Back to School

Jak is getting her Masteral. Yipee!
i have yet to upload the pictures, but one thing is for sure, we are so proud of our nakama. She is going to pursue her studies and is going a notch higher. She will be taking up her Masteral in Information Technology. At the moment, she is leaning more into specializing in Networking.
OMG! This personal growth will really be good for her. More or less, this will open new windows and doors of opportunities for her (who knows, she might meet Mr. Right in one of her soon to be classrooms.. haha!)
I am so envious. I’ll see how it will work out for her, if it would not be too much for me, (i am planning to buy my own place next year) then i will try my best to study as well.
Good for you Jak! KUDOS!

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