angels and demons

Frankly, i was disappointed. just like all the other movies that originated from a book, the movie version was too squeezed in on a very limited time frame, making some of the important details of the book missing. For those who haven’t watched the movie yet, do not read this. here are some of the important points missing on the movie:

*Maximillian Kohler was not given any role on the movie
*Leonardo Vetra, friend of the late pope, and father of Vittoria Vetra was supposed to die with the Illuminati emblem. he was also killed because of the antimatter.
*It was Maximillan who called Robert Langdon.
*Robert was brought to CERN first to be educated with the antimatter. this is also where he first met Vittoria.
*The chief of the Vatican guard immediately hated Vittoria because her outfit was not appropriate
*Story about the camerlegno was not published

I could go on and on about the things that were missed. I could say that i paid extra to hang out with my friends.

2 thoughts on “angels and demons

  1. malensky

    hello jo!fave ko yan angels and demons. yun ang hirap pag nauna basahin un book noh

    pero i’ll watch it pa din


  2. babing


    nabisita mo site ko.. hehe, joke!

    ok lang, ala naman talaga ako dala eh, go pa rin sa kakanood.. haha!


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