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Yellow Brick Road – Team Hustlers’ Holiday Feast

The morning team had it’s monthly team huddle last Wednesday at the Yellow Brick Road, a cafe in Bukit Damansara. It’s near our office, one can walk, but it will probably be a 15-20 minute walk. We carpooled to the location and settled ourselves in their dining area on the second floor.


Yellow Brick Road, located in Bukit Damansara


The Impasta Returns! (25RM) Aglio Olio with chicken Cha Siu


Seafood Tapenade Spaghetti (28RM) Spaghetti with tapenade paste (made of olives, capers and achovies) and seafood


La Bomba (28RM) Mildly spicy and flavourful seafood broth served with foccacia bread


The Breakfast Pancake (22RM) Pancakes served with granola, creamed yoghurt, topped with dried fruits


The Sawadi Crab burger (29RM) Charcoal buns with soft served crab and sweet potato on the sides


General Pappardelle (26RM) Pappardelle pasta with home pulled beef


Hooked (28RM) Seasonal battered fish fillet with roasted potato and tartar sauce


Big Breakfast Bash (30RM) Eggs, turkey ham, beans, toast, sausage, hash browns, and etc

We also exchanged gifts. We picked a name a month prior and the deal was that we had to be the guardian angel for the person we picked. I picked Jenner’s name, a fellow Filipino.


Team Hustlers

Overall, the food was good, the service is nice, the ambiance of the restaurant is also good. I just did not get the chance to take a photo of the place since my phone camera sucks. It was an afternoon of fun and I am looking forward to more activities like this in the future.

Happy Holidays team Hustlers!

Prometric Annual Dinner

The last annual dinner I attended was with Atos. I don’t remember any themes, it’s more of a casual gathering where employees will eat and drink and enjoy the entertainment they provided that night.

When I was with the first company I worked for, they will hold theme based parties. I remember getting excited because, it is the one night when you can glam up, practice your resourcefulness in getting yourself inline with the theme, and have a lot of photo opportunities. I remember attending an all white christmas, a cocktail themed, and a movie themed party.

Last Sunday (November 20), Prometric hosted the annual dinner and the theme is arabian nights. It was held in the Empire Hotel in Subang Jaya. It was my first time to be in the area, and like most hotels, the interiors were nice. There is a shopping mall at the lower level of the building and the hotel is on the Level 2.

As usual, there were a lot of picture taking activities, however, I have yet to get most of the pictures from my colleagues, so I will let some of the pictures talk for itself.


morning buddies: Niza, aedmund, syafiq


GTCS colleagues


table setting


arabian nights theme


the venue: a hotel function room

More group shots:

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Week 21 – A Visit to Star City

My brother invited us to his company’s family day one weekend of May. Ironic as it sounds, it was our little family who went, sans the employee who was supposed to be there. Be as it may, we enjoyed the day but, resolved to going to amusement parks when Geoff is a bit older.

Here is the only picture that we managed to get during the event because the baby was active the whole time.


Borlogs after mangulit the whole day!

A Graduation Treat – Crisostomo in Fairview Terraces

Our little family trooped to Fairview yesterday because it was Cyv’s elementary graduation. Cyv is Babe’s nephew, and since we are a pretty small family, including my sisters in law’s families, it is quite easy to call for a mini reunion.

Anyway, we celebrated in Crisostomo, a Filipino restaurant in the newly opened Fairview Terraces. Since this was a treat, I figured I might as well enjoy it (lol!). Here are the dishes that we ordered last night. Please take note that these images are not from us, and are lifted off the internet.

download (1)

Geoff’s favorite! bam-i guisado, a combination of bihon and canton with lechon kawali top! picture lifted from


Binagoongan ni pia. This was crispy liempo on a bed of eggplant and bagoong. Image lifted at


sisig linares – This was the classic sisig and Cyv’s favorite. Image lifted from


sinigang gomez – this is your classic sinigang na baboy in a ceramic palayok. I liked it because it achieved the “asim” that I am looking for in a sinigang. Image lifted from

Overall, everything we ordered tasted good, and for me are considered comfort food, them being Filipino dishes. The prices are a bit on the expensive side, and when I asked the waiter how big the servings were, he said it was good for sharing (2-3 persons). When the dishes came, it turned out that the sharing portion is indeed good for 2-3 persons, who have very small appetites (LOL!). Service wise, it wasn’t exceptionally good, pretty fair or what you would expect from a restaurant. The space being small, they only have 1 high chair to accommodate babies, and we had to wait our turn.

By the way, Crisostomo has this treat for graduates. Anytime you dine with them, you get to have a slice of cake (ube or caramel), a glass of Sangria and an appetizer (Beaterio or Setas Salpicao). You just have to meet the minimum purchase of Php1,800 and present any proof of graduation such as Diploma, school ID, or Certificate of graduation).

