Birthday Post: The Day After and A Shower of Gifts

Again, another late post. The baby was happy with all the gifts he received. We had one table for the gifts, we did not mind it much as we were busy minding the guests and if the kids are still having fun. Add to that the fact that I have not taped the toppers to the cupcake box. Mejo ngarag in short.

When the party ended and the crew has cleaned up, we ended up with 4 huge garbage bags full of gifts! OMG lang. We even had a hard time loading it to the car. The solution Babe came up with is to take it out of the trash and organize it one by one in the trunk, some ended up in the front seat with the cake.

Side kwento: My Mom is really fond of Geoff. As in. Thinking that Geoff enjoyed balloons, nag uwi cia ng 4. Take note that Babe was in the driver’s seat, the cake and the rest of the things on the passenger seat next to him. Jona, my Mom, Geoff and me were cramped at the back seat. With 4 balloons! Ang siste, since 4 nga un, sobrang naka bend ako, plus nangungulit pa si Geoff, gusto magpapalit palit ng may karga. Eto pa, natuwa nga sa balloons, so gusto kagatin. Grabe. Buti na lang, nadala sa diversion. Kundi, baka pumutok pa ung balloon sa mukha namin. I was praying na walang traffic throughout the trip.

Anyway, the dad was more excited with the gifts, so, ito ang itsura ng bata batuta after the unravelling:


Before opening the gifts. Nakasubo na agad ke Mickey!


Yay! Ambilis magbukas ni Daddy ng gifts. 😀

I have taken a picture of each items here.

Again, regardless if may gift man or wala, we thank all the well wishers ni Geoff. 🙂

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