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Movie Date + A Mom’s Worry

I am not the best person to be considered as creative, and I am running out of ideas on what to caption this blog post. Anyway, here is what we did during the weekend, what the baby was up to, and a nice find to add to my arts-wanna-be-materials at home:


Went grocery shopping, look at our gwapong gwapong little driver 🙂


Fixing his broom broom


nga-nga while playing with the little flowers from mommy’s new toy


Lookit my new craft punch! Bought this for P44 at Saizen Metro East


Baby! Wait lang! I have to take a picture first!


Lunch date. Pizza craving solved!

In addition, Babe and I was able to watch this kick ass movie called Pacific Rim. I might post about the details on a different blog post so as not to be a spoiler to those who haven’t seen it but would chance upon this blog. All I can say is that it is a must see. We were able to watch it in 2D, and it does not make it any less interesting. The actors were good, the action scenes were great, there was a tearjerker moment and a brief instance of romance. Two thumbs up, and I am really glad that Babe asked me to watch this movie. Sulit na sulit eh.

Lastly, I think Geoff has this “will” issue. He speaks a lot of gibberish and certain words such as “dee-dee” for daddy and “teh” for ate and how to pronounce the “P” word phonetically. Other than that, he does not really like to repeat words when I am trying to teach him how, either deadma yung peg, or he will give me his “sutil” smile and will say something completely different. At 17 months, I was kind of hoping that he will learn to say more, pero yun nga, I am thinking that it may just be a will issue. Any other mommies who are having the same issue?

Trinkets and Crafts

I have been itching to do DIY projects for some time now. From felt creations, to my bead crafts, and now to some stitching and crocheting projects. This maybe the result of browsing too much crafts website. It is not a secret that I have been itching to start a business without spending too much for capital. More so, what encourage me more is the fact that I will be able to hone my skills in doing arts and crafts.

Last year, I was able to make a small income by creating custom bead bracelets for Christmas. I’m not sure if I posted it on my blog before, but I had great ideas from an ex office mate, Malen. This year, I plan to do the same thing. Make more time in tinkering with my beads, and add more crafts project to my list. Here are some of my initial bead creations. These were already bought by people from our office and I was not able to take pictures of those with charms.

374935_10150421604611696_1499035359_n 377216_10150421602161696_2008342559_n 378382_10150421601436696_1890455663_n 378835_10150421601946696_1693643113_n 383808_10150421603296696_103721149_n 384681_10150421606686696_1651482794_n 386320_10150421605261696_2136550988_n


BTW, I sold these babies cheap. The earrings costs Php 20, the bracelet Php 80, while the set of earrings and bracelet costs Php 100. Looking at the same items in bazaars and stores, they sell at a much higher price.

Hopefully, I will be able to schedule a shopping trip intended for my projects and get the ball rolling real soon!

Weekend Roller Coaster of Feelings

Here is a quick glimpse of how our weekend went. It somehow a roller coaster of emotions but none of them went beyond the extreme levels. A good weekend nonetheless.

Excitement: As usual, Friday marks the end of the week. The day we always look forward to end as it marks the start of a few days of rest (sort of!) We got home a little bit after 1AM (we get off work at 12AM) and relaxed a bit by watching a few shows on cable. We also planned how our day (Saturday) should be.

Worry: We went to the market on Saturday morning. We got up late and was quite cramming to catch up before noon. I was also worried that we won’t be able to buy anything fresh anymore. We also took the car with us (Thank you, Babe!) for the first time and almost got lost on our way back (Heehee!). Well, we got back just in time for lunch. I cooked something easy that afternoon as we somewhere else to go to that afternoon.

Regret: BTW, we bought this cheap pile of galunggong from the market. When we got home, we discovered that it was no longer fresh. To make sure that it won’t go to waste, we decided to fry it well and feed it to the cat. Syempre, I cleaned it well because I am not the type to feed my cat something spoiled. Bilasa yung fish, pero hindi pa sira (technically!). I think the cat was most thankful anyway. We were also unable to attend a good friend’s event that day. We were running late, thus I just texted my apologies. Perfect timing pa naman sana to bring Geoff along, kaya lang, we had to be somewhere pa.

Pride: The final destination that day was Babe’s sisters’ house in Fairview. Ate Lady shared her good news of winning an Ipad Mini (galing!) in one of the seminars she attended. Ate Jen also shared some of their construction projects (kakagigil tuloy lalo magka-house). In addition, Ate Lady and Angel also showed us their felt creations. Let me tell you, it will really rival those in the market now. It wasn’t surprising that Ate Lady got her talent from their mom, who is also amazing at sewing (sorry, I don’t know the term. Seamstress ba?). I hope they set up their online shop soon. As in sooobrang cute ng creations nila, lalo yung monster pouches and bagtags.

Mushroom and Owl Bagtags, Monster Pouches

Mushroom and Owl Bagtags, Monster Pouches

Envy: When I saw Ate’s creations, I felt envious because I don’t think I can manage something as “pulido” as her work. Even Angel’s leaf design was detailed. In short, inggit ako. As a result, I bought myself some Velcro. I’ll start with my own pouches and have my mom sell it cheap to some of the kids in Las Pinas. The timing is right as they are about to start school soon, so baka sakaling mabenta yung mga pouches (haha!).

