Baby Boy Lambing And Some Frustrations

Note: This is a late post.

Yesterday was a holiday, thus, I stayed at home. I was initially planning on cooking a meal for some friends who insisted that they wanted to have lunch with us, but cancelled during the morning. I was okay with it since I was not in the mood to go out and buy anything from the market (and lately, I have been feeling lazy to do anything. MUST. DO. SOMETHING. ABOUT. IT.)

Anyway, since it was just me, Geoff, and the yaya at home, we did not do anything much. Just the regular routine of watching TV, lounging, and letting the balbon (an endearment I use for my baby boy) play all day. The baby boy was his usual naughty self, however, it was really the first time that I noticed that he is developing well in the logic division. He knows specific pictures if you ask him to point, he follows simple instructions such as get his shoes, blow his nose, give hugs, and kisses, and get whatever it is that I ask him to (LOL!). He was also extra sweet during our bedtime routine too. He was very generous of hugs and kisses and smiles last night. It made me wish that the moment won’t end (sigh!).

On another note, I am still getting over my failure with the red velvet disaster that I made last weekend. The cupcake itself was okay, however, the supposedly almond buttercream was so overpowering. I used the almond oil extract that I purchased the same day and honestly speaking, hindi ko natantya yung supposed measurement nya. Mas matapang pala kasi kapag oil based. So fail ang attempt. Should have stuck with an ordinary frosting. Having said that, I tried to redeem myself follow a recipe for a moist chocolate cupcake, but it was a half-hearted attempt since I was still mourning over the red velvet cupcakes.

Anyway, I followed a certain recipe (I forgot who I got it from, maybe Bake Happy? I.AM.SO.SORRY!) wherein instead of eggs and butter, I used mayonnaise. Result was not so bad. The taste was wonderful though the cupcake itself was not so pretty. Too much air maybe? I don’t know, but somehow, it made me feel a lot better with baking.

Oh. And one last note. The butter that I thought was butter eversince, turned out to be a great tasting margarine. The packaging itself says so. Maybe this was where I was doing wrong ever since.

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