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We initially wanted Pizza Hut for the reception/ birthday party. This was pretty much inspired by the parties we attended a few months back. Remember the vision that we wanted here? Right. So we ended up with KFC instead.

The plan that we went for was the Fully Loaded Meal for adults and Kiddie Meal 2 for the kids. Fully Loaded was your typical chicken, rice, soup, sidings, brownie, and a regular drink, whereas the Kiddie Meal 2 was chicken and spaghetti with regular drink. It was supposed to come with ice cream, but they explained after party that they had problems with the supplier. We reserved 40 meals for adults and 10 meals for the kids. I was not able to take a picture of the actual set up before the guests arrived. We were too busy circulating plus I had a wardrobe malfunction pa. Anyway, here is what it looked like:


I don’t know who “GEO” is


The cake and cupcakes. These were bought from a different supplier. We did not avail the cake from KFC


Lootbag (lunch boxes) and prizes


A not-so-surprise visitor – – Chuckie! 

Here are the things of what I liked and didn’t like.

1. Name on the tarp – This was supposed to be “Geoff”. When we filled up the form to confirm the reservation, there was a field for the celebrant’s name and nickname. Being a first timer to this kind of party, I didn’t know that there will be a tarp. In case that there would be, I was under the impression that they will be using Geoff. I was really surprised that it was spelled “Janus Geo”, and I was asked to confirm the pronunciation as well. Akala ata ni Cheng, Geo lang ung name ni Geoff. This incident made it to the “did not like” portion of the day.

2. Chuckie – The mascot performance is ok and Geoff appreciated the giant chicken, and I think most of the kids did too! Chuckie made his appearance after the guests have eaten and gave 2 dance performances. Sure, some kiddies were afraid, but majority of them approached Chuckie to do a high five and simply touched the chicken.

3. Welcome standee – We would have liked if it wasn’t a Dora standee that was welcoming the guests. I guess, since this is a basic for their smarty party, we really have no choice. We would have preferred if they had a standee for a boy-themed party aside from the girl-themed party (Dora).

4. The crew and Ms. Cheng – I have no complaints with these guys. Very helpful and accommodating. Ms. Cheng was the person who reminded us that we haven’t eaten yet, and that we don’t have to stress too much about the food and the games. They also packed all of the gifts and leftover cupcakes neatly so that we can bring it home without the hassle. Another thing that I liked is that she was able to explain the number of orders that we had, what was returned to the kitchen, and the lowered cost of the kiddie meals because there was no ice cream.

5. Food – Nuff said. A KFC meal is always fulfilling. The soup was tasty, and we ordered the original flavor for the chicken. I believe you can’t go wrong with a KFC. 🙂

As someone working on a really tight budget, I guess, I can call the party a success. Imagine 80 guest (both adults and kids) was fed and provided loot bags and cup cakes as a souvenir. This may not be as “bonggacious” as what I read in some forums, however, the results were just as fulfilling 🙂

Here is a screencap of the kiddie party package and the costs:

IMG_20130806_162303 IMG_20130806_162354

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