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Hababerday Babe!

“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.”

~ Loretta Young

Though we annoy each other a lot about very simple things, I want you to know that you are the most irritatingly and annoyingly sweet, generous, loving, and caring husband that I can wish for. Of course, hindi kasali yung pag ubos mo sa ulam everytime, but then again, I love you more for the appreciation that I get.

Here’s to more birthdays to come. Geoff and I love you very much. Mwaah!


Gloomy Monday And What I Am Looking Forward To

I am on a holiday off again today. As much as I want to enjoy it, funds are low and I am still trying to figure out how I can squeeze in work at home. The recent no work days really affected my productivity, as I only have 2 days to finish everything.

Either way, as we were cooped up the whole weekend, it was bonding at its finest. Here is what the naughty adorable baby was up to:




Yep. The camera flash is not Geoff’s favorite, but it is quite amazing how his logic sometimes work. On the 3rd picture, he managed to pick out the blue blocks out of all the others. He was also able to put it top side up. After arranging it as such, he faced us with his biggest smile, and clapping at the process. Ang galing lang.

Anyway, there’s a lot happening this week. My grandmom is coming home for a short vacation, the last payday that we will be paying for the car, our first dining experience at Vikings Marikina, and most importantly, this is also Babe’s birthday week.

I will try to do an update as these activities come, for now, I’ll leave it as is.

Movie Date + A Mom’s Worry

I am not the best person to be considered as creative, and I am running out of ideas on what to caption this blog post. Anyway, here is what we did during the weekend, what the baby was up to, and a nice find to add to my arts-wanna-be-materials at home:


Went grocery shopping, look at our gwapong gwapong little driver 🙂


Fixing his broom broom


nga-nga while playing with the little flowers from mommy’s new toy


Lookit my new craft punch! Bought this for P44 at Saizen Metro East


Baby! Wait lang! I have to take a picture first!


Lunch date. Pizza craving solved!

In addition, Babe and I was able to watch this kick ass movie called Pacific Rim. I might post about the details on a different blog post so as not to be a spoiler to those who haven’t seen it but would chance upon this blog. All I can say is that it is a must see. We were able to watch it in 2D, and it does not make it any less interesting. The actors were good, the action scenes were great, there was a tearjerker moment and a brief instance of romance. Two thumbs up, and I am really glad that Babe asked me to watch this movie. Sulit na sulit eh.

Lastly, I think Geoff has this “will” issue. He speaks a lot of gibberish and certain words such as “dee-dee” for daddy and “teh” for ate and how to pronounce the “P” word phonetically. Other than that, he does not really like to repeat words when I am trying to teach him how, either deadma yung peg, or he will give me his “sutil” smile and will say something completely different. At 17 months, I was kind of hoping that he will learn to say more, pero yun nga, I am thinking that it may just be a will issue. Any other mommies who are having the same issue?

Beep Beep, Broom Broom

The much awaited driving lesson finally pushed through last Sunday night. I chose the time setting because 1.) Geoff would be asleep by then 2.) There are very few cars in our strip of practice area. First thing I asked Babe: Mag-aaway ba tayo after ng lessons naten? Sagot nya: Hindi naman siguro. Sabay smile  🙂

Babe mentioned that we will do the atras-abante lessons, and as he was backing the car out from the garage, I can’t take the smile off my face (sings “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it! heehee!).

First lesson: Make sure everything is in place; side mirrors, seat is well adjusted,

Second: Be safe. Check the emergency break, and that the shift is in neutral. Start the engine and tapakan ang clutch (left) and brakes (center) at the same time.

Third: Shift feet from brakes to gas (right) very lightly while very slowly releasing the feet from the clutch.

Babe: Make sure dahan dahan ang apak sa gas, and the meter should not leave 1 1/2 gauge

Me: Ok (nakapako na ung mata sa meter gauge).

Babe: Then dahan dahan lang dapat yung release ng clutch para hindi ka mamatayan ng makina.

Me: Ok (dahan dahan na umapak sa gas, but released the clutch too soon) Sorry Babe!

Babe: Ok lang yan, basta dapat light lang.

Me: Ok (try again, mga 5 times, same pa din, kumakadyot pa din ung makina) Arrgh! One last Babe!

Babe: Ok (Napa-smile na lang, pero pawis na!)

Me: Trying my best, naka tutok pa din sa gauge, biglang napa-apak ng bongga sa gas! Shoot!

Babe: Babe! Buti na lang naka emergency brake pa tayo! Ambilis ng harurot nun!

Me: I know! Sorry! Sorry! Promise, one last na lang!

