A Rose in the Middle of the Night

So this is our first valentines together. I wasn’t expecting anything as the budget is tight. The day being short of the usual payday and all those things that you could think of.

Anyway, so I went home yesterday, alone and feeling sort of miserable as I am missing my babe so much. I did the usual routine. Walk home, surf the web, feed the babies, wash up, read a little, and finally, sleep.

And sleeping was what I was doing, when he arrived at around 2AM. At first I didn’t take notice of what he was holding. I was groggy from sleep. All I know is that he was kissing me good morning and when I opened my eyes, he was holding this long stemmed rose for me.

It was the first flower that I received from him. And our first valentine to date. A day made special by a single flower symbolizing everything and all the time that we are to spend together.

A red red rose


A long stemmed beauty


Thanks babe!

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