A Very Informative Saturday

Last Saturday, I went to the Expo Mom event in Rockwell tent. I wanted to check the items they were selling, even if I am no longer pregnant. It was my first time to go to that area, and it was not that hard to find. Thanks to a website that I forgot to take note of, I was able to get there safely. Here is the route that I followed (should someone stumble upon my humble site):

BTW, I am from Cainta, so the directions will best be followed upon arriving in Edsa.

  • From Cainta, ride a jeepney to Crossing Ilalim. Make sure that it is NOT United or JRC. Otherwise, you will have a long way to walk. (Fare: P18 from Don Mariano)
  • Once in Edsa, ride a bus that will pass Guadalupe. If you are not a picky passenger, I suggest riding an ordinary bus as it is faster. Make sure that you hold on real tight as they go REAL fast. (Fare: P10)
  • Alight in Guadalupe. Usually, buses will stop in front of the Loyola Memorial Chapel. Walk away from the overpass, and turn right on first opportunity (ito ung mismong likuan right beside Loyola) walk straight and there will be a some sort of an informal jeepney terminal. Ask a barker for the jeep that will pass by Rockwell (business area lang. There are no direct jeepney routes going to the Plant or the Tent).
  • The driver will tell you once you are in Rockwell. Cross the street and ask a security guard for the building you need to go. The place reminds me of a mini Makati (or maybe because it is still part of Makati? I dunno, first time eh!).

The event started at 10 AM. I got there past 11 AM. I registered and got my swag bag. There were a lot of booths inside from various businesses. I went around and shopped (Yes, I shopped. Kumupit ako ng 1K kay Babe, and I am still feeling guilty). I bought crib shoes for a friend’s baby from Bugs and Kelly, baby snacks and a shirt from a store I forgot the name din (sorry!), a Firefly toothbrush, bakers twine from Paper Chic Studio, and refreshing beverages from Coco Quench. I loved the Basil Leaves and Honey combination.

At around 2 PM, I got ready to leave. I was supposed to go to BGC for the McCormick event but I knew it was supposed to start at 4 PM pa. Plus based on my phone conversation with Babe, ndi pa ata cia ready that time. I decided to stay. This was ok with me because the heat outside was really scorching. I stayed and was lucky that the program was about to resume. Better listen and amuse myself kesa mainis kasi hindi na ako makabili.. haha! Here is the program details for that day:


I was able to listen to the Wilkins portion which was explained by Dra. Khamil Carrion. She showed how a kid’s food pyramid should be, the water intake, and how the food portions work when dealing with kids. She also discussed common mistakes when feeding as well as the expectations that are usually incorrect. I specifically find the “dream food pyramid” hilarious.

I was also able to listen to Dra. Aurora Trajan when she discussed about Cord Blood Banking, it’s advantages, and options through Cord Life. Too bad I am not pregnant, nor plan to be in the next 3-5 years.

There was then a short game and raffle (which I did not win), then the “talk show” style wherein the SoMoms Tin, Jenny, and Neva discussed the event topic, which was Momtuition. Simply put, being a Mom, regardless if it is your first time, or the nth child, it never is a waste to ignore that inner voice. Listen to it, act on it, if it comes out wrong, you have nothing to lose. At least, you are “kampante” that you listened to it. No guilty feelings after.

Then there was this talk by Coach Pia Acevedo. She talked about never losing that communication and connection with your child so that when momtuition kicks in, there is no difficult part in communicating something that you cannot directly point your finger at. She mentioned how you can share and show your feelings with your child, with all the aspects there is.

All in all, I find the discussions really informative. Too bad I was too hungry, and I have to meet with Babe sa BGC. I left the even at around 4 PM. Again, it was commute again from Rockwell to BGC. Here is what I did.

Walk to the direction where you came off the jeep.

  • Ride a jeep enroute to Ilalim. Ask the driver to drop you off to where you can ride a Jeep going to Market Market! Note: there are some drivers who are not that vocal kapag sinabi mo na ibaba ka somewhere. It was a lucky shot that I heard another barker on an intersection of the jeeps going to Market Market. (Fare: P8)
  • Ride another jeep. This time, the sign board will say “Gate 3” pero most of them will pass by Market Market. There will be a conductor asking for the fare, just remind him. The jeep will stop by in front of Market Market! itself. (Fare: P10)

I met with Babe in BGC for the McCormick event. By that time, I realized that I was not able to bring any hankie or towel, nor powder or comb. Haggard! It was really hot that day, so I can only imagine how I look like. Prior to Babe’s arrival, I called my brother to ask for the actual location. He texted me after 15 minutes, this was while Babe and I were taking a stroll of Serendra.

I personally like this area of the Metro. The ambiance is relaxing, kid and pet friendly, there are a lot of stores and restaurants, and it is ideal for exercising. Though at this point, I can only afford the stores in Market Market!, I can still see myself doing a bit of window shopping here in the future.

So here’s the funny part.┬áSo Babe and I searched for the venue and was quite surprised that we cannot find it. I called up my brother again to confirm the venue and time. All along, I thought it was the 7th of April. My brother then said, “April 6 pa lang.” Ay, bagsak ang mundo ko, pati ni Babe (hehe!). Sabi ko then, buti na lang, pwede pa din tayo manood ng movie. Kaso, when we got to the cinema, petsa! blockbuster ang pila. Dunno if it was because of Marian Rivera’s presence kaya naisipan ng tao manood after, or what. Pero dahil dun, we decided not to see Miggy and Laida anymore. Excited pa naman sana ako (LOL!).

We went around the mall for a few minutes. Got home ideas from the section for furniture and discovered the gift section. Meron na akong makukuhanan na mura and right materials for my crafts project, pati gift ideas. Happy na din.

We decided to go home after. Mejo haggard na ako sa maghapon kong liwaliw, plus I miss my baby already. Too bad, wala akong matinong camera, no pictures from the event and of our date. Next post: Geoff’s day out and his curiosity with water fountains.

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