Me: Tried again, this time, umabante ng mga 5 inches, hindi namatay ang makina, pero nabigla na naman sa brakes. Screech!

Me: Ok na ako. Next time na lang ulit Babe (hehe!)

Babe: Giving me additional pointers, blah blah (nakalimutan ko na kasi), sabay sabi; Galing galing naman!

Me: Haha! Ang hirap pala mag drive!

Meet Leni :) Soon, matuto din akong magdrive (Bwahahaha!)

Meet Leni 🙂 Soon, matuto din akong magdrive (Bwahahaha!)

Zark’s Epic Burgers

Finally, natuloy din ang burger date namin ni Babe. We went to the newly opened Zarks burgers in Katipunan right after the movie date. We left SM at around 7PM and lo and behold, malakas ang ulan! We did not bring any umbrellas with us, thinking that the day started out fine. Too bad we thought wrong as it was not your typical rain. Literal na malakas ang ulan. The kind that will overwhelm most floodway system kasi Katipunan was flooded that night. Tricycles would not even attempt to ride out that time kasi nga ang lakas ng ulan. We opted to buy ourselves umbrellas instead on the sidestores and braved our way to Zarks.

The walk was enjoyable, despite the heavy down pour. We were just concerned if there were open potholes because aside from limited visibility, there was hardly any lights as well (save for those coming from the traffic). Soaked and quite hungry from the walk, we arrived at Zarks and waited for our turn. We got ourselves listed and somehow noticed that we were the only customers soaked in the waiting area. Fun no?

Then we were called inside and placed our orders. Babe got the Jawbreaker while I ordered the Bacon Wrapped Burger, priced at P250 and P240 accordingly. Our orders came with iced tea and fries. If an upgrade to bottomless iced tea is needed, you just have to pay P20 each. Pwede na!


The Jawbreaker – triple burger patty with spam and bacon with veggies, of course, fries and iced tea. All for 250 petot


Bacon-wrapped burger, single patty with tomato and lettuce, with almost half a kilo of bacon (I think!) with fries and iced tea – 240 petot

We were so bloated right after that we considered walking back to the corner of Katipunan. We were able to flag down a tricycle eventually and were so sleepy during the jeepney ride. Just like our first taste of their burgers, we were truly satisfied, but agreed that would try it out maybe next year. Hindi healthy kung dadalasan considering that their burger is truly epic.

Zark’s Burger Taft is located at 2nd floor Archer’s nook bldg,Taft ( front of La Salle taft. top of Yellow Cab) AND President’s Ave, BF homes Paranaque (in front of Shawarma Snack Center)

Zark’s Burger Katipunan is in front of Ateneo, between Pizza Hut and Sizzling Pepper Steak. How to commute from Cainta: ride a jeepney bound to Cubao, get off at Katipunan corner, underneath the over pass. Ride a tricycle from the terminal a few steps from where you got off. Fare is P20, I think. You can also cross the street and proceed to Ministop. There is another terminal there and ask the tricycle that you will be getting off at Pizza Hut.

Zombies (A World War Z Review)

I will forever be afraid of zombies. Regardless of any feel good movies I watch after a zombie movie, I still feel disturbed. All sorts of nasties come into my imagination, making sleep impossible.

Last Sunday, Babe and I went on a date. We initially planned on just going to this burger joint but changed our minds because we were again running late. After eating lunch at home, we went to SM Marikina to watch a movie. The selection was limited, and the only movie that did not start that late was World War Z. The movie house was also full, so we settled into seats that were near the screen.

BTW, the clerk was kind of unnerving when we were booking the tickets. Hopefully she cheers up after she processed our transaction.

Movie date in SM Marikina

Movie date in SM Marikina

Caution: Spoiler Alert!

The story started out by showing the main character’s family, Gerry, his wife and 2 kids. As they were stuck in traffic, they witnessed a disturbance and finally the attack of people infected. The people, in a surge of panic runs, along with the family away from the attack, and Gerry saw that it only takes 10 seconds before a person is infected as well. They somehow managed to avoid the “zombies” by entering an apartment building and meeting a Mexican (?) family. He told the family that they need to go to the rooftop so that they can be rescued and invited them. The family declined and later was attacked, saved for the son, who came with Gerry’s family and was rescued.

When they reached the ship were there were several people who were rescued, Gerry was blackmailed to help in getting a cure and finding out what caused the virus, in exchange for his family to stay safe.

