Birthday post: The Vision and Final Venues

Initially, we envisioned the party as something of a much grander scale.

Pool party because it is summer, with matching theme and such. I already envisioned the menu and babe the decorations. We also scouted churches with a nearby private resort. I also remember making it a must na merong kiddie pool so that both parents and the kids can enjoy.


We also envisioned a caterer, an Elmo mascot, as well as a bonggang cake that is somehow aligned with One Piece, an anime that Babe and I were fond of.

As the days narrowed down to March 17, and after a few birthday parties that we attended to as well, we shifted the plan to something simpler. We figured that there is a probability that not all invited guests will come and that the preparation we had in mind will be put to waste. This was the time that we decided to do a fast food celebration.

Since we are working in Eastwood, we would scout some fast food places during our lunch time. We would ask if they have any party packages, the price, and such. The church was not a problem as there is one, the Blessed John Paul II (known as the Holy Family Church).

Inspired by the Shakeys Pizza Party that we attended during Hektor’s birthday, we opted to go for Pizza Hut. We liked the “dog” concept as a mascot and the package is not that bad. However, I learned that since we scheduled the baptismal on a common baptismal day for the church, meron pala kaming mga kasabay. And as expected, someone else reserved the venue first, and that they were able to pay the required downpayment.

Kalungkot. The day that I found out that we can’t have Pizza Hut, I started researching for other fast food joint in the area. Shakeys did not respond, Jolibee was literally small, and Mcdonalds can only accomodate 30 persons! I was about to give up when I read that KFC was also hosting kiddie parties. A spark of hope came up and Babe suggested that we inquire during lunch break.

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True enough, meron nga silang packages. Currently, their theme is Little Big Club. This includes Thomas the Train, Angelina Ballerina, Handy Manny, Pingu, Dora, and etc. Also, the food packages were really affordable, the adult and kiddie menu alike. They also have this smarty party package which includes loot bags, party hats, invitations, activity sheets, gift prizes and the likes. It also allowed us to avail of Chuckie, the KFC mascot.

We went ahead and booked the venue and provided an estimate number of guests. We also asked the necessary questions and was given the phone number to call in case there is a need to inform them of any additional order and such.

On my next post, I will be describing the event that took place, a review of the church, venue, food, and the party. 🙂

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