busy busy

I have been busy lately, thus my lack of time in updating my blog. Here is what happened during the months/weeks/days that I was not able to write:


·         met with my high school buddies

·         got busy with my direct selling/load/sari sari business

·         spent time looking for gift ideas for Christmas

·         found out and got addicted to cityville, one of the newest games in facebook

·         became concerned with our upcoming Palawan trip

·         became more concerned with the upcoming quarterly business review of one of the accounts that i am handling

·         got sick

·         got super tired

·         went on dates

·         planned for the renovation of our house in las pinas

·         got my new mountaineering bag (Hell yeah!)


Come to think of it, I already forgot some of my activities in the past. I know there were still a lot but somehow, I can’t seem to think of any. hopefully, I will get to accomplish more of what I planned this year.

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