Beauty List Wish List

Dahil ilang tulog na lang, Christmas na, magpo-post din ako ng wish list. But, to make it a bit different, I will just post some beauty products that I have lined up for my wishlist. You see, it is really easy for me to get those. I am working, meaning, me sweldo, however, since I now have a family, di na pwede gumastos ng basta basta. We have to stay within budget, and of course, some beauty regimen are not that cheap. A simple BB cream (or at least, what I like to have) costs a little below 1K. Di ko afford na bumili nun, baka kung diapers or mimilk ni Geoff un, pwede pa.

Anyway, ito pa lang ung nasa list ko:

First is an eyeliner. I have chinky eyes, therefore, mahirap para sakin na maglagay ng kahit na anong eyecolor. I tried to put eye shadow once, I ended up taking the whole thing off and kalimutan na lang ang kalokohan na yun. I discovered that I can use an eyeliner and trace it above my eyes to create a look na lalaki ng konti yung mata ko. I just need something na smudgeproof and waterproof and I think everybody knows why.


My eyeliner does not have to be Maybelline

An officemate, Kat, introduced this miracle in a bottle. I used it and I was like, “Whoah!”. Ang smooth gamitin, it has a matte finish, and it smells nice. Nawala yung shine and there is no need to put on loose powder para mawala yung oily finish ng dating moisturizer. The downside, Php600 ung bottle. The upside, you can use the bottle for more than a month, depending on use. Basta, once nakaluwag, I am so getting this cream.


BB Cream wish list 🙂

Lastly, I have the Pond’s cold cream. According sa mga nababasa ko, this is an effective make up remover and it keeps the skin soft and supple. So far, ndi pa naman ako naghahanap talaga kasi nakakalimutan ko, kaso, parang wala din akong napapansin. Will try to look for it siguro by January.


For now, yun muna. I am not the type to go all out on makeup. Masaya na ako na me powder, blush tint and eyeliner.

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