A Special Day – Balbon’s Day

Last year, at around 1 PM, I was lying on a bed in Fairview General Hospital. I was just given the news by my OB that she needs to perform an emergency Cesarean operation on me. All I could think of that time was in spite all the precautions I have followed, all the preparations that we did, all the “pakiusap” and pleadings that we did for the little one, CS pa din pala yung bagsak ko. In addition, I was also thinking, “Shit, mahal ang babayaran namin sa CS!” I told my OB to consult Babe and she answered that she already explained the situation, and that he agreed. Bottomline, it was for the benefit of our baby.

Fast forward to a year, at around 1 PM, everybody is busy downstairs preparing a meal to celebrate the big day. Today is the day you turned one. While we are all racing for time as it is a Monday, here you are, fast asleep because you were up late last night and got up early today. Maybe because your Mama Lola was there, I don’t know.



Or maybe because you got tired swimming in your improvised swimming pool?

Enjoy much baby?

Enjoy much baby?

Either way, here is what we had in store for you.

Spring Rolls, Pancit, Chopsuey, and Cake

Spring Rolls, Pancit, Chopsuey, and Cake

You may not have eaten everything, but you certainly liked the rolls and the cake.

Icing on my fingers :)

Icing on my fingers 🙂

It’s such a shame that we have to go to work baby, BUT, we will be on leave this week. We will be spending a lot of time together plus your birthday celebration is coming up as well. We love you forever baby. To the moon and back, to infinity and beyond. Happy 1st birthday!

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