accuracy – 1.3.. whaaat??!!!!!

grabe, another post from yours truly.. haha.. last night (i think), i posted how excited i was to go to puerto galera. sobrang saya, elated talaga ang rurok ng emosyon ko kagabi, only to find out that everything will fall flat on my face. all employees are graded according to the metrics set by the company. as a senior qa specialist, i am tasked to uphold accuracy on all reports, and in everything that i do. reports, evaluations, huddles, orientation, information for the agents, everything. i’m not saying that i am perfect. i do have lapses. most of the times, i do and i would be very honest about it. we do have this KPI roll out every quarter and this is usually where we keep our hopes up that our grade will really reach an OUTSTANDING mark. for the first quarter of this year, however, i received a very shocking revelation. my accuracy score is 1.3 out of 5. this is the worst grade that i have received for accuracy. partly, i know that i did not do very well for january. i broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years plus my immediate superior was being a very big asshole. i keep thinking na tinira ako nito through my KPI. grabe talaga kanina, di ako maka-move on. 3 months worth of samples tapos un lang ang grade. whatever happened dun sa specialist na puro overturned scores bago na-confirm? hindi ba at naka 2 pa yata na grade un? ala na ba akong ginawang tama nung quarter na un? whatever happened sa december and february. whatever happened sa average ng unit ko???? shit. puro question mark ang utak ko ngayon. i am actually back to my old self. pinapansin ko na boss ko. i’m more than happy to accept responsibilities. pero ung balikan ako na parang wala akong ginawa na mabuti, ehem. ibang usapan na yan. bull shit talaga. sarap magwala, ipamukha na madami ring nagka- MOE pero bakit 5 pa din ung grade nila?! sarap magwala. naipasa na sa HR ung mga grades. di ko alam kung may habol pa ako dun or what. one thing is for sure. i would get less than what a regular specialist is earning. plus the fact na may discussion sa tuesday. until then, un na ung magiging deciding factor kung magpu-puerto galera pa ako.

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