Beep Beep, Broom Broom

The much awaited driving lesson finally pushed through last Sunday night. I chose the time setting because 1.) Geoff would be asleep by then 2.) There are very few cars in our strip of practice area. First thing I asked Babe: Mag-aaway ba tayo after ng lessons naten? Sagot nya: Hindi naman siguro. Sabay smile  🙂

Babe mentioned that we will do the atras-abante lessons, and as he was backing the car out from the garage, I can’t take the smile off my face (sings “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it! heehee!).

First lesson: Make sure everything is in place; side mirrors, seat is well adjusted,

Second: Be safe. Check the emergency break, and that the shift is in neutral. Start the engine and tapakan ang clutch (left) and brakes (center) at the same time.

Third: Shift feet from brakes to gas (right) very lightly while very slowly releasing the feet from the clutch.

Babe: Make sure dahan dahan ang apak sa gas, and the meter should not leave 1 1/2 gauge

Me: Ok (nakapako na ung mata sa meter gauge).

Babe: Then dahan dahan lang dapat yung release ng clutch para hindi ka mamatayan ng makina.

Me: Ok (dahan dahan na umapak sa gas, but released the clutch too soon) Sorry Babe!

Babe: Ok lang yan, basta dapat light lang.

Me: Ok (try again, mga 5 times, same pa din, kumakadyot pa din ung makina) Arrgh! One last Babe!

Babe: Ok (Napa-smile na lang, pero pawis na!)

Me: Trying my best, naka tutok pa din sa gauge, biglang napa-apak ng bongga sa gas! Shoot!

Babe: Babe! Buti na lang naka emergency brake pa tayo! Ambilis ng harurot nun!

Me: I know! Sorry! Sorry! Promise, one last na lang!

Me: Tried again, this time, umabante ng mga 5 inches, hindi namatay ang makina, pero nabigla na naman sa brakes. Screech!

Me: Ok na ako. Next time na lang ulit Babe (hehe!)

Babe: Giving me additional pointers, blah blah (nakalimutan ko na kasi), sabay sabi; Galing galing naman!

Me: Haha! Ang hirap pala mag drive!

Meet Leni :) Soon, matuto din akong magdrive (Bwahahaha!)

Meet Leni 🙂 Soon, matuto din akong magdrive (Bwahahaha!)

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