He then travelled from Korea to Israel, and finally to Europe after gaining information from contacts from those countries. It turned out that 1.) the first suspected victim was from Korea, but the origin was still unidentified,  2.) they are drawn to noise, 3.) the infected are only after healthy people as host. He only realized all these when they were trying to figure out the best course of action was while in WHO (Europe). After the realizations, they then figured out a way to test their hypothesis, eventually ending up with Gerry infecting himself with a curable virus. This then marked the “almost” end of the zombie invasion, wherein the government gave people some sort of immunization shots to prevent the zombies from coming after them.

Overall, story wise, the movie was realistic. Action scenes were not as extreme like some of the other zombie movies I have seen. The character shows vulnerability as a person and the source of the disease and the disease itself is believable. This was the main reason why I was bothered that night, even after the wonderful burger date we had right after (will post about it separately). Despite the so-so reviews from other people who watched it, I found the movie thrilling, masakit sa puso, and breathtaking (sa takot, haha!). Rating: 4 stars

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of


Weekend Visit and Babe’s New Baby

So, after a few days of not being able to post anything, here I am, ready to document some exciting and fun filled days we had.

Thursday, the new “babe” arrived. Babe was so ecstatic and just could not hide it. After wanting and lusting (lusting talaga? haha!) for so long, he finally have his hands on Z. Z is Babe’s new phone. It is a phone from Sony, and it is an Xperia Z model to be exact.

I like the phone because it is purple. According to the website, it is also waterproof, shatterproof, scratch proof, and baby proof. These “proofs” I have yet to test as the hubby does not want to take any chances in testing the device. The phone itself is fast and unlike the previous touch screen phone that he had, I find texting pretty easy with this phone. I also like that our Internet connection is cooperating, thus, Babe was able to install some games and applications that I liked.

Come Saturday, we went to Fairview to visit my sisters in law. In addition, Babe was also intent on having Leni (the car), fixed. Unfortunately, we were unable to have Leni checked, however, the little baby had fun.


Can you see the joy in the little boy’s face?


Thank you Tita Jen!

Side kwento: Since the main purpose of our visit was to have the car checked, Babe felt bad as it was really unfortunate that we were unable to do so. It was raining kind of hard and we heard this awful sound again, coming from the back of the car, bandang gulong. Babe suggested that we head back, and I asked what the next plan was after heading back. I’m not sure what happened, pero Babe still went on and drove real slow na lang until we could not hear the noise anymore. He had Leni checked the next day, and it turned out that the hub connecting one of the back wheel was loose, while one was cut into 2. It was pure luck that we were able to go home safely.

Man of Steel (And a Date in the New SM Aura)

Today is a Monday, the first day of the week after a long weekend. You see, we were on leave last Friday in anticipation to the contest result, which by the way, I did not won (Haha!). Anyway, like any Mondays, mejo nakakatamad pa talaga and my system is being forced to work because first day of the week means reports day. I still have a lot of items in my to do list. But, I have to get this post out of my system, before I forget about our “firsts” during the weekend. Let me start with one of our “firsts”.

SM Aura recently opened, and since we were really intrigued about the feedback about it, we decided to come and visit. We went on commute, as we still have to have our Leni checked. Leni is our car, BTW.

From Cainta, we rode a commuter FX bound to Ayala and got off Buting. From Buting, we crossed the street and rode a jeepney bound to C5 (I think). Fare is Php 8, and it is only a short distance from the terminal jump off of Market Market. We got off at the service area/parking area of SM. I am not sure if development is still in the works, but, we got there just fine. It’s not the most welcoming atmosphere kasi parang tambayan pa sya ng employees and workers, likod kasi yung lugar, and front entrance of the mall is somewhere in Serendra.

When we got inside, we were greeted by friendly guards who gave us directions. We entered the Supermarket side, thus the directions going to the actual mall area was welcoming. There were a lot of stores that have yet to open, with the inclusions of some fast food joints and stores such as Bench, however, I can clearly say that this mall is designed to cater consumers from the higher ends of society. There is also the usual SM cinema, I just did not check how many. One of those is the Imax theater (where we chose to watch Man of Steel). The supermarket was also a sight to behold. There seems to be a lot of variety of both local and international finds. Again, just like the mall itself, mas lamang pa din yung high end brands and products. Still, I am looking forward to do my grocery shopping there.