Side kwento: Ate was already paying when I asked the waiter about their promo. The waiter then explained the mechanics. Unfortunately, they left the certificate in their car, all the while budging the good kuya waiter for the freebie (asking if the ceremony picture was ok, or if the graduate would suffice). Nakulitan na lang si Kuya, he decided to give us an ube cake instead (Haha!) Moral lesson, always comply with the mechanics of the promo, pero try your luck minsan din 🙂

Congratulations again Cyv! Do well in high school, ok?

Geoff’s Swimming Day

So last Saturday, we pushed through with our swimming plan to celebrate Geoff’s birthday. It was a simple celebration, as it was just me, Babe, my mom, our yaya, and of course, the star of the day, Geoff.

One week before the planned outing, we did an occular as to which resort is the most kid and budget friendly (our choice was narrowed down to Loreland and Cristina Villas, so we only visited those 2!). Having visited the latter twice now, I was quite obvious that I favored the said resort. And so, after seeing the place, Babe gave an okay signal to choose Cristina Villas Mountain Resort and Hotel.

Anyway, this post is all about Geoff’s celebration, so let me save the review of the resort on another day. 🙂

Warning: This is quite a photo heavy post


Babe was being goofy while Geoff was showing off a diamond


Happiness is a slide, within the pool. The baby loves both, thus, the very wide smile on his face


On his own


Did I mention that he was ecstatic? 😛


Dancing in the pool, assisted by a fan (lol!)


Bad boy look daw 🙂




Mama Lola, look at the camera please?




Look up


I’ll smile na lang Mommy!


I’m tired!


Look out. I’m on a mission

Overall, we all enjoyed the place, the weather was neither too hot nor too windy. The water was a bit cold, but who cares if everybody enjoyed the water, right? What matters is that we got to see Geoff (even his Mama Lola) enjoying every moment, until kami na yung gustong umawat na from swimming!

Watch out for the review on my next post 🙂

My Birthday Boy!

In a few hours time, my baby boy will be entering the toddlerhood stage. Quite bittersweet as time seems to go so fast and so slow at the same time. I still remember the vivid details when I first saw Geoff, while it was such a blur watching him grow. I am in such awe to see him run, climb, jump, laugh, cry, be naughty and sweet.

As we enter the “terrible two” phase, I pray for strength, wisdom, and guidance to make Geoff a better person in the future. As most mommies can relate, motherhood is not easy, and we are now seeing signs of mischief in those chinky eyes, truly, a test of patience. We are at a point where Geoff is no longer a baby we can leave inside a crib, or surround with pillows; Constant vigilance is what we are right now.


Happy 2nd birthday my baby boy! May you grow up to always be the better person. Be kind, rather than nice. Be strong, yet be weak when necessary. Surround yourself with people who loves you, and would matter the most. Don’t be afraid to take risks, be adventurous and live life (with a little caution, of course!). Daddy and I will always be your number 1 fan, supporter, and cheer leaders. We love you, and will never tire of saying it. Makulitan ka man samin!

One last wish though. I wish you would tire of gibberish na and speak words that we can understand na, ok? I love you!


Week 3 – Let’s Go For A Swim

Last Sunday, my friends set a swimming date/mini reunion at the Pasig Rainforest Water Park. We had a blast, most especially the baby. The water was cold, the wind was strong, nevertheless, even as he was chilling to the bones, Geoff was a happy baby throughout the day.


Alanganin ang smile kasi nanginginig. LOL!

The Year That Was 2013

Compared to the hectic outdoor activities in 2012, 2013 proved to be the most laid back in terms of travel. We only traveled outside the Metro only once (Palawan), other than that, we pretty much stayed at home. There were a lot of first as usual, but mostly, last year revolved so much around Geoff. In addition, I think the best description for that year is “GRATITUDE”. I am grateful for a lot of things, and I think photo blogging will better describe it.


  • Geoff turned 1 and a catholic. We are so blessed and thankful to see so many friends and family members celebrating this milestone with us.


  • Geoff had his first haircut. A bit traumatic for us, however, it did not stop the kiddo from having fun during his first visit to BGC.


  • I won several contests from the blogs that I stalk. This includes the La Andi package from the Soshal Network, play and learn classes and GC from Bebengisms and One Dental Care, tickets to the Nido Discovery Center from AXA Philippines, and the best so far was the Palawan accomodation and tours by Akira and Everything Nice and 8 Dragon Tours. These blessings were overwhelming and until now, I am still grateful.
How my phone looks like - Cat themed wallpaper. Icons can be customized too!

How my phone looks like – Cat themed wallpaper. Icons can be customized too!

  • I finally had the courage to switch to a touch screen phone. I decided to stay with Sun Cellular since the service is okay and the price of the plans they offer is quite reasonable compared to others.


  • Geoff attended a play and learn class for a brief period of time. It was such a shame that the commute proved to be harsh for both of us, but I am also glad that he was able to experience “a bit” of discipline and the concept of following rules.


