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Week 30 – A Song For You

It took me a while to sort out photos. And another while to realize that I don’t have any for this particular week. Anyway, let me post a video instead.

It took me a while to understand what this baby was singing. To be precise, it took me a whole week to understand that he was singing “Treasure” by Bruno Mars. Haha! Enjoy!

Progress: Geoff Knows his Letters

I have posted some of my concerns about Geoff’s speech here. Today, I am so happy and proud to announce that he is well on his way to progress. During the last few weeks, he took interest in learning his letters. He now knows the alphabet and could count until 10. He also knows several words, though he still needs time to develop his sentences.

Still, I could not be prouder. When we go out, he would often point at the posters and read back the letters and the pictures as well. So here he is, with a very rare moment that I am able to take a video of him:


Week 21 – A Visit to Star City

My brother invited us to his company’s family day one weekend of May. Ironic as it sounds, it was our little family who went, sans the employee who was supposed to be there. Be as it may, we enjoyed the day but, resolved to going to amusement parks when Geoff is a bit older.

Here is the only picture that we managed to get during the event because the baby was active the whole time.


Borlogs after mangulit the whole day!