What about the movie? It was also our first time to try the Imax experience and  Babe and I loved it! There was action scenes from start to finish. Babe mentioned that there were some parts that he considered a bit confusing due to some flashbacks from Clark/Kal-El’s childhood. I did not read the comic book nor the articles from wikipedia, but I still loved the outcome. BTW, I won’t be doing a full review. Just my thoughts on how the movie was executed and my favorite parts. I loved the way Henry Cavill portrayed the role. So mature and responsible, even when Kal-El was young. I liked it that he made sacrifices then and now for what he and his parents thought were beneficial to all. Basta. This may be the reason why I cannot be a critic or a reviewer of some sort. Hindi ako magaling mag describe (Haha!) If anyone should read this, take the word of a very ordinary person like me. The movie is surely worth every centavo of the Php420 price of an Imax 3D movie. It was a good thing that we have waited for this movie, and to be able to watch it in 3D nonetheless.

In summary, we are both glad that we opted to wait for this particular movie to watch in Imax 3D.  In addition, we are also happy that we watched it in the new SM. The experience was refreshing as it was something new for us.

P.S. The “S” in the Superman logo stands for Hope. This was something that I did not expect, but I do am glad that it was that prominent in the movie, It made it more meaningful.

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Photo courtesy of

How Our Mothers Day Was Spent

Oh-kay. Another mothers day post. I am not good at dividing topics for multiple posts so forgive me. Always a newbie (harhar!).

So, last Sunday was Mothers Day. Initially, we were planning to go to The Fort so that the little one can run around the grass and enjoy the water fountain. The plan changed because we were unable to persuade my mom to meet us there. Being the wonderful children we were (chos!), we fetched her and we went to ATC instead.

We chose Banapple for our food that day because they are a participating store for Good Housekeeping’s Mothers Day lootbag. True enough, we were able to get one by purchasing Php 1k worth of food. Babe and Ma got the Hickory Smoked Barbecued Country Ribs (Php 200), we got Jona the Fettuccine Jacintha (Php 185), while I chose Herbed Chicken Rolls with Basil Cream Sauce (Php 200). We also got desserts, Banoffee Pie, Fudgymudgymud Pie, and Hallow mallow s’mores pie (Php 110). Everything summed up to only Php1030, and considering that there were 4 adults, this is actually affordable.

Food verdict: The barbeque sauce was not too strong, the basil cream sauce was kind of “nakakaumay” if you don’t share, and the cakes were all heavenly. I really loved the crust and the classic banapple slice.

We rallied out and further in the mall with heavy tummies and with smiles on our faces.We then decided to go for a short stroll. This, we did not enjoy much as there were too many people in ATC. We stayed for a couple of minutes more, then we went to my mom’s house to rest.

Side Kwento: We went to Greenhills the day before to sell my dad-in-law’s laptop. We were able to sell it and we went home happy. It was also the same day that my team, Towers Watson SD, was supposed to have their GA. I really really wanted to go, kaso, I was thinking about doing the laundry first. To top that, I also wanted to tinker with my beads and make some bracelets for future sales. Anyway, I ended up sleeping mad as I was really hoping that I will get help with the laundry. I was only able to finish washing clothes at around 1AM. I was so tired, and mad, that I decided not to go and sleep na lang.

Anyway, going back to our Sunday, we left my mom’s place at around 9 PM. We really wanted to stay some more, kaya lang, the next day is a work day, thus, we need to head back home. Geoff immensely enjoyed the day (sobrang malanding bata! haha!), he really missed his mama lola.

Weekend Chit Chat

We finally sold our crib today to none other than my old team mate, Cesar. It was such a coincidence as he stumbled upon our Safety First playpen ad in Sulit. Somehow, it was a relief to us since we needed the cash, plus, the crib was taking up space in our house. We are co-sleeping with Geoff, thus, we really don’t need the crib, and for an active baby, I doubt if he will stay put. Anyway, we met earlier, he seemed satisfied with it and the deal is done.

We also tried a cake from TCB unlimited today. We chose the The Devil’s Cake which was made of marshmallow icing and a chocolate base cake. The little round cake costs Php 165.  It was quite good, however, it is not something that I will splurge on again in the near future. What got us interested is the Unlimited deal where you pay Php 200 per person and eat unlimited cakes. Not sure how it works, I did not inquire anymore as we were just on lunch break. BTW, service was really good.

Next, we went to Toys R Us to check on their TNMT figures. Babe recently developed this liking to relive a part of his childhood. According to him, he used to own those kind of toys when he was a kid, and would love to see Geoff own some as well.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Photo credits from

Each turtle/figure costs Php 499, a bit expensive compared to toys from before (The prices of toys these days are making me hyperventilate! Maygas!). Anyway, Geoff is a too young to own these, but considering Babe’s disposition over the toys now, he will most likely buy one for himself, and share the toy to Geoff later.

We have plans for both Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully, all will go well so that we can enjoy Mother’s day on Sunday. Happy weekend!

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