially those featured in Adam Richman’s Man vs. Food.
  2. Use my superhuman strength to scale mountains in the Philippines and eventually those abroad (IMHO, this might not be fun as it seems kasi effortless na if ever).
  3. Using my heat vision, I would carve my son’s face on the surface of the earth using my heat vision. It’s going to be so large that google maps would see it, with a quote, “Geoff was here” (tipong Mount Rushmore lang ang peg).
  4. Speed in order to get things done, like errands and houseworks that takes too much time. More quality time with my boys.
  5. Super hearing abilities, to really know who are true to me and those who aren’t (haha!)

Those are just some of what I can think of. On a more serious note, I have also asked some people as to what they think about the question. One unselfish answer caught my attention, and I think, it is worthy to be copied (with his permission, of course). He said, “ Ako wala ako gagawin. dahil magiging imbalanced ang mundo kung meron ako gawin sa 1 week na iyon.” True, no?

Anyway, since I do not have the power, and I am a woman (naks), I’d rather have my very own superman. And what man can be superman if you have a hairy face (no offense!)? Good thing, hubby regularly shaves and is clean looking all the time. Wanna know what he uses? it’s Schick!


Schick. Free Your Skin.


Sure, I have been attracted to guys with goatees before, but I wouldn’t trade Babe’s smooth face with anyone anytime. Would not want to wish for more, as I have my own Superman.

Wanna hear some good news? Join Schick’s Superman promo contest by clicking the picture above. Win exciting prices and more. So go and buy those amazing razors, and register.

Special thanks to Babe and my friends from TWSD for giving me ideas 🙂

Per DTI-NCR Permit No.1843 Series of 2013

Expo Mom

Will be going to the Expo Mom event on Saturday. This will be my first year to join, and this year, the theme is called Momtuition.

Have you ever heard of the word intuition, a feeling where you have this constant nagging deep within that you cannot pin point, and all the while, you are correct after all! Well, “momtuition” is like that. Only, it is more focused on that intuition for your child. Based on almost all the blogs I follow, there will be experts who will discuss how to maximize our potentials as a mom with these momtuition.

Oh, and did I mention that I won an Expo Mom swag bag courtesy of Apples and Dumplings? That and all the other items that I can check out for baby Geoff. I am sooo excited!

BTW, the event will be on April 6-7 at the Rockwell Tent and will start/open at 10AM.



The trick or treat activity in the office is done. To be honest, I was kind of disappointed as I was expecting that the kids will be in a parade with all the different departments participating in the said activity. Nevertheless, it seems like Geoff enjoyed it. He spent most of his time walking all over the office!

We were unable to take photos of him in his actual costume, napagkaguluhan kasi agad ng officemates. 🙂 Anyway, here are 2 pictures of him enjoying the goodies:


Pout pout lang sa dami ng candies – Serious mode


Eat ko na mommy? 🙂

Trust me, this was not my costume.. ^_^