Affection: Geoff was too excited, happy, and hyper the whole time he was in Fairview. As usual, he loved the way he was treated there. Malanding bata eh (Haha!). It took him a while to warm up to his aunts and cousins, but after that, he was always on the move, giggling and laughing all the while. He did not sleep all afternoon(tsk tsk), and did not want to sleep even if he was too tired that night. He indeed got the spotlight that afternoon even from his cousin, Kuya Acob, who was teaching him stuff. We can see his affection as he tried to follow his kuya and tried getting his attention by talking baby and gestures. Sayang, there is no video, but they look cute together.

Appreciation: Babe and I had date night yesterday in Market! Market! We watched the Iron Man 3 in 2D. We were supposed to go to the Newport Cinema, however, we found out that there was no CityLink schedule on a Sunday (we did not want to go the long commute way), we decided against it. What finalized the decision was an FX with a sign board for Market! Market!. We ate fondue in a cup and a chicken and pasta combo. We also strolled inside the mall and found some amazing furniture that will hopefully fill our future house. Come movie time, we liked that the cinema was well spaced. This is a must as Babe is tall and there should be enough leg room for him. We stayed until the end of the movie credits, we loved waiting for the after credit scene. Overall, we loved the movie. We loved all the scenes, no ho-hum moments, we loved the kick-ass characters that made it all up. Given the chance, I’d gladly repeat the movie. And the date. BTW, before I end the day’s kwento, we also bought Geoff this fishing game, but are also thinking about keeping it until he is out of the “subo-subo” phase (harhar!).

All in all, it was another weekend well spent with family. I wish we could have more of these frequently, however, Monday is already here. I’ll just countdown until another Friday and make the most out of it again.

Yesterday, I went to Sta. Cruz to buy beads and charms for my bracelet business. The first time I went there, I overspent. Literally. Imagine spending 1k + on mere beads and charms. I had to justify and really market my work para lang mabawi yung nagastos ko (harharhar!).

To make it easier for me to remember, I looped all the pieces that I would need so that I won’t go overboard. To my horror, I spent 2K this time, at ngayong nire-review ko yung mga nabili ko, naisip ko, “Shit, ang dami daming charms, parang kapos pa din ung cups..” (aww talaga)

Anyway, natuwa naman ako. Kasi meron ako nadiscover na pwedeng style ng bracelet using cords. tamang tirintas, then kabit ng necessary na charm and filler, pati ung pang close and connectors, BOOM! Meron na akong award winning na bracelet. I was reading this blog, and isa sa outfit of the day nya is katulad ng ginawa ko. Take note, P350 ung cost ng bracelet na binili ni Mommy Fleur. Gosh. Well, I am selling mine for P80, just like the rest of the bracelets that I am making. Will post the photo pag napicturan ko na 🙂

Wish ko, mejo makilala ng onti ung blog ko. For business purposes lang. Kahit ndi na masyado yung mga stories ko. Ndi naman kasi kasing galing to ng ibang mommy blogs na nababasa ko lately, pero, yun. Wish naman yun eh. Samahan ko ng hard work and prayers para matupad. 🙂

What We Have Been Up To These Days

Christmas is just around the corner, and along with it means there are a lot of reasons to spend. There are gifts, the handa on the actual days of Christmas and New Year, not to mention the urge to buy something nice for ourselves. Pasko eh. Right?

Anyway, dahil nga sa maraming gastos, Babe and I devised a plan to somehow inject some “rakets” along. It’s hard to spend more than your means especially if you are like us who wants a lot of stuff for ourselves and for baby Geoff (imaginin nyo kame pag nasa toy store, literal na hindi kami nagdadala ng extra cash :)).

So, among the rakets that we thought of is to continue with my bracelet and earring business. All I have to do is go to Sta. Cruz to buy me beads, and create a masterpiece out of it (naks!). Here are some samples:

I am also into distributing ready goods. From Dakki, Sophie, and M&Co nga lang. I also have Sundance and Boardwalk kaya lang, it’s hard to keep track of the orders, let alone ung puhunan. I don’t have what they call a credit line, kaya cash purchase palagi. Mahirap kasi need lagi ng puhunan, plus one month to pay ang scheme. Tulog ang puhunan, pero kumikita pa din nonetheless..

 In addition sa trinkets and fashion stuff, we will also make time to cook food for pangbenta din. Hit kaya ung cheesy potato balls and carbonara ko sa office. Masaya lagi ang kita as long as hindi araw araw para di nakakasawa 🙂

So there, kumikitang kabuhayan yung drama namen. Christmas naman eh, plus we are after saving more para sa birthday/binyag ni Geoff. Sa March na yun, so need na talaga mag ipon. We are planning for something bongga, kaya need ng maraming anda 🙂

Yun lang muna, I am planning to go to Sta Cruz this Friday. Hopefully, makabili ng  beads and charms para sa trinkets business. Until next post 🙂