Baby Gabe

A few months back, we found out that I was pregnant. An unexpected surprise as we were not planning on having any babies yet due to our financial standing. However, things happened, and here we are, with our little baby at 17 weeks.

Finding a good OB is not that easy. Well, technically, it should be as our current OB was referred to us by Jeff’s ate. Somehow, we always had reasons to put it off, until finally, we got to meet her last week. I was given tips on how to get up from a lying position, gave me a better baby book, and had us hear baby gabe’s heartbeat 🙂

I will be posting pictures as soon as it is available. Dr. Cecil mentioned that she will be recommending the ultrasound for gender and etc on my 7th month. (tipid no? haha!). By then, I might be as big as a whale. Oh, and did I mention that we are planning on naming our baby Gabriel Skye? 🙂

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