Burot Beach Getaway

My first out of town holy week was spent with my Piknikers family. Since i am working in a call center, I do not have the luxury of having long weekends. Having said this, I was only able to go after my Friday shift and meet with Lani and Jaybie so that the three of us can join the rest of the gang in Burot, Calatagan.

Our meeting place was supposedly in Mcdonalds, near the MRT – Taft station. Not being that familiar with the place, I ended up going to the branch near the LRT – Taft station, with the same landmarks as the latter.

After clearing matters up, we all were able to meet each other and boarded a bus going to Lian, Batangas. I was asleep most of the time during the trip. I have my bag full of clothes, necessities, and food. I also ended buying additonal supplies when we got to the town proper, including water, ice cream, and bananas.

I can say, swerte na din. We got away with the sizzling hot and humid climate on the beach, kase nga, we were still travelling, plus the food that I brought along helped so much as the gang were too hungry when we got there.

Kainan mode muna with Shai, Bampi, Chun li, and Lani:

Girls’ group shot nung hapon:

And night finally came:

Ton cooked fried pork chops. Based on the holy week tradition dito sa Pilipinas, bawal kumain ng pork or beef during Good Friday at Black Saturday. As there were no other food available, no choice. Nabusog ako sa food, and hindi naman cguro ikagagalit ni Lord kung di ko natupad ung hindi pagkain ng pork.

Nagkaron din ng “aswang” scare that night. Shai and Bri brought some friends along and they were firm believers of the said folklore. Having 2 pregnant women in the group, naisip ko, baka totoo, pero after thinking about it for some time, I decided, di na lang ako maniniwala 🙂

The next day, it was time to enjoy the water. Beach mode activated!

Lunch time, dami daming cookset.. 🙂

Tambay mode:

Sobrang init, pahangin muna sa lilim.. Chillax mode:

A few group shots before we leave and get back to reality:

To sum it up, i enjoyed the vacation. It helped me detoxify and cleanse whatever stress I was on. I still believe that you don’t need to be with someone to be happy, but it sure would make a hell lot of a difference if you have someone loving you in return. Til my next vacation 🙂

One thought on “Burot Beach Getaway

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