Brave Little Boy

It’s always hard when your kid is sick. Most especially when they are babies who are unable to tell you what hurts.

Last Wednesday morning, Geoff was still fine. He ate lunch, had his morning nap, and played like a boss. In short, he was his usual self, then after lunch, he had his bath. That was when everything started. The nanny told me that Geoff was sporting a fever that afternoon, just before I got ready for work. His fever should not have been a problem if Geoff will only drink his meds, kaso, this balbon vomits even at the sight of the tempra or calpol bottle. Anything with a dropper, he considers medicine. So ayaw nya. What we did that day was to resort to the “punas” method while I was waiting for the suppository to be ready. By night time, the fever was still there, although it was not that high. We gave him another suppository the next day and was feeling ok by noon.

Come evening, when I took his temperature, he was again at 39.8. This made me worry as he might need be dehydrated given that he kept onĀ vomiting as well. I sent Babe a message that I will be bringing Geoff to the hospital to have him checked. Though hesitant because of the trauma (dextrose, x ray, blood test, masked nurses) he suffered the first time he was hospitalized, the thought of seeing him well after everything is more important to me. I brought him to the hospital that night.


When he was hospitalized at 6 months old

When we arrived at the Emergency Room of Manila East Medical Center, he was really exhausted and wanted to sleep. His temperature was checked and we were interviewed about what happened so far. So with a brief history, I gave them the details and came to an agreement that he will need to be confined for them to inject the paracetamol as well as to hydrate him with IV fluids.

Knowing that he struggled so much the last time, I willed myself not to cry. I prepared myself even before going to the hospital because 1. Babe was not with me, and 2. I have to stay and look strong for Geoff. Surprisingly though, he only showed curiosity on most parts. I think he only cried when we refused to give him milk. How proud I was of my brave little balbon at that moment.

After all the tests and paper works, we were finally wheeled in on our room. It was a small private room, and was comfortable enough in my opinion. It has TV, a personal fridge, andĀ air conditioning. As predicted, as soon as Geoff’s back hit the bed, he was snoozing away (poor baby!). We stayed there for almost 2 days (we went home Saturday afternoon).

Side kwento: Most of the nurses who frequented our room were the same nurses who were assigned to us before. Since Geoff is Mr. Congeniality – baby version, he kept on making “pa-cute” and smiles all the time. Naalala tuloy sya ng mga nurse and there even was this one nurse on the AM shift who kept on asking us to carry Geoff. Too bad it did not happen because she was the one who took off the IV, making her the bad guy in Geoff’s book.

Geoff is now back home, however, he is cranky and moody. Maybe because of his cough. I am longing for the happy little balbon before he got sick but maybe (keeping everything crossed and everything positive), he will be so in a few days. I will have to trick him to drink his cough meds, I already researched a few things that I can do by tomorrow, Wish me luck!

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  2. Josie Lao on Facebook

    bakit nag kasakit ba kuting must be very careful of his food n before giving bath see to it to feel what is his temperature n after bath dont expose him to electric fan be sure he is well dried put at his back n chest aceite alcampurado ok

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