  • I finally got myself an oven and had my ups and downs in baking, until I finally triumphed. The purchase of this oven led to the creation of Nibbles. I was able to get back all the investment I made, plus a decent amount of savings as well. Through this, I also received a verbal commendation from a customer who said “ang sarap sarap kasi ng revel bars mo”. Such a heart warming gesture.


  • I was able to bring Babe to the Underground River as our 2nd wedding anniversary getaway. It was quite funny since I booked our tickets as early as March. Come September, an emergency happened and we both thought it was best not to push through anymore, until I learned that I won free accommodation for 3D/2N and an Underground River tour for 2! We immediately rebooked the flight, this time through Air Asia Zest (they have reasonable prices and they were on time for both flights too!). My biggest thanks to Ms. Jenny and Sir Jeron of 8 Dragon Tours for the chance.
Flintstones, we're the Flintstones!

Flintstones, we’re the Flintstones!

  • I made my very first DIY costume for Geoff’s Trick of Treat. Well, Babe helped too. You see the strap, he stitched everything there. I did the skirt and patches, as well as the colors. It was a success, and we could tell that Geoff really enjoyed the event even if we were dead tired by the end of the day.


  • It was also a year for friendship. Though we don’t see too much of each other nowadays, we are still as close as ever, especially now that our family is growing. Thank you Lord for these people, for without them, I would not be the person I am today.


  • Babe and I only managed one climb this year. Muntik pa madisgrasya. I thank the Lord as well for guiding me through that ordeal. Indeed, never underestimate nature and everything in it.

DSC_0299 DSC_0303

  • Last year also brought us closer to our families. Though not everything was as smooth sailing as we hoped, we were still able to overcome most of the challenges and accepted it as a means of making us and our bond stronger. I am thankful for them, for their continued support and love.


  • We had several food trips, ranging from really budget to pricey type. I am thankful because food trips meant that we have money to spend, and that we are well enough to eat it. After all, food trips are expensive somehow.


  • I am also thankful for this little boy (or baby!) as he continue to provide endless love and joy for Babe and I. We are thankful that he is healthy, sweet, and lovable. I also pray that he continue to be a voracious eater. I am hoping as well that this is the year that he starts talking.


  • I am also thankful for my husband and my marriage. That even though it is not perfect, both of us are making the efforts to adjust and make it work. We were close friends for years, boyfriend/ girlfriend for months, and hopefully partners for a lifetime.

Here’s to a thankful look back at 2013, and a year full of hope for 2014. May you and your loved ones be blessed as well.

This year, I was excited to dress Geoff up for Halloween. So excited that I scanned every halloween event that is happening in the Metro only to find out that we are pressed for time and budget. Since Eastwood was the closest and in our opinion most affordable without being too crowded, we chose to go that event instead. So, last Saturday, we brought Geoff to Eastwood to attend his first outdoor trick or treat.

Before we go into detail as to what happened during the event, let me give you an idea with what we came up as costume. Weeks before, I was so excited to look for a simple costume that I could DIY and somehow not that common for kids nowadays. Last year, we had Geoff dress up as Russell from the movie Up.

Pardon me in the picture. This was the most decent photo for Geoff :)

Pardon me in the picture. This was the most decent photo for Geoff 🙂

This year, we dressed Geoff as Bambam from The Flintstones. I am proud to say that most of the people from the event knew right away who “he” was. Even some friends in Facebook guessed correctly when I posted this on Instagram:

Flintstones, we're the Flintstones!

Flintstones, we’re the Flintstones!

I made my mom buy me a yard of orange felt cloth, while I bought some black dye to achieve the dark color needed for the strap and scraps for the skirt. It was also a coincidence that we have this cute little plush doggie with a bone, thus the hairpiece.

Come the actual event, our baby looked like this:


Adorable Bambam


We had to put a shirt on, his costume is too revealing (LOL!)

The event started at around 3PM. We thought it will be the actual trick or treat. We were wrong. They had the costume contest first (we were number 360, btw) and we had to wait until it was over. We were given freebies from Koko Krunch, Kitkat, Cloud 9 choco drink, mini Colgate, and a map of stores who were participating for the event. There were almost 500 kids (I think) and all in costumes. Some were really cute, while some were really spooky,

We had our turn at the stage wherein each kid was introduced.

Side kwento: Geoff did not want to be held during this time. All he wanted was to run around and touch everything in sight. He kept on pulling away from me and as a result, he grabbed my eyeglasses and threw it away. The result, kumalas yung lens sa frame and I had to stuff it inside my bag kasi it was already our turn sa stage.


See his efforts to get away?

In summary, part of us are thankful that Geoff enjoyed his day. He was able to run around, enjoy the outdoors and be friendly with some kids and dogs. What we did not like was that I felt that we were begging for candies. This was just us, since Geoff was too tired then, so we had to do it for him. Pero, like I said, the day was very enjoyable, especially if you have these 2 with you. Happiness.


Big smiles!