Baking Needs And Things

When we got our bonus last September, all I wanted was to gift myself with an oven. I got what I wanted and was happy with what I was able to bake, I was able to make my own cupcakes, bars, bread, and cake.

The best thing so far is that the electric bill is not so high, and I was able to make a small profit out of the goodies I bake. Aside from the tools I bought such as the pans, whisk, spatula and stuff, I also had to scour for more affordable sources of ingredients and baking items. You see, groceries and markets are always a convenience, however, there are times when the prices are higher that what I am expecting. Take for example the chocolate for melting, which usually comes in 500g to 700g content costing P99. The all purpose flour (APF) usually costs P70 – P80 for a kilo, whereas it’s only P40 in the market.

This got me thinking, if I plan to earn some with the goodies, I would have to sell them at a higher price, which is not that feasible. This led me to research and stumble upon 3 of the most prominent sounding names online. They are Sweet Crafts in Mandaluyong, Chocolate Lovers in QC, and Love2Bake in Paranaque. Mind you, I am from Cainta, so efforts in going to those stores should really be worth it. Anyway, here are my views. Pardon if there are no photos.

Chocolate Lovers – Situated in QC, this store is quite easy to locate due to the detailed instructions from their website. Aside from that, almost everybody in the area are familiar with the brown castle in the city. This is the store where I buy most of the ingredients I use, such as ┬áthe chocolate chips, confectioner’s sugar, and chocolate bars. This is where we buy the boxes we use for packaging as well. Compared to Love2Bake, their prices are a bit higher, however, the location for me is more convenient and accessible. Their staff is usually cheerful and helpful, and I can only remember one slight instance that the person I asked answered me with a half-hearted answer.

Love2Bake – They have a physical store in Paranaque, per the site, just across the BF wet market. Personally, I have not been there, but I already did 2 online transactions with them. They are usually quick to respond with a quotation and the packages always arrive on time. Their prices are lower than Chocolate Lovers, especially the ingredients, however, I don’t think it is wise to have the perishables delivered. My purchases with them are usually the tools I use, such as my rolling pin, oven thermometer, cookie cutters, cooling rack, and the frosting tips. It is still my wish to visit their store nonetheless.

Sweet Crafts – As this is the most out of way store for me. Just like Chocolate Lovers, they have a detailed instruction on their website on how to get there. Their place is near Boni, with a very prominent landmark (RTU). I went there out of curiosity since I was really curious about the feedback. Unfortunately, I was really disappointed. The store was really cramped, the prices are higher than of CL and sometimes grocery prices. The selections were also not that impressive for me, but they do have these big packages of oatmeal, confectioner’s sugar, nuts, and chocolates. All I can say is that given the choice, I would still go to Chocolate Lovers for convenience (they have a bigger space and more choices in terms of brands and variety).

For basic stuff like APF, bread floor, and cake flour, I go to bakery supplies stores. There is one in Rosario, Pasig, near the church along Ortigas Extension, and there is also one in Marikina Market, just along the entrance of the actual market. Based on price comparison, they sell the flour way cheaper than any of the stores I mentioned, except Love2Bake.

For references, you may reach them through their pages:

Chocolate Lovers:


Sweet Craft



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